Case Study

Mobile application for healthcare education





Customer Overview

Convert clinical evaluations into digital data

Vestigo Health Solutions is a consulting and software company serving the healthcare education market. With an experience of over 38 years, the company stands today as a specialist in the area of healthcare education and clinical service consultancy. The team at Vestigo work with a passion to combine healthcare and technology to deliver easy management of clinical performance metrics and its learning outcomes.

Business Challenges

Challenges faced during the development of TracPrac

Enabling permissions within the database

Providing access to multiple users was a challenge as it created confusion in hierarchies

Server usage and data utilization

Increase in users increased the utilization of server as well, which was deteriorating the performance of the database

Paper-based management to digitally automated management

Efficiency, security, accessibility to complying with privacy legislation, every aspect had to be covered while designing the schema.


Evaluate clinical performances and developments

TracPrac is a clinical application specifically built for nursing students to track their attendance, evaluate their performance through summary reports reflected in the application. It also accelerates the communication of clinical developments between medical students within a secure digital environment.

  • Tracking Clinical Attendance
  • Evaluate Clinical Practice
  • Chat Option for Communication


TracPrac’s Success

9300+ Students

1350+ Instructors

950+ Hospitals


Our efforts acknowledged