15 Best AI Chatbots to Supercharge Your 2024-2025

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Summary- Our tried and tested Picks of the 15 Best AI Chatbots to lighten your workload in the best ways possible. Revolutionize your workflow with these advanced virtual assistants.

With the ever-expanding number of business options in the market, the craze for AI Chatbots is also increasing. In 2022 and 2023, we saw some of the best AI chatbots. 

From our beloved Alexa playing songs to ChatGPT helping in our work. AI chatbots are gaining worldwide recognition. 

Chatbots are used for all sorts of tasks, from writing content to coding, assisting the customer support team with their work, and more. But how did we choose the platforms? Here’s a little explanation.

What to Look for in an AI Chatbot 

Most AI chatbots, such as GPT-3 and GPT-4, are created by OpenAI. All the models run on user prompts through the system and answer users. 

There are several key factors to consider before choosing an AI chatbot. 

  • Easy Access– The AI Chatbot platforms must have a simple setup. 
  • Accuracy– AI Chatbots must give proper, sensible, factual answers. 
  • Chat Experience – The natural interaction in the chat interface is preferable for users. 
  • Additional Functionality – AI needs functionality like integrations, multiple languages, and more. 

But how do you choose the best AI chatbot apps that are suitable for you? 

Here, we will list the 15 AI chatbots with all the required information. 

Explore the Best AI Chatbots for Optimal Assistance!

  • ChatGPT 
  • Claude
  • Google Bard (Gemini) 
  • Microsoft Bing AI
  • Jasper Chat 
  • Dialog Flow
  • Lyro 
  • Drift
  • Chatsonic 
  • Pi
  • Ada
  • Intercom
  • Poe AI
  • Paradox AI
  • Perplexity 

 1. ChatGPT

Multipurpose AI 


ChatGPT is one of the most advanced and widely known AI Chatbot at this time. ChatGPT has gained immense popularity in late 2022 and 2023; it will also continue to grow in 2024-2025.

ChatGPT gives human-like responses and output for various tasks like answering questions, summarizing text, coding, translating languages, providing recommendations, and much more. 

There are two models of OpenAI – OpenAI GPT-3 and GPT 4. The advanced versions enhance the accuracy and flexibility of responding to prompts.  


  • Adaptable in terms of functionality
  • Possess a sizable information database
  • Conversational tone


  • Chat GPT – 3.5 has all the information till January 2022
  • It sometimes gives false positives 


  • Free Version 
  • ChatGPT Plus Model ( $20/ Month) 
  • Paid Plans for the number of tokens

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2. Claude

Creative writing 


Claude is one of the best AI Chatbots for long format and creative writing. Like ChatGPT, Claude also has two models. 

Claude 2 is a powerful AI chatbot for sophisticated content generation, like dialogues, complex reasoning, detailed instructions, and coding. 

And the Claude Instant is an affordable model of Claude. It works on tasks like text analysis, summarization, casual dialogue, and document comprehension. 


  • The latest version, Claude 2, can handle almost 75,000 words at a time 
  • Don’t store or collect users’ sensitive data
  • Generates better codes compared to other AI’s


  • No Plugin support is Available 
  • Have limited usage even for paid customers


  • Free Version 
  • Claude Pro Model ( $20/ Month) 

3. Gemini

Brainstorming and web source AI 


Our favorite Google is not only a search engine but also one of the best AI chatbots. Gemini is now known as Gemini with its updated model. 

The Gemini AI connects to all the available information on the internet to find the proper source for the user. Gemini runs on Google PalM 2, the latest LLM version ( Google large language model), to carry out the tasks. 

Google AI chatbots allow users to edit the prompts after sending them and give three drafts of each output. The Gemini has many versions, so you can pick the most suitable one. 

It also allows you to export the fully formatted prompts to your Google Doc or Gmail draft for convenient sharing. 


  • All the information is directly from Google and is sourced from reliable sources.
  • Give multiple drafts of answers. 
  • Easy image generation directly on chat.


  • Occasional inaccuracies in results and half-truth answers
  • Tracking of conversation history is turned off by default 


  • Free Version 

4. Microsoft Bing AI

Web source AI 

microsoft bing ai

Microsoft Bing AI is operated with the OpenAI GPT – 4 model, making it the best AI chatbot for searching results from the web. 

