Alert: Ensure Your Business Fits Well into the Mobile-App-centric World

Mobile-App-Centric Business

You currently own a website and a social media account and you think this is enough for your business to grow? Agreed, you have spent fortunes to build up your product-line to fit into a desktop website, but, don’t be surprised, you will at any time find that nothing is working out now, to lock your customers with your brand. One of the key reasons for this could be that the usage of mobile devices and apps are growing and dominating the digital timeshare. Mobile-only customers are transforming the digital business segment totally. Recognize that the implication of mobile-first behaviour is huge. It is time to clean-up your process and harmonize with your valuable customers and the millennial groups with a new set of skills. From merely owning a “Desktop ready,” business, it is critical now to own a mobile-app-centric business.

“It is not about playing differently – it is about a different game. Marketers playing by the old rules will find themselves on the losing end of a game with stagnant growth and a diminishing consumer base” – The Changing Role of the CMO

Let Your Mobile App be Your Mobile-first Strategy

To build a comprehensive digital experience strategy, businesses should harness the concept of owning an app. Believe me, this is spiralling totally out of control today considering the mobility force.  All mobile audience would love to see an app.

The Power of Connecting with Customers via Mobile Apps

Ninety-six percent of Gen Z owns a smartphone. The future of buying and selling is tucked inside this small device. With an increase in mobile-only audience, the global buying and selling pattern has transformed totally. This sudden surge of mobile-first customers and the increase in global app consumption rate is placing a big challenge before all existing entrepreneurs who are yet to move their business to fit into the smart small device via mobile apps. Do not miss-understand that owning mobile apps is just meant for big brands. Even mid-size and small businesses are in the battle of staying ahead in specific markets and they are benefited today only if they have their app-based business.

It will cost you if you turn your customers away just because your website is not optimized to fit into mobile phones. Time to check whether your website is a mobile novice or mobile active or mobile advanced. Owning a website that is mobile friendly is not enough. Your business should be mobile advanced – ideally, mobile-app-centric.

In a recent report released by the media measurement and analytics company comScore, the company reassured that it is only mobile apps that drive the dominant share of mobile time in all markets.

Mobile Apps

This move demands you to polish and fine tune your skills, strategies and style for conducting a mobile app-friendly business. Right from reaching across digital channels till designing and generating a perfect content promotion program, till connecting and activating visitors, till measuring your success, every move has to be taken with utmost care and with a mind to iterate keeping mobility as the key force.

The Notion of Value for Customers Is Different Today

Businesses that are ready to play a different game are the winners. The current situation demands every business to embrace mobility based strategies. Enough goes into understanding your mobile customers who are quick to browse and quick to quit.

Key benefits to own a mobile app based business are;

  • You are reachable all the time
  • Customer engagement is easier
  • Increased direct marketing avenues
  • Easy to automate several business processes
  • Have higher degree of functionality
  • Generate better value
  • Brand building is quick and strong
  • Speeds the path to better business

Mobile-App-Centric Is No More a Hype, It’s the Reality

The nature of today’s “mobile always” customers is forcing several enterprises to shift their strategies. Do not wait if you have not yet invested in mobile apps. With mobile apps, a business can easily manage the present demands and smoothly build a future plan too. Here is a quick-win approach that can get your task kick-started. Quickly follow the following three steps. Focus on the following areas while moving your business to an app. Series of processes are involved in each step discussed here.

  • Design
  • Feature
  • Functionality
  • Speed
  • Content
  • Search engine optimization (SEO)
  • Security

Check your marketing goals

  • What sort of marketing strategies and goals do you have right now?
  • Is that suitable for the mobile-first customers?
  • How much of social media marketing is included?
  • Is that fetching the desired result for the current set-up?
  • Be sure of the ways to measure
  • Bring changes wherever required

Keep Your Social Media Presence Active Always

This is not once-and-done exercise. To sell your brand, you have to emotionally connect with your customers regularly. Social media lets you mine the emotions. With social media, you can continue to tell the tale, strengthen your presence in the market, lead too.

To Wrap

One thing that is driving the mobile activity is mobile apps. Mobile apps account for fifty- seven percent of the total digital media usage, according to a recent report from ComScore. Several businesses/brands are considering to fit their ideas into an app. You too can figure out the challenges and opportunities and come up with an app strategy that can totally reflect your idea. Apps let you to instantly connect with your customers especially with recent facilities like bots, chats, Artificial Intelligence, Virtual reality etc. Such real-time connection can enhance your customer experience. Accessing a brand from the company’s app is much better than accessing them via a browser. So, as a plan in the pipeline, think of owning an app. Create mobile-app-centric business. After all, success depends on how quickly you respond to the changes.

WRITTEN BY Meenakshi Krishnan

Meenakshi Krishnan is a Content Consultant at OpenXcell, a pioneering Mobile App Development Company in India and USA. A techie at heart, Meenakshi is passionate about the start-up ecosystem, entrepreneurship, latest tech innovations, and all that makes this digital world. When she is not writing, she loves to read, cook, and paint. Prior to this, she was working for a technology marketing company based in Norwalk as a content contributor.

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