Top Do’s and Don’ts Guidelines of Mobile App UX Design in 2023

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Top Do’s and Don’ts Guidelines of Mobile App UX Design in 2023

The biggest contributor to the success of any mobile application is its UI/UX design and its user friendliness. Lately, several businesses have realized the benefits of having a customer centric interface of their respective

mobile and web applications. It is a leading factor in encouraging users to stay with the company while building trust and brand value. A good Mobile App User Interface (UX) can exponentially elevate the way the app feels, its functionality, usability and design.

Most of the leading apps on iOS and Android systems have a very well designed UI/UX. YouTube, Tinder, Airbnb, Facebook Paper, Rise, Nike’s Making are some of the apps that follow some extraordinary designs. According to a survey,  every $1 invested in UX design results in an ROI between $2 and $100. Another survey also found that almost 39% of people stop engaging with a website if the images do not load or take too long. These are clear indicators of the fact that an effective UX app design in mobile app development is a must, for engaging with potential customers and converting them into loyal customers. The key business objectives to keep in mind while developing user friendly mobile apps are to generate traffic, revenues, reputation, and brand building. In order to achieve commercial goals, UX designing for mobile requires detailed qualitative feedback to stimulate the emotional response from the customers.

More About Mobile App UX Design

The primary objective of creating UX design is to try to fulfill the user’s needs. It aims to provide positive experiences that keep users loyal to the brand or product. A survey by Statista states that approximately 52% of users believe that a bad mobile experience made them less likely to engage with a company. Therefore, it is a good practice for businesses to build a desirable user response from the app and apply UX best practices from the very beginning. It is also important to involve team members such as the marketing manager, website designer, content strategist, graphic designer, and UX designer to generate the best UX designs.

Trends in Mobile UX design 2023

From voice-activated, interactive technologies to lifelike virtual reality and reimagined personalized experiences, 2023 is seeing many new UX design trends. A Few of them are:

In App Gestures

In App gestures in mobile applications are trending and using the right user friendly gesture can work wonders. For example, instagram’s double tapping an image has been very popular amongst its users, alongwith the scrolling gestures in the reel format.

Facial Recognition features

Facial recognition feature in application is another excellent example of creative UX design. Without having to go through the hassle of unlocking an app, users can seamlessly enter the app with facial recognition features. Facial Recognition is also more secure compared to traditional security features.

Motion Video animations

In a survey by wyzowl, 96% of users prefer watching explainer videos rather than reading text manuals online. This is indicative of users preference for interactive graphic content which can be achieved easily through creating motion video animations. This particular trend seems to be a crowd favorite amongst developers and users as more and more UX designers are opting for motion video animations in their UX design projects.

Augmented and Virtual Reality

Almost 1.73 billion users worldwide are expected to adopt AR/VR technology in 2024. With an audience so big, it is only some time before AR/VR technology becomes a part of mainstream UX designing. From recreating user experiences and taking them one step further, AR/VR is the future of mobile apps.

Voice Assistants

Siri and Alexa aren’t the only voice assistants that have wooed the users. Every other week, markets are seeing more and more voice activated devices, smart speakers and voice assistants that are changing the way we interact with our surroundings. In mobile applications, voice assistants are also finding their way into day to day user’s interactions.


More and more businesses are digitizing their work processes and focusing on collecting customer data. This is indicative of businesses’ focus on creating and personalization of software products for its users. How so? Well, the copious amount of data collected by these companies are a major contributor in understanding the preferences of the customers.

These are few of the biggest trends that are expected to rule 2023. Every business owner to develop mobile applications should try and include these features in their apps.

Every business owner has a commitment to customers. It is advisable to ensure the right functioning, the creation and analysis of UX are a must every 6 months. There are some do’s and don’ts that every app designing team must keep in mind while designing an iOS or Android mobile app for any business. Let’s have a look at some of these Dos and Don’ts that can leverage your online presence to a whole new level.