Bings system automatically searches the prompt from the internet, provides results, and gives source links in the reply. 

The Microsoft AI chatbot gives images in the chat when the prompt requires graphics. It provides valuable real-time information on current affairs, news, and more. 


  • Give links to sources
  • Easy access to data on current events
  • Give image results in the chat window


  • End conversations abruptly 
  • Per conversation, the questions limit is 30 messages 


  • Free Version

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5. Jasper Chat 

Creative writing 


Jasper is one of the rare, all-in-one best AI chatbots. It creates various types of content, including YouTube videos, reports, emails, blogs, scripts, and more. 

Jasper also provides templates to create new documents from scratch. Jasper uses NLP ( Natural Language Processing) to give responses and check for plagiarism and grammar. 

The software also efficiently summarizes articles, different topics, and long texts as well. 


  • More than 50 writing templates 
  • Plagiarism checker
  • Gives follow-up articles and suggestions.


  • Don’t have proper answers to complex questions.
  • Limited understanding of concepts


  • Free Trial / 7 Days
  • Individual ( $49/ Month) 
  • Team ( $125/Month) 
  • Paid Plans for Number of Tokens

6. Dialog Flow

Open source AI 

dialog flow

Dialog Flow is an open-sourced best AI chatbot developed by Google. Dialog flow is integrated with many channels like Android and iOS mobile apps, Slack, Meta Messengers, and websites. 

It is a visual builder that lets you see the change in real work time and speeds up the developing process. 

Google Dialog flow provides the latest BERT-based natural language understanding NLU in the bot framework. 

The AI voice chatbot helps to give more efficient support and accurate results to customers in all complex cases. 


  • 30+ variants and languages supported 
  • Work with voice interfaces like Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant, etc.
  • Large, strong, build community support. 


  • Hard to customize
  • The accuracy of NLP requires improvement. 


  • 90-day Free Trial
  • The monthly price edition depends on the number of requests.

7. Lyro

AI for business


Lyro is a well-known AI chatbot for conversations that uses deep learning to help improve customer support and increase sales. Lyro also engages visitors in conversation on your website and continues to chat naturally.

The bot is trained to answer up to 80% and maximize the capacity without adding extra labor or hiring costs. Lyro is available for customers 24/7, so they can get answers to queries anytime.


  • Provides excellent customer support to help users navigate
  • Customize solutions for different businesses
  • Innovative approach and features for conversations


  • Less data and limited training 
  • Lyro AI can be more expensive than other AI platforms.


  • Free Version 
  • Email Marketing ( $10/Month) 
  • Automation ( $29/Month) 
  • Lyro AI ( $39/Month) 
  • Tidio+ ( Start from $394/Month) 

8. Drift

AI for business


Drift is the best AI chatbot for B2B companies. It supports the conversation and answers to business questions. 

The bots give users a personalized experience and real-time engagement with buyers. You can collect the shopper’s behavior and data and connect with targeted buyers. 

This AI chatbot is a great help for customer service by scheduling meetings with clients and helping them make decisions quickly. 


  • Great AI for customer support 
  • Schedule meeting option
  • Integrate with tools like Zapier, Google Analytics, Mailchimp, etc.


  • Limited options and filters for separate chats
  • The reporting feature is hard to use
  • Poor quality of videos 


  • Free Version
  • Premium Plan ($2,500/Month) 
  • Paid Plans for Number of Tokens
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9. Chatsonic 

Content writing 


Chatsonic is a dependable AI that functions as a writing tool. The Chatsonic gives incredible text generation for different forms of writing. 

It uses GPT-3 and GPT-4 to give accurate and faster answers. Chatsonic also accepts voice-based inputs. It also generates art and graphics using AI. 

Chatsonic can translate text into more than 20 languages. Chatsonic is ideal for writing content like captions, emails, stories, blog posts, and more. Its output is relevant with up-to-date information. 


  • Gives Output on Real-time information.
  • Generate enhanced  Images 
  • Provide answers beyond simple questions and prompts. 


