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Clutch, a Washington DC-based research firm, has named OpenXcell a leading mobile app development company. We have identified OpenXcell as a top mobile app developer worldwide, as well as a leader in our regional India mobile app developers report. The mobile app space is a hugely competitive one, so this is a great achievement.

The Methodology Adopted by Clutch

In order to identify the top mobile app developers, we have developed a comprehensive methodology combining some of the best aspects of traditional research firms and more novel consumer review websites.

Our research begins with an internet search to gather as many companies as claim to be experienced in the field. Then, we carefully vet each company, first by reviewing their online portfolio, and then by having an initial conversation with a company representative to determine whether the firm would be a viable candidate for the research based on their capabilities and experience.

OpenXcell was a clear candidate for our research from the beginning, with their extensive portfolio, including project descriptions detailing the challenges, solution, and results. They have a large team of 150+ that is experienced working with each major mobile app platform or framework. They also provide transparent information about their company and policies, and comprehensive resources to aid prospective clients in their search.

Onboarding the firm into our research is a fairly simple process – we work with them to develop a company profile detailing their services and focus areas, and ask that they submit client references willing to speak to us about their experience. From there, we interview each of their references and post the full feedback to their company profile, so any prospective client can read in-depth reviews of their work. We feel that client feedback is the best evidence of whether a firm is a leader in the space, so it has a heavy weighting in our methodology.

Clutch Rankings

What did the clients say

Clutch analysts heard plenty of positive comments while interviewing eight of OpenXcell’s previous clients. One client, a web design firm for which OpenXcell has provided contracted development work, stated, “They’re by far the best of my outsourced teams. They have good people skills. I’ve never had a bad instance with them to say otherwise.”

Another client, the founder of a mobile app startup, told Clutch, “I’ve dealt with numerous IT development firms and, hands down, this is the first and only firm that has been reliable as far as timeliness of communication and knowledge. I don’t think I would go to anybody else after doing business with them.”

In addition to providing qualitative feedback, we also ask that the references rate the company on a scale of 1 to 5 for five different factors. When asked to rate their overall experience working with OpenXcell, OpenXcell’s clients gave an average of 4.9 out of 5 stars.

The Results

To supplement the client feedback, we also conducted a full review of the company’s case studies, client list, portfolio items, team composition, industry expertise, social media and PR presence, and web presence. We assigned a quantitative rating on a standardized scale that we’ve developed for the key factors. After working through this process with dozens of mobile app development firms, the top firms based on our data were filtered into several Leaders Matrices, segmenting the market by geography and various other focus areas, such as specific mobile platforms.

This is how we came to include OpenXcell in two of our reports – Top Mobile App Developers (globally) and Top Mobile App Developers in India. Based on the strength of their client feedback, experience, and market presence, they beat out many other strong contenders to achieve this status.

Congratulations, OpenXcell!webniar_ios8



Natalie Beach

Natalie is an analyst at Clutch, a Washington, DC-based research firm that identifies top services firms that deliver results for their clients. To date, the firm has researched and reviewed 500+ companies spanning 50+ markets. Clutch's research in the design, development, and marketing services space is ongoing, and leading firms are encouraged to apply for participation. Find Clutch at