20 Next JS Templates For Unparalleled Website Development

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Next.js Templates

Next JS has revolutionized the web application development realm. What makes it a developer’s top choice are features like serverless functionality, file-based routing, and effective error handling, but the most promising one is pre-designed Next JS templates. 

Using these templates eliminates the need to build everything from scratch, thus saving time while providing better structure and improving the look and feel of the website with its professional designs. 

Next.js web development services are perfect for those who want a contemporary and resilient website. When powered by Next.js, developers can build lightweight, serverless, and highly responsive websites. 

This quickens the search engine indexing, making the website highly SEO-friendly. It also enhances the user experience with its interactive appearance and robust performance.

The Next.js templates are gaining popularity in the market thanks to their visual appeal, optimal functionality, and wide range of options. Want to have a look? Here are 20 options for you based on your business requirements. 

20 Next JS Templates Revolutionizing The Frontend Projects 

  • Haiper 
  • Lettery 
  • Jumpx
  • Bariton
  • PickBazar
  • Shoponix 
  • Molla 
  • Bonik 
  • Upcover
  • SuperProps 
  • Eventiva 
  • Techwind 
  • Naru 
  • Edina 
  • Treto 
  • Bayone  
  • Educart
  • eDemy
  • Eduker
  • Kindedo 

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To simplify the process further, we have classified these Next JS templates into 5 different categories – templates for businesses, Ecommerce websites, landing pages, portfolios, and designing an educational website.

Here are all of them explained in detail, starting from –

Next JS Templates For Businesses



It is a responsive React template built for online banking and payment-related businesses. It is fast and lightweight. It is developed using React, Next.js, Bootstrap, and Sass. The tech stack makes the template resilient and clutter-free, so it can easily take up complicated queries. 

This Next JS template offers 6+ demo variations and 15+ inner pages, making it versatile enough to design custom solutions. It is well-documented, comes with multiple versions, and has multi-browser compatibility. 

Key Features: 

  • Fast and lightweight
  • No JQuery dependencies
  • Smooth transition effect
  • Retina-ready and responsive 



Developed with React and Next.js, this template is perfect for digital marketing or web designing agencies, SEO, writers, and making a creative portfolio. The template offers 3 Next JS themes to choose from, along with various inner page designs. 

With this Next JS template, companies can design a modern website befitting its unique business ideas. It is a fully responsive template that offers a captivating design and user experience with its beautiful animation.

Key Features

  • 3 unique and stylish designs 
  • Easily customizable 
  • Round-the-clock customer services
  • Stunning animation 



This Next JS template is for the IT enthusiast wanting to bring a digital revolution with innovative ideas and exceptional solutions. It is hosted on Firebase with React 18+, Next.js, Sass and Bootstrap. It is fast, lightweight, effortlessly customized, and easy to scale.  

Jumpx stands out among Next JS themes because it can be used for mobile apps, web apps, SaaS products, startups, and more. With 5+ homepage variations and 24+ options for inner pages, it offers great flexibility for website development. 

Key Features

  • Friendly support team
  • SEO and developers friendly 
  • Easy to customize
  • Creative layout  



Bariton is the perfect solution for all AI & ML service providers as well as IT, IoT, and data science companies. This Next JS template is built with ReactJS, NextJS, Bootstrap, and Sass. The template has clean codes and is fully responsive.  

It can be used for Windows, Mac, iOS, Android, and many more, thus making it highly versatile. The template comes with clear documentation. It is easily customizable, scalable, fast, and lightweight. Additionally, this template comes with 35+ page options. 

Key Features: 

  • Wide range of options to choose from 
  • Round-the-clock support 
  • Innovative layout 
  • Developer-friendly 

Quick Recap 

Next.js Templates For Businesses
Template NameIdeal Choice ForAlternate Versions Compatible BrowsersCompatible TechnologyTech Stack
Haiper Banking and finance-related business WordPress, Angular, Vue.js, HTMLIE11, Firefox, Safari, Opera, Chrome, EdgeReactJS, Bootstrap 5.xReact, Next.js, Bootstrap, Sass
LetteryDigital marketing and web design agencies  WordPressFirefox, Safari, Opera, Chrome, EdgeReactJS, Bootstrap 5.xReact, Next.js
Jumpx IT companies and tech startups HTMLFirefox, Safari, Opera, Chrome, EdgeReactJS, Bootstrap 5.x, TypeScript Firebase, React 18+, NextJS 14+, Sass, Bootstrap 5.3.2
BaritonIT, Data Science, AI/ML businessesWordPress, Angular, HTMLIE11, Firefox, Safari, Opera, Chrome, EdgeReactJS, Bootstrap 5.x, TypeScriptReactJS, NextJS, TypeScript, Sass, Bootstrap

Next JS Templates For Ecommerce Websites 



Take your business online and power it with this exceptional Next JS template. The templates are built with React, Next.js, TypeScript, GraphQL, Nest JS, and Tailwind CSS for phenomenal performance, an easy-to-navigate admin dashboard, and a captivating front end. 

