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2015 – The Year of Mobile Enterprise Apps

enterprise apps vs consumer apps

Enterprise apps trump consumer apps.


Yes, it’s the most obvious thing in the app development space today. Enterprise apps have invariably enjoyed one-upmanship over consumer apps in terms of ROI and more. Again, it’s a well-known fact that some app developers knowing its enormous potential, have been milking the enterprise apps for all its worth for a while now.

And why shouldn’t they, by the way? Consumer Apps can do only so much. It’s enterprise apps that help devs run their kitchens. It’s in enterprise apps where the money is. It’s enterprise apps is where the action is. If, as a developer you haven’t given due thought to it, go on and do it: Now. Hope, I not scaring the living daylights out of consumer app developers. If at all I am, no umbrage. I am just plainly stating few facts so as to put you on guard. (And, if in case, your consumer apps is doing great, all that I can say is good, and carry on with your good work.)

Now, why I am going gaga over enterprise apps. It’s Vision Mobile’s latest global survey on mobile app developers titled: Developer Economics Q1 2015: State of the Developer Nation that’s making me do so. The survey included 10,000 developers spread across 130 nations. According to it, if solo developers or small app development companies need to survive, much less thrive, in the mature app market space they should really focus on those niches that would help them make a decent living, let alone make fortunes. Given the rising quality and ever-evolving functionality parameters in the app arena, talking about fortunes apparently seem out of place for most app developers right now. According to the survey, 38% of consumer app devs in the world make somewhere around $0 to 100. So, that’s peanuts.

However, the same thing does not hold true for enterprise apps. It’s the sun that always keeps smiling on the dev community, come what may. Little wonder, app developers – Hobbyists, Explorers and Hunters – are falling for Enterprise Apps hook, line and sinker.

Enterprise Apps – Advantage Developers

  • 20% of the developers are engineering enterprise apps, that is 4% up from last six months. 43% of enterprise app developers are raking in more than $10K per month while only 19% of consumer app makers are able to do so. 18% of mobile app developers are raking in more than $100K a month as opposed to 9% of developers prioritizing consumer markets.
  • enterprise apps-vs-consumer apps
  • Polarization of App Economy: With high-end smartphone market slowing down and tablet sales slightly plummeting, revenues from app stores have taken a beating. With revenues drying from app stores, competition between app developers has only intensified. Adding to the app monetization woes is the maturing app space. So, more and more app development companies, in fact, seem to prioritize user value over monetization. Given the changing circumstances, development companies will be prioritizing potential enterprise apps over consumer apps.
  • Nearly 53% of the developers will be focusing on internet of things (IOT), which constitutes an important segment of enterprise apps. Of which 35% of IOT developers will be focusing on the wearable market, and this obviously will include Apple smartwatches. In fact, enterprise apps for apple watch are being predicted to be the next big thing in the app space. It is given that smartwatches may make no sense in the consumer markets; however, things are not the same at the organization level. The current apps made available in the Apple watch seem senseless, so probably meaningful, user-friendly enterprise apps is what would help right the wrongs. Zoho has already come up with a slew of enterprise apps for Apple watch. There is Zoho Expense that tracks the trip mileage via the watch. Zoho books record the amount of time spend on a particular project and so on. Then there’s a Slack app that helps communicate with each other in real-time. There’s Microsoft PowerPoint for wrist presentation app and similar handful of expensive, productivity-enhancer apps.
  • 37% of developers will be focusing on smart homes, retail with 20%, and connected car & industrial IOT (both 18%).

IOT Apps

Enterprise Apps – Advantage Industry

  • According to Fliplet, we will be having more than 1.3 mobile workers in this world this year. To keep up with this globe-trotting employee deluge, 54% of the IT teams will be heavily relying on enterprise app stores (more on this in a minute).
  • 60% of employees in the world depend on apps for work. Of which 25% are already using enterprise apps. These apps include lead generation, CRM, event support, sales playbooks, marketing campaigns, investor relations, employee induction and so on.
  • Enterprise apps propel employee productivity by more than 34%.
  • Companies profit in terms of work hours. As in, they will gain an additional 240 hours per year from employees, thanks to mobile apps.
  • Apple and IBM in partnership will be offering over 100 Enterprise Apps on iPhone and iPad
  • According to IDC, by 2017 IT industry will be devoting about 25% of their software budget to mobile application development, deployment, and management.
  • No fewer than 35% of large enterprises will develop and deploy mobile apps across their organizations in 2015.
  • Enterprise applications optimized for mobility will quadruple by 2016.
  • 30-40% of organizations employing over five mobile applications in 2015 will enjoy greater flexibility by setting up an API tier in their enterprise IT architecture.
  • Almost 50% of large enterprises will prioritize enhanced enterprise mobility management (EMM) capabilities to secure apps and data in 2015.

Other 2015 Enterprise App Trends Gaining Steam

  • While large companies will be prioritizing custom business apps, smaller firms will focus on faster deployment of apps to ensure immediate benefits. So the dependence on pre-packaged solutions will be high.
  • Everything-as-a-service (XAAS) or cloud-based applications will reach its pinnacle. Being elastically scalable, both internal and external applications will be based on them. XAAS is flexible, automatic and all the services could easily be integrated.
  • Intuitive business applications with simpler UX will be more in demand. It’s being predicted that users will overlook their own company–supplied applications and pin their sights on third-party solutions.

The Emergence of Personalized Enterprise App Stores

According to Gartner, 25% of the businesses will be owning their own Enterprise App Stores. So, if your business is running on apps, setting up an Enterprise App Store will be the best thing that you could be doing to your company. How, exactly? Simple, because if you set up such a store, you can upload any business apps there and your employees can have Close Ups and also download the same easily that too from anywhere in the world. The best part is that you do not have to rely on any other public stores for app uploads and downloads. You can do things your way. As in you can create your app at any point in time to addresses any new business opportunity or customer requests and upload your app instantly.

Additionally, you will have more control over apps used by the employees and will be able to apply tighter security controls. What’s more, it will help drive productivity within the organization, offer instant gratification, and to top it all, it would be an epitome of corporate and industry leadership.

Therefore, if you are business is too much into using mobile devices, Bring Your Own Device policies, and tablets, setting up an enterprise app stores should be a to-do business strategy for you this year. And even now you feel that you could exist without them… good luck.

Final Thoughts:

Enterprise apps are redefining the way businesses are run all over the world. So, if an enterprise app is not on up on your sleeves, just push up your sleeves and have one. It should be practically every app developers and every business commandment this year: Thou shall make Enterprise Apps.

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