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Software Product Re-engineering with OpenXcell

If you have a software product that has served you well over many years but no longer meets your current needs, the best approach for is to arrange for a re-engineering of the app rather than starting over from scratch. It often proves efficient and cost effective to re-engineer outdated software.

Our developers have experience helping clients re-engineer their software to better meet their new business goals or to address a shift in their workforce.

For example, if your software involves healthcare and new industry guidelines or governmental regulations have been introduced since the application was first developed, you will likely find it more suitable to re-engineer the software.

Or, perhaps your organization is now working with team members spread out in various locations instead of staying at the home office, and you need to integrate new collaboration tools with your core software capability. In such cases, automatic reporting modules, virtual whiteboards and other features may be just what you need.

These are just a few use cases where organizations will find it profitable to re-engineer software with the help of an offshore software design company. Once your stakeholders have determined that it’s to your advantage to begin the re-engineering process, it’s time to outsource software development with the creative team at OpenXcell.

Situations that Warrant Software Re-engineering

This list is by no means exhaustive. It is intended to show you common situations that you may be facing as you prepare to have your software re-engineered. The team at OpenXcell has experience helping clients deal with all of these situations and more.

  • You need your code to be restructured by experienced, creative professionals.
  • Your legacy systems no longer meet your organization’s core needs.
  • New international business opportunities are prompting you to convert your software to a new language.
  • You are transitioning to a new platform.
  • Business changes dictate that you migrate an application to the web with a robust client-server system.
  • Malware has you concerned that your application is vulnerable to outside threats.
  • Your employees or end users have been putting up with a clunky, ugly interface that hampers their efforts rather than supporting them.
  • It’s time to port an application to a new system.
  • You need to integrate software with current enterprise software.
  • Your documentation is substandard and you need the work re-done.
  • Regulations concerning privacy indicate you need to add strong encryption capabilities to your software.
  • Your goal is to become platform-independent with your software.

OpenXcell’s Re-engineering Services

Our talented team will begin by assessing the software that you need to migrate. After you transfer all necessary information to us, we will conduct research on your preferred platform and any other technology that the application must support.


Nothing starts until we determine the precise specifications of your software re-engineering project. We will research the data domain and provide you with the details to approve. The new specifications will take the best aspects of the old version of the software and integrate them with your new requirements.


At this point, our team is selecting the architecture, coming up with the protocols for user interaction and verifying the specifications for each module in the application. We also start prototyping the software to give your stakeholders the information they need to sign off on the work to be done.


We go over the system specifications, allocating team members for software development and re-coding, arranging for details such as a new menu system and additional modules for new features. Throughout this process, project managers are inspecting the code and making sure there are no bugs or other problems. You can remain confident that quality assurance is on our minds at all times as we re-engineer your application.


Before we hand the software to you, our team will verify that it’s optimized and properly tuned for your systems.


As one of India’s top software development companies, we have years of experience producing accurate documentation for our clients. To that end, our programmers, who have excellent English skills, will describe the system architecture, write up detailed source code descriptions and provide all required in-code comments.


OpenXcell is a great team to work with, highly recommended.

Jose A Castilo, CEO, BPM Supreme

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