15 Best Conversational AI Platforms to Elevate Your Business

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Conversational AI Platforms

In recent times, we are aware that AI conversational platforms have become a big thing. Do you know why? Well, because it has stopped the endless call queries and support ticket piles. In the vast haystack of questions and tickets, a conversational AI platform is the answer to customer service.

As per the latest stats,

  1. The chatbot market will be valued at around $1 billion by the year 2025.
  2. The chatbot market is expected to grow at CARG of more than 23% from 2023 to 2032.
  3. In 2026, generative AI will comprise almost 80% of conversational AI offerings, an increase from 20% in 2023.
  4. More than 52% of survey organizations have invested in conversational AI platforms for the contact center, and 44% plan to adopt them.
  5. According to an IDC survey, the chatbot will handle around 80% of customer service inquiries by 2025.
  6. In 2025, global businesses will save up to $8 billion annually with AI conversational platforms. 

But first, let us understand what conversational AI software is, how do conversational AI platforms work, and how it is useful to organizations. 

What is a Conversational AI Platform 

Conversational AI platforms are cutting-edge technology that uses AI/ ML to enable machines to conduct human-like conversations. These platforms go beyond interaction; they empower the creation, training, and deployment of self-service tools that utilize conversation, such as voice bots, chatbots, and virtual agents.

While generative AI has a broad impact across various industries, enterprise conversational AI platforms have become a game-changer in customer service, particularly within retail. These platforms revolutionize the customer experience by optimizing reservation systems, offering 24/7 support, and streamlining interactions.

Top 15 Conversational AI Platforms

There are tons of AI conversational platforms that cater to diverse business needs, each offering unique functionalities to elevate customer service.

  • Avaamo
  • IBM Watson Assistant
  • Kore.ai
  • Salesforce Service Cloud
  • Rasa
  • LivePerson Conversational Cloud
  • Amazon Lex
  • Sprinklr
  • Boost.ai
  • Haptik
  • Google Dialogflow
  • ManyChat
  • Yellow.ai
  • Microsoft Azure Bot Service
  • SurveySparrow

1. Avaamo


Avaamo is one of the top conversational AI platforms. It empowers businesses to build chatbots and voice assistants and deploy intelligent virtual assistants (VAs) across various channels.


  • Easy to use: Avaamo boasts a user-friendly interface with drag-and-drop functionalities.
  • Pre-built solutions: It offers pre-built AI models and industry-specific skills, giving faster deployments.


  • Cost: Avaamo is expensive compared to other competitors, especially for smaller businesses.
  • Limited Customization: While offering pre-built solutions, deep customization has some limitations.

Best Use For

  • Automate Customer Service
  • Enhance Employee Experience

2. IBM Watson Assistant


IBM Watson Assist is a user-friendly conversational AI platform for building chatbots. It empowers businesses to create self-service tools with features like NLP and integrations.


  • Easy to Use: Watson assistants interface and pre-built templates make it accessible even for non-technical users.
  • Flexible Integrations: It integrates smoothly with various platforms, such as CRMS and messaging apps, allowing deployment on various channels.


  • Limited Customization: Watson Assistant might have limitations in tailoring AI’s personality and responses for high specific needs.
  • Scalability Considerations: Managing and monitoring assistants required additional resources for high-volume interactions.

Best Use For

  • Build complex Chatbots
  • Information Training 

3. Kore.ai


Kore.ai is a conversational AI software that helps businesses design, train, and deploy intelligent chatbots and virtual assistants. It enhances user engagement and operational efficacy.


  • Advanced NLP: Kore.ai excels at understanding complex users’ intent and queries because of its NLP engines, leading to more accurate and satisfying conversations.
  • Omnichannel Support: Seamlessly integrates bots across various channels, such as websites, apps, and voice assistance, offering a good customer experience.


  • Complex Setup: The initial configuration and customization can require some technical expertise and be time-consuming.
  • Pricing Structure: Pricing details might be readily available, potentially requiring Kore.ai for custom quotes, which might not suit all budgets.

Best Use For

  • Nuanced Conversations
  • Consistent Multi-Channel Support

“ We have a unique AI business solution named QuikBiz AI. The bot helps you engage website visitors with instant and relevant responses and automate your customer support.”

4. Salesforce Service Cloud

salesforce service cloud

Salesforce Service Cloud Einstein is a powerful enterprise conversational AI platform built within the Salesforce ecosystem. It empowers businesses to create and deploy chatbots alongside automation and intelligent agent tools.


  • Seamless Salesforce Integration: Einstein seamlessly integrates with existing Salesforce data and workflow, offering a centralized hub for customer service and AI-powered interactions.
  • Agent Augmentation: Beyond chatbots, Einstein provides AI power suggestions and insights to agents, boosts productivity, and improves resolution.


