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Businesses and organizations are moving towards smarter workflow in order to stay up in the competitive landscape owing to the fast expansion in globalization in the recent decade. The combination of colossal progressions in the information technology and an urge to stay ahead, pushes businesses to transform and grow their profits.

With OpenXcell, you can save 60% on operation, labor, and resources costs thereby improving your business’ efficiency and productivity.

With no extra cost or investment, you can choose the right talent that can develop an apt solution to scale your business up and increase your profits and that too by spending 60% less than you would pay to anyone in the US or Australia.

By saving your development costs, we enable you to invest the savings to fuel your business in maximizing your business services by extensive research, branding, marketing, innovation, and business development.

Spend 60% Less on Payroll

For any business to flourish, the business owners must keep a track of all the expenses, and most importantly how much they are spending on labor. By partnering with OpenXcell, you can save on your labor costs by 60%, thus positively impacting your business.

For a long time, businesses have found it a tough task to maintain quality, productivity, and management, along with a constant increase in profits. But, with a proper business plan and our support, you can increase your profits, by saving on labor costs, and get a solution that can boost your productivity, and optimize your operations as well. Cutting on additional costs can surely give you a chance to leverage that in increasing your business efficiency.

Introduction of offshoring has opened gates for various opportunities for the business owners to lay back, and focus on the actual business. You can employ more talented staff at the cost of comparatively less ones by offshoring in India. You can get a higher quality of talent at a lesser cost.

Embrace OPEX, Not CAPEX

Growth of any business is directly related to the financial aspects. Eventually it all comes down to making critical decisions for the business based on the expenditure. Limited financial resources can lead to choices between spendings on advertising, labor, marketing, branding, and so on.

OpenXcell is here to scratch all your up-front investments for uplifting your growth. You have to monitor all the fixed monthly expenses right from office space, payroll, to infrastructure. And thus, you will realize that your business growth is OPEX and not CAPEX. So, it all revolves around the choices that you make.

Indirect Cost Savings

When you hire an inhouse team, initially you tend to grow and get profits quickly, but then you expand, and decide to move to a larger office space, and all your profits go in meeting that expense. And this causes your business growth to come to a standstill.

Now, you have two options, whether to let go of a few team members, or let go off the new office, neither of which is a solution. Also, you cannot get rid of any office infrastructure or resources.

In such a scenario, OpenXcell is here at your rescue. By partnering with us, you don’t have to worry about paying your resources, or the needs of a big office. You don’t have to worry about any additional costs with us. We provide you an experienced team of your choice at a comparatively 60% less cost.

Best Offshoring Provider in India

OpenXcell is a well-established offshoring service provider in India since 2009. With more than 500 happy clients and 400+ experienced techies, we are providing solutions customized to all the industry verticals. Being an ISO 9001:2008 certified company, and a member of NASSCOM, you can expect only the best and experienced team for your business.

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