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8 Times Users Don’t Mind Receiving Push Notifications


Push notification is a very useful mobile marketing tool for app publishers, developers and marketers. It enables context based engagement with the users of your apps. The best part about push notifications is that the users don’t need to be in your apps to receive it. They can open and read the push notifications sent to them at any time they want on their device. User retention in an app improves with Push Notifications. Send them right kind of notifications, they are happy to receive it; send them too many – you risk irritating them and they could uninstall your app. Story over.


So how do you keep your users engaged and ensure they are kind to the push notifications you send them? Well, for starters send push notifications at a time when they are more amenable to opening and reading them. This article here can give you an idea on when to send your push notifications. And remember to send them useful and relevant information. There have been studies to find out what kind of information in push notifications interests your app users the most. Do you want to know when and which of your push notifications are most welcomed by your users? We have a list. Read on.


#1 Purchase Being Ordered/Shipped/Delivered

This topped the polls. Users definitely want to know the precise time the items they purchased or booked were going to be delivered to them. They are invested in your shopping apps to know the status of their purchase. So, keep them updated.


#2 Upcoming Reservation And Appointment Reminder

Life is busy. It is easy to miss the upcoming appointments. Users definitely do not mind being reminded of their upcoming reservations or appointments. You make their lives easier when you send them reminders.

#3 Important notifications from Productivity/Team Communication Apps

Somehow some people always remain connected to their office and team mates. More so due to teams located in different countries in different time zones. Users don’t want to miss an important message addressed to them. Productivity/team Communication apps ensure the users receive important message as a push notification. Apps have different settings. Users can set their preference.


For example, Slack provides these above given options to its users when they opt for mobile push notifications.

#4 New Discounts And Offers

Users like to be on top of things and you can help them do that by sending them information on the latest discounts and offers on regular basis. Many a times users follow a particular product, savvy ecommerce apps would do well to send them a reminder through push notification if there is any offer or discount on that product. Do tell them about the loyalty points they earn too.


#5 App Upgrades

Users need to know if there has been any change in your app. If there has been an app update or if you have added a feature, inform them through a notification. They prefer to know firsthand what all has been going on with the apps which they use.

#6 New Product or Service launch

Push notification is one of the best ways to tell your existing users about the new products and services you launch. You have an existing market and your users will definitely give your new product or service a try if it is feasible or useful to them.

#7 Recommendation of a Product or Service

You need to track your user’s behaviour and history. Once you understand your user you would know his likes and dislikes. Based on his history and preferences you can recommend him other products and services you think you could interest him in. Basic salesmanship.

#8 Friend or family purchasing an item

According to a research if a user has a family account registered with you he would like to receive a push notification if any of his family members make a purchase. Similarly if he is a part of a referral network with friends and family members, he wouldn’t mind receiving a notification everytime any of his friends or family member makes a purchase through the app or related site.

Winding Up

Push notifications convey a message. App publishers should have a push notification strategy. It is a good engagement and user retention tool. There are several push notification tools available that can help you. Blasting push notifications to everyone like a broadcast doesn’t help your cause one bit. Your app users like to receive notifications that carry information that is personalized and news which is useful to them. It pays to know your users and their preference. Use your discretion in ensuring you don’t send your users too many push notifications too frequently and they would play nicely with you. Send them useful and relevant push notifications and they will stick with your app for long.

Priyanka Garg

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