  • Limited Standalone Functionality: Einstein’s full potential is unlocked within the Salesforce environment. Businesses without Salesforce might require additional integrations.
  • Customization Complexity: While it offers robust features, complex customization of chatbots or AI workflow may require Salesforce expertise.

Best Use For

  • Streamline Customer Services
  • CRM Data Insights 

5. Rasa


Rasa stands out as one of the best conversational AI platforms for building custom conversational AI assistants or chatbots. It provides an open-source framework that gives developers flexibility and control over the whole development process.


  • Open-Source & Customizable: Rasa helps developers tailor chatbots and virtual assistants for specific needs, offering complete control over functionalities and training data.
  • Community & Flexibility: Backed by a strong developer community, Rasa offers a wide range of tools and libraries, allowing for integration with diverse platforms and customization options.


  • Technical Expertise Needed: Building and maintaining Rasa chatbots requires programming knowledge, which makes them less suitable for non-technical users.
  • Deployment & Maintenance: Deploying and managing Rasa chatbots in production environments might necessitate additional infrastructure and technical resources.

Best Use For

  • Customizable and Flexible Conversation
  • Internal Workflow Automation 

6. LivePerson Conversational Cloud

liveperson conversational cloud

The LivePerson Conversational Cloud is a comprehensive AI platform for building and managing AI-powered customer experiences. It uses machine learning to create virtual assistants and chatbots, along with features for data analysis and agent support.


  • Trustworthy AI & Integration: LiverPrson AI emphasizes reliable interactions and offers seamless integrations with different messaging channels and CRM systems.
  • Agent Assist & Automation: More than Chatbots, the platform empowers agents with AI-powered suggestions and automates tasks, boosting overall efficiency.


  • Enterprise Focus: LivePerson caters mostly to large organizations and might have a complex pricing structure for smaller businesses.
  • Scalability Management: Managing and monitoring high volumes of conversations through LivePerson might require additional resources and expertise.

Best Use For

  • Large Enterprise Scalable Solution
  • Robust Data Analysis

7. Amazon Lex

amazon lex

Amazon Lex is one of the top conversational AI platforms, providing service from AWS. It allows businesses to easily build, test, and deploy customized chatbots and virtual assistants with natural language understanding capabilities.


  • Cost-effective and scalable: Lex offers the pay-as-you-go pricing model, making it accessible for businesses of all sizes. It seamlessly scales to handle the high volume of inquiries.
  • Pre-built Integrations & Ease of Use: Lex integrates readily with other AWS services and offers a user-friendly interface for building chatbots without extensive coding.


  • Vendor Lock-In: Working with Lex heavily ties your conversational AI solution to the AWS ecosystem, which might not be suitable for all businesses.
  • Limited Customization: Lex might not offer the advanced customization option compared to other competitors, potentially limiting the complexity of AI interactions.

Best Use For

  • Business Utilizing AWS Services
  • Interactive Voice Response System 

“We designed one such conversational AI tool, DoiceConvo AI, which allows you to create multiple custom chatbots that are trained particularly on your data.”

8. Sprinklr


Sprinklr AI is unified conversational AI software for customer experience management. It uses AI to analyze and optimize customers’ interactions on all social media platforms, messaging apps, and digital Channels. It is a suite of AI tools designed to boost customer services and social media marketing. 


  • Enhanced Efficiency: The AI automates tasks like social listening and customer service recommendations, freeing human time.
  • Deeper Customer Insights: The Sprinklr AI analyzes vast amounts of data to identify trends and predict customer behavior.


  • Complexity: A feature-rich platform can steep a learning curve for new users.
  • Cost: The pricing of the AI is higher for small businesses, making it only suitable for big enterprises.

Best Use For

  • Complex Social Media Needs
  • Digital Touchpoints Strategies

9. Boost.ai

boost ai

Boost.ai is a user-friendly AI platform that builds chatbots that excel at handling customer queries and scaling communication. Boost.ai is an advanced AI that designs, creates, and manages virtual agents to automate customer services and support tasks.


  • Easy to Use: The intuitive interface and clear training process make it accessible for nontechnical teams as well.
  • Strong Support: Renowned for exceptional customer support, which guides users through the chatbot creation process.


  • Limited Per-built Options: It offers pre-made virtual agents in common industries and could benefit from a wider selection.
  • Multi-user Management: It lacks a multi-tenant interface, potentially hindering collaboration for larger development teams.

Best Use For

  • Customer Service Automation
  • Virtual Agents Handle Routine Inquiries

10. Haptik


Haptik AI is an enterprise conversational AI platform that enables businesses to build intelligent virtual assistants for customer support, lead generation, and engagement.


