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Develop your Google Glass Application with OpenXcell

It’s no secret that the future of computing will include augmented reality systems that are supported by wearable technology. One of the most prominent examples of this new technology is Google Glass.

If your organization wants to get in on the ground floor with this cutting-edge technology, you need to go with development firm that has plenty of expertise and experience in creating Glassware (the term Google designates for apps that run on Google Glass devices).

At OpenXcell, we have a team dedicated to Google Glass application development. Our staff is well versed in programming for the Android OS, and we have teams of more than 30 developers focused on Android now, giving us a large talent pool from which to base our Google Glass projects.

It’s important for customers to recognize that you should develop apps with Google Glass in mind, rather than trying to simply port an existing Android app to use with this new technology.

Google Glass is a whole new form of technology with different operating characteristics than conventional mobile devices like smartphones and tablets. You need to make sure that the user experience will be optimal by testing and developing just for Google Glass.

This is where the team at OpenXcell can really make a difference. We have hands-on experience working with this new technology, positioning us to optimize your user experience more efficiently than the competition.

Benefits of Using Google Glass

Google Glass consists of a heads-up display with a microphone, camera and built-in GPS. It is voice-activated technology that enables users to say phrases such as “take a picture” or to look up information on the spot.

You can use Google Glass to shoot pictures or videos of whatever you are looking at and share them with others. Attend a wedding and stream video from the event to your friends and family who couldn’t be there, or ask a medical professional to look at a rash on your child’s body from your own perspective, from the comfort of your home.

Even more exciting, though, is the device’s ability to superimpose information over whatever you are looking at. For example, you could go on a walking tour and see details about each historical building you pass by, or see product details pop up while browsing in the market.

When you see someone while wearing Google Glass, the device can identify the person with facial recognition. This will enable you to instantly pull up information about him or her, ranging from the serious, as in “does this person have an arrest record?” to the more trivial, such as “what movies or music does this person like?”

Rescue crews could use Google Glass to identify floor plans of a building that’s on fire to help them locate victims more quickly, while real estate agents could use the device to show prospective buyers a wealth of data on neighborhoods as they hunt for houses.

Google provides cloud computing services, enabling Google Glass users to back up the data in the device’s onboard 12GB of memory wirelessly via the Internet.

Pioneers in Glassware App Development

  • OpenXcell has been an early developer for Google Glass since the Beta period.
  • Developing for Glassware is a new service that is related to Android and Java, where OpenXcell has demonstrable expertise.
  • Our dedicated Glassware team focuses its research and work just on Google Glass apps to meet the ever-increasing needs of our clients seeking to implement augmented reality.
  • The developers at OpenXcell will consult with you to determine your build requirements and then work with you through all stages of development.

How can OpenXcell help you? If you are looking for the best Google Glass application development India has to offer, your search is over now. For more information about our proven track record in app development, contact us today and learn why we have so many satisfied customers.

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