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OpenXcell offers a host of CakePHP development services from shopping development to e-Commerce websites rich in appearance and content management. Compatible with the latest versions of PHP, it offers rapid application development. Our CakePHP developers make the best use of this framework and build customized CakePHP websites. With our expertise in PHP programming, we are capable of rapid application development. Our experts provide web application development using CakePHP coding and develop web portals with CakePHP and MySQL. We ensure that setting up e-commerce websites and creating AJAX-based shopping cart applications are made smoothly.

We provide tight integration with third-party API and social media. You can get Web 2.0 based content management systems with strong functionalities developed by our expert developers. Along with the development services, we provide CakePHP website maintenance, up-gradation, and other technical support. OpenXcell has fostered a team of CakePHP application developers with years of experience. They have the core expertise in CakePHP, AJAX, HTML5, XHTML, CSS and JavaScript. We have expert CakePHP application development consultants to provide valuable insights on each customized project. We thrive on delivering excellent project management with a dedicated online Project Management System. OpenXcell offers cost-effective web development services with huge savings on development costs.



Why CakePHP

Why CakePHP

Why should you choose CakePHP?

  • Fast & flexible
  • Rapid development
  • Reduced coding
  • Easy understanding
  • MVC architecture
  • Highly secure
CakePHP application development

CakePHP application development

We help businesses to grow with web apps developed in CakePHP by our experienced developers.

CakePHP template design

CakePHP template design

Get unique and captivating website template designs for your business to provide an interactive UI for the users.

CakePHP plugin development

CakePHP plugin development

OpenXcell has expert developers with knowledge of customized plugin development for all the versions of CakePHP.

Migration to CakePHP

Migration to CakePHP

Our experts can help you in migrating your business solution to CakePHP without any threat to the database.

Custom CakePHP website development

Custom CakePHP website development

Give your business a boost with a customized CakePHP website and smoothen out all the processes.

CakePHP maintenance & support

CakePHP maintenance & support

Right from development to deployment, and even after that, our developers are there for all the technical help for you.

Why OpenXcell?

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Frequently Asked Questions

Cake PHP is an open-source framework for PHP which makes the development, maintenance, and deployment of applications simpler. It is based on MVC architecture which is quite powerful. CakePHP offers a model view controller framework that provides tooling for rapid web application building.

CakePHP helps users to add custom or distinctive functionalities on the website or in the app with the help of custom components, helpers, behaviors, or forms of plugins. Here are the key features of CakePHP:

  • Reusability of code
  • MVC Pattern
  • No Configuration
  • Modularity
  • Customization

Some of the benefits of hiring CakePHP developers include:

  • Better turnaround time
  • Business oriented strategy
  • Professionalism
  • Reduced coding
  • MVC architecture
  • Rapid development
  • Easy understanding

A company that offers services like:

  • CakePHP Library Development
  • Sass Development
  • CakePHP API Development
  • Theme & Designs
  • CakePHP Template development
  • App and Website Migration
  • Ecommerce development
  • Support & maintenance
  • 3rd party integration services
  • Can be touted as the best CakePHP development company. Make sure before choosing the company, you must check their overall experience.

Yes, we can definitely build a responsive website using the CakePHP website

It takes about 5-6 months to build a CakePHP website and costs around $200, with a $50 maintenance cost.

Web technologies, Mobile technologies, frontend, and backend technologies, Django, laravel, enterprise solutions, CMS, Drupal, MySQL – all of these technologies are used for CakePHP Web Development.

CakePHP has multiple features that include:

  • Rapid application development
  • Composer based installer
  • Convention over configuration
  • MySQL, Postgres, MSSQL, SQLLite
  • Full database abstraction through models

CakePHP is an open-source PHP framework for building faster web applications. Usually, the time required to migrate an existing PHP website to the CakePHP framework depends upon multiple factors including project scope, features & functionalities. However, it may take around 8-12 weeks roughly to completely migrate existing PHP projects to CakePHP.

CakePHP is an open-source framework that follows the Model View Controller(MVC) approach. PHP on the other hand is a server-side scripting language for website development.
CakePHP makes the development more organized whereas organizing projects is not easy with PHP.

Cake PHP offers code reusability whereas PHP doesn’t allow that to happen. Apart from that, development and testing are easy via CakePHP compared to PHP.