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App ideas for students

We now live in an era when remote learning and online courses are commonplace. Consequently, students find it more challenging to keep up with the rapid changes in their school’s educational system. This has led to the development of EdTech, particularly educational applications. 

The most important thing to consider in this digital age is app ideas for students. Education apps are changing students’ learning, from identifying and solving common classroom issues to connecting with instructors and learning via games and quizzes.

If you are also looking to build a mobile app for students, you’re at the right place. We have curated some unique and simple app ideas for students to help them learn easily. Let’s dive into the educational app ideas for students. Before that, let’s understand why building an educational app will be a good idea.  

Why Is Building An Educational App A Good Idea?

According to Statista, education is the third most popular category for mobile apps in app stores worldwide, accounting for over 9.8% of active apps.

Apple App Store categories as of 3rd quarter 2022

Several schools, colleges, and universities have shown interest in real-time teacher-student communication using educational apps in recent years. Numerous ed-tech startups also invest in mobile app development apart from schools and colleges. By 2026, the global eLearning market is expected to reach more than $400 billion. 

Now, let’s take a look at a few successful education startups. 

Popular educational apps: 

Many startups have been successful in the industry. Some of them are Udemy, Bada Business, and Duolingo. 

  1. Udemy 

Through short yet interactive videos, Udemy offers users more than 1,30,000 courses on demand. Various courses on the app cover a wide range of topics. 

  1. Duolingo 

Duolingo has been rated among the best education apps. Using the app, users can learn over 30 languages in the most effective way. 

  1. Bada Business 

Bada Business is a mobile business learning application for entrepreneurs. Through videos, the app provides extensive knowledge of global business leaders. 

It is also worth noting that Byjus is among the most recognized names in the education sector. Find out how we streamline and speed up Buyjus’ business operations with a bespoke solution. Read the case study here

Top 13 App Ideas For Students To Transform Learning 

Here is a list of good app ideas for students you can introduce to your institutions, schools, or universities to make learning more convenient, easy, and enjoyable. 

  1. An App For Finding Top Schools/Tutors/Universities
  2. Storytelling And Poem Rhyming App For Kindergarten Students
  3. Student Mental Health Support App
  4. Classroom Management System App
  5. A BookSwap App
  6. AR/VR Learning
  7. An Extracurricular Activity App
  8. AI-powered Flashcards App
  9. Study Planner And Organizer App
  10. Peer Mentorship App
  11. Group Project Collaboration App
  12. School Bus Tracking App
  13. Interview Preparation and Resume Building App

For a better understanding of these ideas, let’s explore them in-depth. 

An App For Finding Top Schools/Tutors/Universities

Whether it’s a parent or student looking for a school or a university option, an app like this can help them decide. Basically, this app is about simplifying the search for top schools, universities, and tutors, offering insightful rankings, reviews, and detailed profiles.

You can add features like an interactive map, personalized recommendations, and a place for students to share reviews. 

This advanced matchmaking platform can connect students with tutors based on subject proficiency, teaching style, and user reviews. The app’s interactive map makes it easy to find nearby educational resources. This is one of the best mobile app ideas for students to empower them on their educational journey.  

One such app is Uedify, a telecoaching platform (tutor app) for students and freelance tutors. Find out how we helped our client build this app in the full case study here

Storytelling And Poem Rhyming App For Kindergarten Students

App For Kindergarten Students

One of the unique yet simple app ideas for students can be designing an app specifically for kindergarten students. You can create a fun app that encourages creativity and language development through storytelling and poem rhyming.

Kindergartners can learn valuable lessons and enjoy the art of storytelling with this app. Creating an app that offers kids inspirational stories, fairy tales, and moral stories might be a good idea. It’ll spark imagination and foster wisdom. 

This app will be a magical playground where kids can create stories and rhymes. You can make kid’s tales special by adding interactive features like cute cartoon characters, exciting settings, and fun themes.

You can also add a cool rhyming game too. In this way, by combining entertainment with educational elements, this app could be a great idea for students in their formative years of education. 

Student Mental Health Support App 

Student Mental Health Support App

Even though social media is a way of connecting with people, the increasing use of social media has left people in a depressing state. Especially students who live far from their families, like those living in another country. This can lead to worsening anxiety and depression.

You can create an app for students like these to help them manage their emotions and assist with breathing, relaxation, and anxiety. Also, the app can connect students with professional therapists, counselors, or peers who can offer guidance and support.

You can also provide users with relaxing mindfulness exercises and music to keep them grounded, centered, and in touch with their emotions. Headspace, for example, offers guided meditation programs to help you sleep soundly.

Classroom Management System App 

This app will make classroom tasks easier for teachers; it’s like digitizing their work. This app lets teachers keep track of students, manage grades, and organize assignments easily. Teachers can also communicate with students and parents through the app, so everything’s more collaborative. 

And it’s not just about paperwork. Teachers can plan lessons better, access many teaching resources, and use cool multimedia stuff in class. Also, you can add advanced features like virtual classrooms. So, learning can happen even from home.

Adding more to that, a special schedule for parents and teachers to plan meetings. You can make the app secure, user-friendly, and super organized in the classroom. The features are innumerable, but you can add them according to your institute’s requirements.

A BookSwap App 

BookSwap App

A book swap app can be one of the greatest yet simple mobile app ideas for students. This app can be tailored to university students, who can easily buy, sell, or swap books with peers on campus. This will help students tackle the financial strain of buying new textbooks.

