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As an auxiliary of AI, Natural Language Processing (NLP) is built to help business apps by unlocking the real potential of data. We help your business to gain a competitive edge with our NLP solution with a skill to understand human language and integrate that to your application. Ready to get started?

Integrating Natural Language Processing with Your Mobile Apps

  • Generation of keywords
    NLP helps in generating keywords and applying an AutoTag to know the subject available in the text.
  • Summation of the text
    In the application, while calculating the text to identify precious ideas, NLP text summation is helpful.
  • Chatbots Development
    The building of chatbots is done by the Parsey McParseface with tags Point of the Speech.
  • Entity Identification
    To discover a person in the form of identifying an entity, an organization uses the Named Entity Recognition of NLP.
  • Words Reduction
    For words reduction to the stems by applying Porter Stemmer or to divide the text into tokens by using a Tokenize, NLP helps with its valuable feature.
  • Sentiment analysis
    It is specially used for recognition of the sentiment of the text. And even can vary from neutral to bad or good.

Deep Learning Using Statistical Algorithms Now Possible in Mobile

  • Full-Cycle NLP Application
    We intensely analyze the requirements of your application and assist you in formatting the scope of work with a detailed development phase, including its cost and time.
  • Data Acquisition
    For semi-structured data to be classified, our engineers work on web sources using standard methodologies.
  • NLP Architect
    With State-of-the-art development practices along with industry-standard tools for best architecture, our team strives to deliver a seamless, integrated application.
  • Text Mining
    It contains data possession and processing to analytics, content categorization, content clustering, entity extraction, relationship extraction, and fact extraction.
  • Intelligent Enterprise Search
    Enhance personalization search is what we serve for your users, and that is done by Artificial Intelligence and recommendations to get your query answered well.


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