Do’s while designing UX in a Mobile App

1. Intensive research is a must

It has been proven that 42% of the time an app fails, lack of research is the primary problem. When a new project begins, it is crucial to research thoroughly and note down the ideas before actually proceeding with the designing part of the UX. The UX designers must take out some time before initiating a new project and practice some mobile app design mock-ups. The developer must also understand requirements of the intended audience along with the problems they are facing. This is pivotal in crafting a unique solution for users as the solution caters to solve the users problems.

Added benefit of stringent research of existing designs and their study helps UX designers shortlist mobile app designs which are best suited for a client.

While designing for a particular client, following are the pointers that should be included in one’s research :

  • Search the customers’ base
  • Create user personas that include customers’ background, need, and goal
  • Examine competitive analysis, user stories, progress, and mapping
  • Prototyping tests for market activity and feature validity

2. Prioritize Features

UX designers often believe a product is as good as the number of features and that more of these features an app has, higher the sales would be. However, an application loaded with features can create confusion for its users, especially its first time users. Successful apps like Whatsapp mostly have a focused limited set of features that are in demand. Therefore, it is vital to prioritize what is important. Some practical recommendations along these lines include:

  • Try emphasizing the core objectives of the mobile app
  • The functionalities must be the features that are most important for the app’s
  • proper functioning with a much simpler UX.
  • Preparing a hierarchy of user needs
  • One must start investing in design elements that can change with users’ demographics.

3. Provide Backup To Customer’s Feedback

Gathering feedback for Mobile App UX Design and development is another ’do’ a business shouldn’t overlook. In order to know what your customers think of your mobile app, feedback is necessary. Moreover, this feedback should be included in the iterations of developing the product. The resultant product is bound to be user friendly and better than the previous versions.

Nowadays, every successful app is seen taking care of what customers think about it. Given below is a common dialogue box that appears every now and then in an app asking its users for critical feedback.

4. Easy Navigation in the app

In mobile applications, navigation means whether the user is able to navigate his way through the app, conveniently or not. The navigation of a mobile app must be decipherable by demographics of all ages. One must also ensure that the application is accompanied with the necessary instructions and directions for navigation. The features of the app must be well listed and understandable. Some of the practical recommendations for clear navigation include:

  • User should be able to reach his/her destination on the mobile in a minimum number of steps.
  • with the navigation
  • Make the user familiar with their current location
  • Flexibility is key

Don’ts Of Mobile UX Designs

1. Don’t Forget Your Target Audience

A majority of app developers, UI/UX designers, and even mobile app development companies often try to cater to multitudes of age and audience. This often leads to generalized design for a generic audience thus losing creativity in the process. It is also important to keep in mind the problems the target audience is facing and the application should provide a solution with the same.

2. Avoid Using Jargons

Many times, writing in shorthand or using jargon are appreciated by selected users. However, these abbreviations and complex language can put off general users and generate a feeling of alienation and misunderstanding. The best app UX design delivers a comfortable language for all targeted users. Using standard words maintains the cognitive load for the user and jargon free UX is always welcomed by users.

3. Don’t Skip usability Testing

Since UX design revolves around the customer, it is crucial for an app’s success to check its usability. Mobile apps that have been built and tested on a desktop screen might not be adequately functional and responsive when people use them on mobile devices. Additionally, even the most sophisticated, seemingly perfect mobile app might have some hidden flaws.

Launching your mobile app without first conducting usability testing can lead to a poor product or MVP. This can further invite negative feedback from clients and lead to uninstallations of the application on the users phone.

4. Don’t let slow loading pages deter clients

Slow loading pages are one of the primary reasons for low traffic and less installations of an application. On the other hand, a quick and responsive application has better chances of being popular amongst its users.


A very common metric of mapping an application’s success is to check the number of downloads of the applications from Google Play Store or Apple store and its reviews. Most applications with a higher number of installations are very user friendly. These apps are designed keeping in mind the customer and are apps with best ux hence proving how important it is to have an effective UX design

As there are countless apps available in the market, to have a completely successful app totally depends on the overall mobile app UX design for both Android and iOS platforms. For this, to stick with the best practices of UX designing mentioned above is important. OpenXcell is a company known to follow best practices of UX designing. They offer creative, user friendly solutions in much less time.

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