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Love to play Pokémon Go? Here are few more reasons to love it all the more.


The Pokémon Go fever has taken over the world faster than the flu. The streets are flooded with Pokémon catchers and the social networking sites are buzzing with cheats and hacks.

Those who don’t know what Pokémon Go is and what the entire buzz around it all about, it is a free to play location based augmented reality game, a creative genius of Niantic and published by The Pokémon Company. It works on Android and IOS, uses GPS  and provides an option of multiplayer mode (yay!). If you want to know how huge the rage is, let me tell you, it already has 50 million downloads on Android and IOS in toto, within 2 weeks of its release. In fact, 3% of Android users play it on a daily basis (and that’s a huge number).
Let me bring to you few more reasons to keep this madness going.

  • A massive global phenomenon – Pokémon Go isn’t like any other game. It’s one of a kind experience. You explore a new world of augmented reality blending with imagination and adventure opening a key to a unique gaming world. It has been well received across the world and has given a new dimension to one of your treasured childhood memories. And hey, it surely gives in more success rate than Tinder!
  • Step up – The game has a minimum distance compulsory to walk for catching these tiny tots. All the hunting is definitely meeting the daily minimum steps that doctor advice us. 10,000 steps a day! No problem. Pokéstops are here. The game has even been stated to be an unintentional health fad. 
  • Step out – Its fun how Pokémon Go takes you places (literally)! You not only step out of your home, you walk down new streets discovering new places. Your mom won’t complain anymore about you being a couch potato.
  • Get real – The average time spent on social networks like Facebook and Twitter has dropped by 33-35% since the introduction of this game. On average, the time spent on these sites is 22 minutes against 33 minutes earlier. Your parents will surely be happy to learn this.


  • Bringing them together – It is fascinating how a game has brought communities and families together. The gaming experience has resulted in sharing of tricks and ways form countless groups and communities passing forward those little words of wisdom.
  • Brings in the adrenaline rush – The more you play this game, the more curious you become for the next adventure. It keeps you on toes and makes you eager. So, step into those walking shoes and introduce yourself to a new world. Being first of its generation, the excitement to try something novel has made Pokémon Go what it is today.
  • Stimulate your senses – Despite the latest versions of COD and Counterstrike, gaming world got revolutionised by these colourful Pokémon characters. Being augmented reality based, it surely beats the experience of VR games, PS and those countless variants of seat warming games like Candy Crush or Crime Scene in this world of precocious saturation.
  • Boost those antennas – While you are out on the streets catching these adorable creatures, you start becoming more aware of your surroundings. Your concentration threshold increases and makes you alert. You start looking beyond your smartphone to find a world beyond. It even improves your foot eye coordination.
  • Team work pays off – Friends, families, top players teaming together to find those Poké eggs and encouraging one another to rope in the most of it. Won’t that help you learn to work in a team, participate actively and become each other’s strengths? 
  • Music to your ears – The latest statistics reveal that the music streaming has increased by 630%, the Pokémon theme from the animated series being the sole contributor. And we all know the kind of magic music brings in our lives.
  • Additional health benefits – The social nature of the game has created newer groups and teams and has paved a new avenue for those with social anxiety. Experts suggest that it can potentially help to improve the mental and physical health of the players. The game proves to be a strong reinforcement for people to go out and become more participative and active.


Who could have thought that a game can add such benefits to your platter? Make the most of it and reap the benefits in your stride. Now leave that couch and be on the go.

Happy hunting!

Chaitali Ratda

Looks for vodka when life throws lemons. Fitness freak, globetrotter, fashion fanatic, adrenaline driven and thrives on art of everything. Currently working with to explore every fascinating element the tech-world is made of.