PickBazar offers multivendor environments, making it ideal for numerous E-commerce options, especially grocery, bakery, and other daily requirements. Its multipurpose designs ensure there’s a solution for every niche. 

Key Features

  • Comprehensive solutions – both backend and frontend
  • Efficient customer services 
  • Custom designs available 
  • Multivendor environment



Shoponix is built with ReactJS, Next.js, MongoDB, and Semantic UI React. The template is ready to use, offers a multi-vendor marketplace, and has a Stripe payment gateway, which makes it a perfect E-commerce solution. 

It also offers features like a role-based dashboard for root users, admins, and customers. This Next JS template has many inner pages, including sign-up, login, payment, etc. It is versatile and can build diverse websites, from electronics to fashion, groceries, and furniture.  

Key Features 

  • Stripe payment option
  • Feature-rich website templates
  • Amazing UX/UI experience
  •  Role-based dashboard users 



Built with React, Next.js, and Graphql, this is the ultimate solution for all business owners who want to build an online fashion or furniture store. It is highly responsive and offers amazing UX/UI for a seamless experience. 

The template has 30+ full-width demo designs, a flat design style, and numerous mega menus. Some extra features include product resizing, diverse product layout options, several carousel choices, and so much more.  This is perfect for creating an engaging, creative, professional-looking website. 

Key Features 

  • Easy to customize 
  • Innovative and contemporary layout 
  • Numerous mega menu options 
  • Amazing UX/UI 



From online gifting stores to fashion and grocery delivery to niche marketplace options, Bonik is perfect for those who want a faster, simplified, and top-quality online shopping experience. Its key benefits include faster performance, quality codes, Figma support, and mobile optimization. 

It is also easy to customize. The appearance can be altered completely using the styled-components offered by this Next JS template. Bonik also has a suite of inner pages to serve various client requirements. 

Key Features

  • SEO friendly 
  • Highly customizable 
  • Multi-vendor support 
  • Optimized for cellphones

Quick Recap 

Next.js Templates For E-commerce Websites
Template NameIdeal Choice ForAlternate Versions Compatible BrowsersCompatible TechnologyTech Stack
PickBazar Groceries, bakeriesLaravelFirefox, Safari, Chrome, EdgeReactJS React, Next.js, TypeScript, GraphQL, Nest JS, Tailwind CSS
ShoponixVersatile option for all the ecommerce businesses Flutter  Firefox, Safari, Opera, Chrome, EdgeReactJS ReactJS, Next.js, MongoDB, and Semantic UI React
MollaFurniture, fashion, electronicsWordPressIE11, Firefox, Safari, Opera, ChromeReactJS, Bootstrap 4.x, React, Next.js,  Graphql
BonikGifting stores, niche marketplace, groceries Firefox, Safari, Opera, Chrome, EdgeReactJS React.Js, Next.Js, Typescript, Styled Component, Styled System, Pure React Carousel, Chart.Js, Formik

Next JS Templates For Landing Pages 



It is a fully responsive, clean, high-converting Next JS template for designing landing pages. Built with Next 14.x, React 18.x, and Tailwind CSS V3.4.1; it is a beautiful Next.js landing page template. Upcover offers 7 distinct styles for businesses; these are also easily customizable. 

It has well-organized documentation, a dark theme, and a contemporary layout. Businesses across verticals can easily incorporate this versatile template into their organizational setup and improve their standing in the marketplace. 

Key Features 

  • Responsive layout 
  • Dark theme available 
  • Modern and clean design 
  • Free updates



Build a strong online presence with these simple yet impactful landing pages. SuperProps has a multitude of Next.js templates to choose from. Whether it is food delivery services or SaaS organizations or agencies, there’s a perfect template to suit all business needs.  

SuperProps’ stunning and versatile template designs make it one of the most popular Next JS themes on the market. Additionally, the company offers premium customer services, making it all the more preferable.

Key Features

  • Responsive and theme-based style props
  • Fast performance 
  • Feature-rich, impressive template designs 
  • Efficient customer services



Event management companies looking for a website development solution that can showcase their previous works just as creatively can find all their needs fulfilled with this Next.js template. These different template styles are perfect for designing a visually appealing landing page. 

So whether it is wedding planning, concerts, seminars, or music festivals, there’s a template to match the diverse business operations. The additional features include a customizable color palette, dynamic layout,  smooth animations, countdown timer, etc. 

