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Scale up your team, get extended support, exceptional processes, and go to market fast. 100% Confidential and Secure

Take advantage of the big-business well-established infrastructure and tried and tested practices without any usual trouble or expense. Outsourcing has the benefit of allowing you to boost productivity without increasing operating costs.

When it comes to developing a business, you spend a large sum of money upfront. Since the initial costs of hardware, software, office facilities, office fit-out and furniture, security, training, service, IT, and software licenses are generally too high, scaling is typically a gradual, steady, iterative process with little margin for error.

Have you thought of what will happen if in the future you want to expand your business?

Be rest assured with Software Product Development services at Openxcell, and you don’t have to worry about any of those operational considerations. Everything is taken care of by us. You don’t, therefore, need to make a significant upfront investment. Instead, your low monthly premium takes into account all the costs.

You can grow your capability without needing to officially employ vast numbers of additional staff. One doesn’t have to invest in new capital facilities or lease larger commercial space; it also saves you from investing in non-core corporate growth expenses that benefits you overall.

As a consequence, strategic expansion and demand-driven resilience are unaffected. You can concentrate your financial and energy capital on marketing and develop products and services and finance your expansion.

Benefits you receive:

  • Let’s see how putting all of this in practical terms would look like for your business:
  • Get the ability to manage the company at a fraction of the cost.
  • You have plenty of time to work on growth.
  • There’s no reason to extend into wider workplaces.
  • You won’t have to spend money on costly chairs, fit-outs, or technology because it’s all included.
  • Offshoring of software product development can be tested with a minimal number of team members.
  • When you’re prepared, you can scale your business – with our seasoned talent management team, and you can quickly hire more staff as the business grows.
  • Offshoring has a number of advantages, including reduced fixed overhead costs due to the lower cost of living and doing business in the other region, as well as the possibility of less regulatory intervention.

Make use of large-scale infrastructure

When you work offshore with Openxcell, You just don’t get our best teammates to work with at much effective cost but you also have our big-company infrastructure to help your devoted staff and grow your business. Openxcell offers you a competitive edge over the competitors by helping you to properly distribute your capital.

Downsize without losses

We will easily scale down your offshore activities if necessary, so you don’t have to think about empty office space or IT resources.

Setting up your own overseas office is a whole different story. Leases are relatively hard to cancel or reduce in size, and there’s nothing you can do with IT properties until you’ve acquired them.

Looking to scale with offshoring?

When it is said and done, outsourcing helps businesses to grow up even more rapidly and efficiently. If you’re looking for ways to scale, keep an eye out for these opportunities. You would not be disappointed by our methodical approach.

OpenXcell is a premier India-based software product development firm that companies all over the world have come to depend on for all of their outsourcing needs. We have a deep knowledge of company growth challenges and will be delighted to answer your questions and make suggestions. More precisely, you should give outsourcing a thought. Contact us to know about the next steps.


The team at OpenXcell totally exceeded my expectations!

Tom Pendley, Founder, DRR Rescue

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