Which are Top Mistakes to Avoid Before and After a Mobile App Launch in 2020?

Tips for Mobile App Launch Mistakes: Mobile applications have been everywhere and handling our daily tasks with ease penetrated every sphere of our life. As expected, the demand for various mobile apps for diverse businesses is increasing in the market with the potential to grab customer’s attention by implanting the latest technology to ease their work.

With more apps in 2020, you can quickly finish downloads by launching a competitive and robust mobile app. For the same, you key things are kept in mind while developing applications:

  • Firstly, a large percentage of users discard mobile apps after its use. 
  • Secondly, these days’ users expend most of their time on social media.

So, now the question arises: what key features are responsible for the failure of a lot many apps? Well, there are some apps with the old idea or say not well built as per the demand and such apps can fail due to their pre-launch and post-launch inadequacy.

We all are using some valuable applications for daily routine and have experienced the best UI and UX that prevents user rejection for the application. And along with UI and UX, you had to experience mobile apps that make a good quality first impression. So, let’s discuss how it works:

· Selecting a Wrong Platform

With accepted app platforms iOS and Android, priority, business requirements, and target audience all these matters at the time of development. And at the end, you have to choose one over the other for better performance.

Android as an excellent platform for most of the applications is gaining maximum outreach for an app with a high-value audience. Even for targeting users across the range and device landscape, Android is a great platform.

Other than that for targeting very focused and loyal iOS users, you can hire iPhone app developers for such application support and niche market.

I suggest you go for the platform that delivers you the best impact and more users at the initial stage. And gradually, it falls under the highest downloaded app category because selecting a platform before the development phase is crucial for your cross-platform app development.

These are why some apps are more successful by avoiding Mobile App Launch Mistakes, and there are some specific for iOS as well. So, it would help if you had someone who can understand the requirements and market demands at the same time.

· Inadequate Market Research for Mobile app launch mistakes

Yes, market research is a noticeable aspect when talking about digital media and website loading time especially for a mobile device. One must be aware of user preferences, needs, and expectations from the app functions while launching the app. And all these falls under the research category.

These are the facts that the application must conduct highly structured market research before starting with the development phase and project planning.

As per my experience, even the launch plan should be set by keeping the target audience in mind before the app is launched based upon the appropriate channels and marketing aspects. Here one thing to know is that consumers have the right to select the range of apps similar to yours, so research thoroughly before going ahead.

· Not Giving Importance to Beta Testing

There are two types of testing as we all know, before launch and after app launch. Now the first before your app launch is from the development side where you are waiting for some under-optimized areas.

Always keep your users in mind while testing to avoid last-minute errors or changes that users can criticize about and that can get it done by beta testing. A beta testing version of an app testing helps the developers appraising an app intensity to make your app solution better than competitors.

Moving ahead with the beta testing, you have the option of appealing for honest feedback from users by inviting private beta users for your application features and usability. Now how to make this task easy?

Don’t worry; I got you covered by introducing some beta testing tools such as Test Flight for reformation and computerizing the beta testing process.

Benefits of Testing:

  • It helps you to identify the defects and results with performance issues to solve as soon as possible and boost the app for better user experience by reducing deficiency if any before the app launches.
  • App application well-passed testing assists with a flawless performance by improving app security, load testing, network testing, and more.

· Under-Optimized App Store Optimization

Like the search engine campaign, App Store Optimization (ASO) entails using the most pertinent and search-friendly keywords in the title, app description, and app-related content.

For instance, you are planning for content marketing to increase app visibility or trying to convert more visitors, both iOS App Store and Android Play Store works well for marketplaces. It eventually assists in enhancing the awareness of your business app for related keywords and all search-terms.

Benefits of the app store optimization process:

  • It ensures firm user purchase growth, improved user retention, and business growth in the long run.
  • With app store optimization, your application appears on the app store’s search results. 
  • It helps to boost an application for building organic backlinks, better user perspective and persuading users to review and rate the app.

· Missing On a Pre-Launch Campaign

One should not miss the pre-launch campaign, which should be planned well in advance to prevent apps from creating buzz and hype. Massive app marketers concentrate on the post-launch app. 

Benefits of Pre-Launch Campaign:

  • The app undergoes marketing techniques in the process of the pre-launch campaign. 
  • It helps to prevent the app from creating a buzz at the time when the app launches. 

A mobile app development company has a range of marketing options such as search engine ads, video ads, social media campaigns, email campaigns, and more to put off your application from breaking.

· Not Giving Enough Focus on Customer Support

Customer support is one such feature to focus as an after service. App launch and useful features are not enough to keep your customers loyal. Just as in FMCG business, we used to have products and give feedback, and because of after services and support, customers get satisfaction. 

Benefits of Customer Support:

  • Friendly support and assistance for their feedback and concern are what matters for your valued users to gain loyalty and enjoy customer engagement for long. 
  • Successful apps and known brands win customers’ hearts based on customer-friendly support and gaining appreciation world-wide. 
  • Enterprise is enjoying popularity based on its instance and kind support to its customers. 

· Not Updating the App

Updating an application keeps an app alive and jerks up with current market trends. To fix some bugs and to make it more proficient is the motto of a timely update release.

The app launch is the first step towards the journey of an app being successful. Constant updates and changes are the part of an application, and that’s’ how applications are loved by users. Many times, updates end with some significant changes in the UI/UX that make the app functionality easy to go.

Benefits of App Update Release:

  • App updates are of the best parameter amongst many. 
  • To release updates regularly makes you a step ahead from competitors. 
  • It helps to tackle your user concerns with appropriate value additions and required changes.


From the above aspects, we can say that a successful app works for Mobile App Launch Mistakes to Avoid for a skillful and dedicated team of app developers. A key point for the successful app is to get the maximum audience in a short time of app launch, and that is possible by some marketing efforts to lead your application as compared to your rivalry.

The expert team of app developers works a pillar for an app that helps to advance apps regularly to make it the next successful mobile app.

Meghavi Vyas
Meghavi Vyas

Meghavi Vyas is a Content Writer and Marketer who is working for Openxcell. A technology writer for 5 years, she is first a reader, an avid researcher, and a tech geek who uses her skills and expertise for well-versed content. You will often find her articles, blogs, and knowledge-based content on AI/ML, Data Science, and Mobile Applications.