Key Features

  • Well-structured code and clean design 
  • Modern layout 
  • SEO optimized 
  • Event scheduling and registration section 



This is a multipurpose landing page template. It is built with Next.js, React, and Tailwind CSS which makes it beautiful and pixel-perfect. Diverse business structures like startups, corporations, marketing agencies, etc., can utilize this Next JS template to create landing pages and admin dashboards. 

Techwind is developer-friendly, comes with free integrations, and has 51+ landing page templates.  The theme also comes with numerous components that, along with these beautiful designs, create a unique experience for clients, thus creating a lasting impression. 

Key Features

  • Very versatile, numerous options to choose from
  • Feather icons, material design icons, and flaticon icons available
  • Free images, illustrations, and fonts provided
  • Email and help center templates also accessible

Quick Recap 

Next.js Templates For Landing Pages
Template NameIdeal Choice ForAlternate Versions Compatible BrowsersCompatible TechnologyTech Stack
UpcoverBusinesses, startups React, Angular, Vue.js, HTMLFirefox, Safari, Opera, Chrome, EdgeReactJS React, Next.js, TypeScript, WorkFlow, Sass, JavaScript,  Tailwind CSS
SuperPropsFood delivery, SaaS organization, agenciesGatsby Firefox, Safari, Opera, Chrome, EdgeReactJS React, Next JS, Style System & Styled Component
Eventiva Event management companiesWordPress, HTML IE10, IE11, Firefox, Safari, Opera, Chrome, EdgeReactJS, Bootstrap 5.xNext.js, Bootstrap 5, Sass
Techwind Startups, corporations, marketing agenciesWordPress, HTML, ReactFirefox, Safari, Opera, Chrome, EdgeReactJSNext JS, ReactJS, Tailwind CSS
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Next JS Templates For Creating Portfolio



It is simple, lightweight, modern and gives the portfolio a professional look. This is a perfect option for all the creative ones who want to showcase their talent elegantly. It is built with Next JS, React, and Bootstrap v5.3. The tech stack helps build a highly responsive layout. 

Individuals can create well-organized single-page portfolios and blogs with this Next JS template. It also comes with detailed documentation and lifetime free updates.  

Key Features

  • Lightweight and fast-loading 
  • Fully responsive layout 
  • Contemporary and organized portfolio designs 
  • 3000+ font icons 



This is a versatile option used by individuals across diverse fields like developers, designers, writers, photographers, engineers, teachers, etc. Next.jsv14+ power it, making it highly responsive and fast. 

This is one of the minimalistic Next JS themes and comes with two easy-to-maintain home versions.  The template is completely responsive across different devices and has faster customer support. 

Key Features

  • Sass available
  • Nice and clean sidebar menu
  • Well-documented and developer-friendly
  • Light and dark versions are available 



Whether it is building an impactful CV or designing an amazing portfolio, Treto is a one-stop solution. From designers to developers to programmers. Treto allows an individual to create an online resume and personal website, which becomes a perfect practical example of one’s skills. 

Individuals can easily add the link to their website on job portals or send it to recruiters as a combined resume and portfolio. This makes it easy for employers to read about and understand the knowledge, expertise, and skillset. 

Key Features 

  • Contemporary style resume and portfolio
  • Fast-loading and easy-to-customize 
  • Minimal design with regular updates 
  • Fascinating animations and effects.  



Bayone is a beautiful Next JS template, perfect for creative agencies and startups. It has amazing animation, captivating design, seamless flow, and is fully responsive. The template is designed using Next.js, ReactJS, and Bootstrap. 

It is interactive and has 10+ premade designs. This template, with a little customization, would be a perfect showcase of the enterprise’s competence. 

 Key Features

  • Unparalleled designs 
  • Smooth scrolling and beautiful animation 
  • Fully responsive across different devices 
  • Well-documented and free updates

Quick Recap 

Next.js Templates For Creating Portfolio
Template NameIdeal Choice ForAlternate Versions Compatible BrowsersCompatible TechnologyTech Stack
Naru Designers, photographers, writersHTMLFirefox, Safari, Opera, Chrome, EdgeReactJS, Bootstrap 5.x React, Next.js, Bootstrap v5.3
Edina Developers, engineers, teachers, writersFirefox, Safari, Opera, Chrome, EdgeReactJSNext.jsv14+
Treto For anyone who wishes to design an online CV and portfolio HTMLFirefox, Safari, Opera, Chrome, EdgeReactJS, Bootstrap 5.xReact, Next.js
BayoneFor enterprise-level portfolios WordPress, HTMLIE11, Firefox, Safari, Opera, Chrome, EdgeReactJS, Bootstrap 5.xReact, Next.js, Bootstrap

Next JS Templates For Educational Websites



Educrat is a top-quality template that can be leveraged to design resilient online learning platforms for professional courses. It is built using Next.js 14+ (`app` directory), Bootstrap 5.x, and offers 10 distinct home pages. 