  • Omni-Channel Support: The AI provides seamless integration across multiple communication channels, including voice, chat, and social media.
  • Rich Analytics: The platform offers detailed analytics and reporting tools to track performance and optimize virtual assistant interactions.


  • Initial Setup: The initial setup and customization can be time-consuming and may need technical expertise.
  • Cost: Pricing can be prohibitive for startups or smaller businesses due to the comprehensive feature set.

Best Use For

  • Generate leads across digital channels.
  • Large-scale Customer Engagement

11. Google Dialogflow

google dialogflow

Google Diaglow is a conversational AI platform that uses natural language to understand. It enables developers to design and integrate conversational interfaces into mobile apps, web applications, and devices. 


  • Integration with Google Services: It seamlessly integrates with all Google services and tools, enhancing functionality and ease of use.
  • Strong NLP Capabilities: It uses Google’s advanced natural language processing to render accurate and contextually aware responses.


  • Complex for Beginners: Without prior experience, it can be challenging for beginners to set up and fully utilize all features.
  • Cost Management: The costs escalate with extensive use, especially for high-volume applications and advanced features.

Best Use For

  • Building Conversational Interfaces
  • Sophisticated conversational agents and chatbots

12. ManyChat


ManyChat AI is an advanced platform for making, deploying, and managing intelligent chatbots to automate customer services, sales processes, and marketing. The chatbot builder platform is mainly designed for Facebook Messenger marketing and sales automation.


  • Drag and Drop Interface: It is easy to use with a visual flow builder, allowing users to create a chatbot without learning coding.
  • Messenger Focus: Specialises in Facebook Messenger featuring, providing a powerful tool for lead generation and engagement within the platform.


  • Limited Platform Support: The platform mainly focuses on Facebook Messenger, making it less versatile than a platform supporting broader messaging apps.
  • Advanced Features with Learning Curve: While user-friendly, advanced features like personalization and branching logic might require some learning.

Best Use For

  • Facebook Messenger Marketing & Sales
  • Automate Customer Interactions

13. Yellow.ai

yellow ai

Yellow.ai is a conversational AI platform that creates and manages dynamic conversational agents for engagement, customer support, and automation across multiple channels. 


  • Multilingual & Multichannel:  The Yellow AI chatbot services offer over 135 languages and integrate with 35+ channels.
  • Generative AI: Utilizes advanced AI to create chatbots capable of handling complex conversations and personalizing interactions.


  • Enterprise Focus: Pricing and feature complexity cater more towards large organizations, potentially overwhelming for small businesses.
  • Cost: Higher pricing can be an issue for small businesses looking for budget-friendly options.

Best Use For

  • Large Enterprise Customer Service Automation
  • Personalized Conversational Agents

14. Microsoft Azure Bot Service

microsoft azure bot service

Microsoft Azure bot service is a cloud-based AI conversational platform that allows developers to build, test, deploy, and manage intelligent bots for various services and applications. 


  • Flexibility & Scalability: The AI platform offers various developments and integrates with Azure Cognitive services for advanced AI capabilities, making it adaptable to diverse needs.
  • Enterprise-Grade Security: Microsoft’s robust security infrastructure ensures data privacy and compliance for businesses that have sensitive information.


  • Development Complexity: The intricate chatbot functionalities and coding expertise might be needed using bot framework SDK.
  • Potential Cost: Pricing structure can depend on chosen development tools ad, Azure resources usage, and careful budget planning.

Best Use For

  • Customizable Enterprise Chatbot Development
  • Highly Scalable and Integrated Chatbot Solutions

15. SurveySparrow


SurveySparrow AI is an advanced survey platform that utilizes AI to enhance surveys’ creation, distribution, and analysis and improve response rates and data quality.


  • Engaging Interface: The platform offers an engaging, conversational interface that increases survey completion rates.
  • Rich Analytics: Provides comprehensive analytics and insights, enabling better data-driven decision-making.


  • Learning Curve: Learning and fully utilizing the advanced features might require some time.
  • Pricing: The platform is relatively expensive for small businesses or startups, especially for advanced plans.

Best Use For

  • Data-Driven Decision Making
  • Analytical Insights

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How to Choose the Best Conversational AI for Your Business

Choosing the best conversational AI software is strictly based on business needs. Identify the tasks that need to be automated, such as customer services, lead generation, etc. Also, factors like platform complexity, budget, and scalability should be considered. For large enterprises with global customers, opting for an AI platform with multilingual capabilities is ideal. For the new business, work with AI platforms that provide user-friendly chatbots focusing on customer engagement. 

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