How To Chart Out A Blockbuster Advertising Strategy With Game Apps


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The fact of the matter is that we as app marketers are all turbocharged about gaming apps these days.

And, nope, this is no exaggeration because given the kind of ad engagement rates that gaming apps provide no other popular app could even think off. Yes. And that’s that. No! Seriously.

According to Media Brix CEO Ari Brandt, in-app gaming ads apparently offer 543 times higher engagement rates for your apps in comparison to Facebook brand posts. And the best part of it is that if an ad rescues gamer during dire situations, be assured, such ads gets 66-times more click-through rates as opposed to online and mobile rich media ads, in addition to the 543 times engagement rates.

Whoa! Isn’t that a quantum leap?

So, whether you are playing a platform game, or an arcade game, or any other freaking game on the mobile for that matter, look for the in-between stages, or ‘Game Over’ situations.  Because these are the fail-proof times for you  to advertise your apps. But then, ensure that your ad bait is well-placed… as in it should build an emotional connection with the gamers. Then just sit back and relax because your ads are sure to receive mind-boggling engagement rates.

Average Interaction Rates for Gaming Apps

Source: VentureBeat 

How? Because users usually play games on mobiles when they are in a time-wasting mode. So, it’s a dead giveaway that gamers interact with ads when they are in an out-and-out playing mode. Given this fact, the ad-engagement rates are pretty higher on gaming apps as opposed to other apps.

While in case of the other apps, they are fully content-based, and are designed to be used as reference points. So there is no way a user could be waylaid from them. Anyway.

Listed Below Are Five Ways To Milk Gaming apps For All Your App Marketing Campaigns Specifically For The Game App Marketing Campaigns:

1] Target Breakthrough Moments

a] The ‘rescue breakthrough moments (BTMs)’ are the golden moments for app advertisers and app developers. Because these are the moments when the gamers are feeling totally down and out.  And this could be for several reasons. Maybe because of low scores, or may be even the basic level seem too hard for you to cross over… it could be any darn thing for that matter.

So, according to a study by Media Trix, cornering gaming apps during rescue BTMs is the best because the ads get desired traction. How? Because the gamers anyhow are feeling jammed up in a gloomy scenario, and are desperately seeking for some sort of distraction. And so these ads could act as their best distracting tool.

For your information, according to Media Trix, the engagement rates of ads during rescue BTMs are 543 times higher than the Facebook brand posts. And, if in case, these ads help rescue gamers from precarious situations,  it witness 66-times click through rates, in addition to the above engagement rate.

b] Quite contrary to the above is the ‘reward BTMs.’ These are those times when the players are super excited about their achievement and, and might have scored their personal best as well.  So, once again, these are the best times for advertisers to hook users. As per the study, the engagement rates during these times are 460 times more than Facebook brand posts. And, if in case, these ads gifts or rewards gamers for completing a level or challenge, such ads get 50 times more click-through rates, in addition to the engagement rate.


 Source: VentureBeat

c]Encourage BTMs, are those moments when players are being presented with words of encouragement. These words, in a way, inspire the gamers to go on and perform better. Displaying ads during these times ensure that your engagement rate is 106 times higher than Facebook brand posts. And for encouragement ads that target failing gamers, such ads get 23 times click-through, in addition to the engagement rate.

d] The average Social Gaming Value Exchange Ad engagement rates on the Web are 99.9% or 624 times better than Facebook brand posts, while its 85.5% for mobile or 534 times better than Facebook brand posts.

2] Integrate Video Ads

video-advertising on Games Apps

In mobile gaming you’ve got everything in place from the word go. There is this graphic processor that gives crystal clear visuals, and at the same time helps run awesome videos sans any hitches.  Plus, you have this high internet connectivity level all the time.  Going by these qualities, securing a spot for video advertisements in gaming apps could be the best strategy that app developers/app marketers could imagine for their brand.

Suffice it to say, this is the age of enhanced video integration within the mobile gaming apps. So, better elbow out other mediums of branding and resort to video integration in Gaming Apps.

3]Milk Gamer Demographic

The gamer demographic has exploded like anything in the recent years.  In fact, in the U.S. alone over 59%  people are playing games. It comes to 150 million people. Oh! Good God! It means, app advertisers could effortlessly harness this nice assortment of audience, separating them by their age, gender, or socioeconomic status for awesome app download rates.

4] Leverage Granular Targeting

Thanks to analytics and cloud computing, tracking customer behavior is a piece of cake these days. App marketers/game app developers can leverage so much of this data to map out their brand engagement strategies within different gaming apps.

5]Harness Retargeting and Re-engaging strategies

Well, retargeting is a brand-new innovative strategy for mobile game publishers.  Retargeting, in short, means pulling the audience to another app ad within the app, or from the desktop to the tablet. Game publishers/marketers could apply re-engagement strategies for users who’ve already downloaded the app by showing them relevant ads in other mobile apps or sites, like Facebook, for example. This makes mobile gaming favorable to retargeting.

AppLovin CTO’s Comment Endorsing Game Apps @ Mobile First Conference


OpenXcell’s 2 cents

Digital branding should never be made to annoy and intrude user experience. On the contrary, the content of the ads should be such that it tugs at the heart-strings of the audience straightaway

The bottom line is that building emotional connect with players is the best way to drive awesome returns for your apps and not millions upon millions of app impressions. So, if you are targeting any of the gaming apps for marketing purposes, just go ahead and give us a shout out – anywhere, anytime. It would be our pleasure to work with you.

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