  • Gets lagged 
  • Sign-in issues 


  • Free Version 
  • Premium model ($12/Month) 
  • Superior Model ($19/Month) 

10. Pi

Conversational AI 


Hey Pi is your best AI chatbots communication partner. It is ideal for the fresh user experience of communicating with AI. It is easy to operate starting on the page without signing in or through different tabs. 

Pi remembers all the conversations and leaves them as they are on the website so that you can see all the old conversations. It can’t write any content but is a good communication tool. 


  • No need to sign up
  • Keep track of all conversations
  • Simple and attractive design 


  • Can’t write any piece of content
  • Not a traditional Chatbot GPT 


  • Free version

11. Ada

AI for business


Ada AI is a virtual agent who helps create an automated and personalized customer experience. 

It is the best AI chatbots to enhance the user experience. The chatbot builder is easy to use and provides user engagement in multiple languages. 

Ada AI bots handle questions well even if they are not trained; these AI bots provide good conversational output with many robust functions. 


  • Complete customization available
  • Knowledge base answers
  • User-friendly back-end interface


  • Poor reporting system 
  • Time efficiency to make good chatbots
  • Hard to understand pricing feature 


  • Custom pricing option for every business
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12. Intercom

Customer service chatbot


Intercom’s Fin is a great conversational AI platform. They have exceptional chatbot development services. It is made to help businesses automate conversations and personalized experiences for users. 

Intercom is built on ChatGPT, allowing companies to develop their own AI Chatbots using their tools and APIs. 

Intercoms gives customers answers based on their knowledge of the company and also provides links to the articles. 


  • Improve customer support for customers and website visitors. 
  • Increased engagement and sales
  • Helps in maintaining streamlined communication


  • Feature-rich plans are complex
  • Expensive if used for large business


  • Essential Model ( $39/Month)
  • Advanced Model ( $99/Month) 
  • Expert Model ( $139/Month) 

13. Poe AI

Multiple Chatbots 


PoeAI is not a traditional AI bot, but it worked as an aggregator for many of the best AI chatbot apps. PoeAI helps to engage with LLMs ( Large language models) like Claude, Google’s PaLM, and ChatGPT directly from its app. 

Poe also offers features such as a task-specific chatbot specialization for everything. Poe will provide a chatbot for writing, brainstorming, coaching, image creation, and whatever you need. 


  • Customizable chatbots with specific functions
  • Engaging conversations
  • Interaction with multiple large language models


  • Content restriction 
  • Security concerns


  • Free Version 
  • Pro Version( $20/Month) 

14. Paradox AI

Human resource management

paradox ai

Paradox AI is the best AI chatbots for conversation recruiting. The AI automates all the routine tasks, allowing talent acquisition persons or teams to work more organically. Paradox AI handles the interview scheduling, screening, and onboarding coordination. 

The platform delivers seamless applications through natural language chat. The recruiter are highly benefits from the automated chatbot’s administrative process. 


  • Improved candidate experience 
  • Good work efficiency 
  • AI screening for quality of hires 


  • Limited customization 
  • Restricted functionality for multiple tasks


  • Custom Pricing 

15. Perplexity

Web source AI


Perplexity is an AI chatbot powered by GPT-3.5, which acts as a conversational search engine. It is built to give users questions and answers by compiling information provided on the internet and also provides links to the source. 

Perplexity is easy to access and generate required answers. It allows you to search the saved threads and share them with others. 


  • Give accurate and credible answers
  • Prioritize up-to-date information
  • Interactive conversations


  • Limited Functionality on some searches
  • It is still a relatively new and underdeveloped tool


  • Free Version 
  • Perplexity Pro ( $20/Month) 

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Wrapping Up Your Best AI Chatbots

There is a dynamic realm of AI chatbots for business in 2024-2025. AI like ChatGPT, Bard, Bing, Claude, and more have emerged as robust options for boosting businesses. 

Prioritize advanced language processing, privacy, customization, and cautious responses that align with your business strategy. 

As technology evolves, you must leverage AI chatbots to strengthen your operations and customer interaction to stay ahead in the ever-evolving landscape of 2024 -2025.

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