In this app, students can list their textbooks and set prices. This app will not only help students save money but also reduce the environmental impact of textbook productions. 

Besides schools and colleges, this app can be used in other settings as well. You can create a digital platform that allows local communities to swap books. Those seeking second-hand books can use this app to find, sell, or buy them. 

AR/VR Learning

AR/VR Learning

Gone are the days when students learned through traditional methods. One such way of modern learning is AR/VR. Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality technology in education is a friendly way of learning.

Augmented Reality makes it easy to understand concepts such as human anatomy, the universe, solar systems, etc. These technologies will create simulations replicating real-life scenarios. You can create an app based on AR/VR that gives students an immersive and interactive learning experience. 

AR-based educational apps can be customized to meet the needs and interests of individual learners, allowing them to progress at their own pace. Remote and traditional learning alike can benefit from these apps, which are accessible from anywhere.

Contact for education app development

An Extracurricular Activity App

Extracurricular Activity App

How about an app that goes beyond textbooks? This app will help students do more than just studying. For students who want to seek new hobbies or want to hone leadership skills, or contribute to the community, this app will empower them to explore their passion outside the classroom.

Students often miss out on fun stuff, but with this app, students can participate in cool clubs, sports teams, drama clubs, coding classes, artsy stuff, and more. You can also make this app more advanced so that students can meet other kids with similar interests. This app will serve as a personal dashboard that keeps tabs on what you’re up to and what’s coming up next.  

To promote holistic development and a well-rounded educational experience, an app like this will be among the good app ideas for students.

AI-powered Flashcards App

AI-powered Flashcards App

AI-enhanced flashcard apps such as Quizlet app are simple app ideas for students. This app allows students and teachers to upload class notes to make flashcards, practice tests, and essay prompts with Magic Notes. Also, they can create flashcard sets or search from millions of flashcards created by other students and teachers.

Moreover, you can create a similar app that lets students play quizzes and track their study development. As a mobile app, it is also convenient to carry around the school.

You can also enhance this app with spaced repetition, improving memory retention. Practworks is an app that promotes a lifelong habit of practicing and improving students’ performance through easy-to-use practice lessons.

Study Planner And Organizer App

Planner And Organizer App

Schools and universities can build a study planner and organizer app to help students stay disciplined. With the help of this app, students can track and get reminders of their classes, homework, and exams. This app can let students manage their classes and activities in one place.

Students can also customize calendar that reflects their unique school schedule, complete with reminders and notifications to help them stay on track. This app can be customized to suit the needs of schools and universities. One such app example is MyStudyLife. 

Peer Mentorship App 

Another impactful app idea for students could be building a peer mentorship app. Students starting their journey in new universities often experience difficulties navigating the university. To ease this transition, universities can create an app to facilitate meaningful connections between experienced mentors and mentees.

With this app, new students can get guidance, advice, and resources from existing peers who have navigated the university experience successfully. 

The primary features of this app may include goal setting, progress tracking, and regular check-ins between mentors and mentees. This will enable seamless communication and the exchange of valuable insights within the university. Large universities like the University of Texas at Dallas have a mentorship program called the Freshman Mentor Program

Group Project Collaboration App 

Making group projects can sometimes be challenging. Getting along and collaborating can be hard. You can solve this problem by creating an app that simplifies project team communication, task management, and document sharing. You can add features like real-time messaging, discussion forums, and video conferencing. This will ensure everyone stays on the same page. 

This app will help students assign responsibilities, set deadlines, and track progress. Apps like these will be proven as a cozy virtual space where students’ teams can chat, brainstorm ideas, and even jump on a quick video call whenever needed. This type of app can be tailored to meet the specific needs of school or college students, showing the adaptability of app ideas for students. 

School Bus Tracking App 

School Bus Tracking App

Every parent worries about whether their child is on the right bus, whether the bus picked up their child, or why the bus dropped them off late. A school bus tracking app is the perfect solution for parents to monitor their children’s bus journey accurately.

The app will deliver timely notifications, altering users about any unexpected delays or changes in schedule. This way, parents can track when their kids boarded or got off the bus. A school bus tracking app can also alert parents if a mechanical failure occurs on the bus or the bus will be late.

This not only enhances the efficiency of daily routines but also provides a sense of assurance regarding the well-being of students.

Interview Preparation and Resume Building App 

Students’ journey does not end with completing their studies. They must also be prepared for interviews and jobs. This app is for students who are about to start their careers.

In this app, you can provide them with interview preparation resources, from common questions to expert tips. Students can land dream jobs confidently and competently if they receive grooming tips, improve communication skills, and access other related resources. Like some apps, you can also have the option to build a standout resume effortlessly with an intuitive resume builder. 

App Ideas For Students: Closing Remarks 

With these best app ideas for students, you can create opportunities for seamless learning experiences for everyone. Education helps future generations become brighter and better and reach their full potential. The future of learning continues to be shaped by technology, and educators and developers can both contribute to this transformation. 

After viewing these ideas, you can contact us if you want to develop an educational app. Our company provides mobile application development services and has already built numerous education apps that are very functional and include several different features.

The eLearning platform with master coach sessions, tutor app, improving practicing skills app, and eLearning app for kids are just a few of the applications we have developed for our education clients. Our team will bring your idea to life by delivering the app you envision. Our team will assist you with your requirements for building an educational app. Contact us today.

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