It is a good option for institutes, online training, designing professional lessons, and training modules. With 75+ pages, easy customization, creative UI designs, flexible layouts, and cleaner designs, it comes out as one of the best Next JS templates for designing e-learning platforms. 

Key Features

  • Wide range of options to choose from 
  • Clean and flexible layout 
  • Well documented
  • Dynamic menu and filtering functionality  



eDemy is a robust education template designed primarily for online training and learning. This is one of those multipurpose Next JS templates that can benefit everyone, from institutions integrating online courses to businesses providing online training resources. 

It is built with Next.js, ReactJS, Bootstrap, Sass, and a payment gateway integration option. The template also offers dynamic management and video tutorials for effective learning. Various designs are available to complement a specific niche, such as online art courses, cooking classes, management, and more.

Key Features

  • It has multilingual features 
  • Fast and lightweight 
  • Flexibility to design courses as needed
  • Demo data included 



This is an excellent template for designing a website for any educational institution, from universities to workshops to schools. Eduker provides three homepage designs and 20+ inner pages designed specifically for educational website development. 

The tech stack for this Next JS template includes React, Next JS, Express JS, Mongodb, Bootstrap, and Redux toolkit. The pre-defined pages are supported by detailed documentation and are easily customizable, so the website design can match the essence of the institute. 

Key Features

  • Stunning blog templates
  • Flexible designs 
  • Interactive layout 
  • Easy browsing across devices 



Kindedo is best for kindergarten, preschool, and daycare. Even childcare blogs or online stores that provide toys and resources to help with child development can use this Next.js template. It has all the required components to design a unique and inviting website. 

It is built using a combination of Next, React, and Bootstrap for a flexible layout. The best thing is that it can be used on different devices without hampering the user experience, and it works just as seamlessly on tablets and mobiles as it is on desktops. 

Key Features

  • SEO optimized
  • Multiple device compatibility 
  • UX ready 
  • Has round-the-clock customer support service
Next.js Templates For Educational Websites
Template NameIdeal Choice ForAlternate Versions Compatible BrowsersCompatible TechnologyTech Stack
EducratProfessional coursesNuxt JS, React JS, HTMLIE11, Firefox, Safari, Opera, Chrome, EdgeReactJS, Bootstrap 5.xNext.js 14+, Bootstrap 5.x
eDemyOnline coaching, educational websites, training, etc. WordPress, Angular, Moodle, FlutterFirefox, Safari, Opera, Chrome, EdgeReactJS, Bootstrap 5.xNext.js, ReactJS, Bootstrap, Sass
EdukerUniversity websites, online courses HTML, WordPress,IE11, Firefox, Safari, Opera, Chrome, EdgeReactJS, Bootstrap 5.xReact JS, Next JS, Express JS, MongoDB, Redux Toolkit, Bootstrap 5.x
KindedoKindergarten, daycare, HTML5, WordPress, FigmaIE10, IE11, Firefox, Safari, Opera, Chrome, EdgeReactJS, Bootstrap 5.x, TypeScriptNext.js, ReactJS, Bootstrap

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Benefits Of Using Next JS Templates

These Next JS templates can be advantageous in starting the web development process, however, it has much more to offer than just that. 

Some of these benefits are: 

  • Variety – The market is full of these Next JS templates, giving a much better selection pool. Plus, the customization option is a bonus feature. 
  • Complete Solution – A whole website can be built using these templates. There are dedicated templates for every requirement from the “Home page” to “Blogs” to “Landing Pages.”
  • Time-Saving – Using pre-designed templates means eliminating from-scratch development, thus saving a lot of time for developers. 
  • Bridging The Skills Gap – Companies can design unique websites with a novice developer using templates. So, it will not hamper the process if the needed skillset is unavailable in the market. 
  • Cost-Saving  – These Next JS templates allow even small businesses and startups to have an amazing website as it costs way less than building one from scratch. 

Next JS Templates – Final Thoughts  

Next JS templates are essential resources for this fast-evolving business world and have opened up new business growth opportunities. It is especially beneficial for startups and non-IT businesses as they can step up their game with fewer resources and in a cost-effective manner.  

So, yes, Next JS templates are amazing, but what is even better? Connecting with a Next JS service provider who translates all your ideas into actual results. And that’s where connecting with OpenXcell sounds like a good idea. 

So what are you waiting for? Discuss your requirements with us and design a website that helps your business upscale. 

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