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An experienced software development team customized to your business needs

At OpenXcell, we have a proven track record of helping clients transform their businesses using innovative technologies and decades of experience in custom software development. Having a skillful team of developers, designers, consultants, managers, analysts, testers, and scientists, we assure you the long-term growth of your businesses using user-centric designs, optimized productivity, increased productivity, and increased ROI. Our highly experienced and dedicated offshore team has helped numerous enterprises worldwide establish a digital-driven path to unlock their true business potential. OpenXcell focuses on serving a wide range of industry segments like retail & FMCG, healthcare, education, logistic, travel, manufacturing, etc.

Our offshore team of custom software development is continuously searching for new approaches and insights to implement apps across industries with a vast skill set and broad experience. Our offshore software developers have in-depth knowledge of major platforms/frameworks used for custom software development services. With an offshore team of over 100 dedicated developers, designers, project managers, delivery managers, creative engineers, quality testers, data analysts, and data scientists, we are equipped to meet your project requirements on creative benchmarks and human capital.

Why Custom Software Development Offshoring?

  • A strong custom software development outsourcing firm has experience in front-end, back-end, cloud, and testing technology. It has extensive infrastructural facilities to keep up with the technical advances.
  • Hiring, training, preparing personnel, and providing the necessary software, services, expertise, and materials for product creation are costly and time-consuming. Such expenses are often covered by the manufacturer while you use outsource software development.
  • An action plan that aligns the organization with the software or project’s short and long-term goals and how to accomplish them is vital for the software. It is often the most challenging facet of custom software development. Our offshore development team will help you develop a plan that focuses on the consumer concept, epics, high-level skills, and matches your vision to technology.
  • By adopting the Agile approach, accelerated application development systems, and CICD, our offshore development team will further accelerate time to market.

How it works?

An effective custom software development project involves the right team in place and an open communication line between the project’s various disciplines. The most important part is the communication, as it means that your offshore team becomes a part of the business culture and is familiar with your specified project laws and requirements. Technology outsourcing, such as collaborating on an international project with a local team, necessitates the same degree of routine through contact.

At OpenXcell, our highly qualified offshore development team helps you through all phases, blending technology and business plans to ensure your business achieves the desired results. Our Mobile App Development methodologies provide added value to both companies and the customers.

Our offshore team adopts a structured approach to consider your needs, plan a sample to fulfill the concept demands, execute the proposed software, validate the finished product, and guaranteed maintenance. Our innovative offshore development team of developers, consultants, designers, managers, analysts, testers, and scientists, will help you design and build high-performance, user-friendly apps, making software development faster and more cost-effective.

We confidently guarantee you of providing a highly dedicated and experienced offshore development team that meets your criteria. Please share your business requirements with us and choose a team of your choice to create a valuable customer touchpoint for your business.

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