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Top DIY Mobile App Building Platforms

DIY mobile app maker

Ofcourse, you can develop your apps for free. No, we ain’t joking about this. And if you have any trouble trusting us, just google DIY app maker platforms and you will come across a dozen platforms that would help you develop your business apps in no time and at zero cost. And that too without you knowing a single line of code. And that too in 1, 2 or max 3 steps. And that too in a matter of minutes. And, if you think, what I said is too good to be true, just roll up your sleeves and simply dig in yourself sometime to find out the truth.

But then, if that sounds too much of work, you’ll be glad to hear that we have done all the spadework for you.

Here’s a walk through of the top 9 free Do-It-Yourself app making platforms that’s gaining eyeballs and credibility from the app development community.

1. Como

Best app maker platform for both small and large businesses that heavily depend on business apps for promotion. 

The Good

1] Most popular app maker – Founded in Israel in 2010, Como is the leading DIY app maker in the world. How? The platform already has 1 million apps to its credit, and creates a whopping 4500 apps on a daily basis, making it the number one DIY app maker globally.

2] Offers a host of business-friendly features: Offers loyalty card feature, appointment scheduling integrations, user interviews and more. Plus, it parades a host of other features such as themes, icons, colors, layouts, styles and backgrounds that lend it a professional touch. In addition, it accepts in-app mobile payments through MyCheck feature and also makes in-app ordering possible via Online Ordering. And, most importantly, it tracks customer deliveries with Bringg.

3] Promotion of your apps: Besides donning the role of DIY mobile app builder, Como’s Marketing Genie also helps in app promotion – online and offline –  in the form of Facebook advertising campaigns and in-store promotions.

4] Available all across – You will find Como apps on all major mobile devices, including Kindle Fire devices.

The Bad

1] Free plan is limiting:  Under the Como free plan offer, 5 app downloads and 50 app mobile visitors per month is all that you get. If you are considering to take your business a notch higher through apps, you need to fork out something at the primary stage itself.

2] No live support: Live chat support solves major technical problems on immediate basis. However, this important functionality is missing in Como.

The Investment Involved

You can build free apps on Como for max 5 downloads. But if infinite downloads or feature-rich apps are on your radar, paid plans are the best bet.

  • Monthly – $39 a month,
  • Yearly – $33 once a year
  • 2 Years – $ 29 pay once every two years

2. BuildFire

Best app maker platform for small businesses, non-profits, individuals, and organizations. The platform helps developers devise an app via two different methods, via a developer or by simply using DIY ‘click and edit’ dashboard.

The Good

1] Build apps via two different ways:  In addition to using “click and edit” dashboard to develop your apps in a moment, you can request a BuildFire developer to create an app for you. Just copy and paste your website’s URL and your app will be ready in two business days.

2] Bevy of business-friendly features:  The features include  push notifications, m-commerce, eCommerce, calendar integration, streaming video, and so on and so forth. And top of it, you can brand your apps. Yes, you heard it right; because of the while label service offered by BuildFire you can brand your apps as well.  As it turns out, the white label app  gives your business and its services a better brand representation. Plus, you get a branded dashboard for a more brand-focused experience.

3] Smooth navigation :  The navigation is extremely smooth and intuitive. Besides, exporting apps to HTML5, the App Store, and the Google Play  can be done from the same place.

The Bad

1] No big company support: Most of the app maker companies are just a logistical extension of an already existing conglomerate. However, BuildFire does have any such connections.

2] No user ratings: Since the app maker is very much new, finding user ratings and reviews  is like groping in the dark.

3] No live support: Most of the app development platforms offer live customer support. This helps companies to work with one of the experts to help resolve issues on the go. However, this feature is not there on BuildFire.

The Investment Involved

Of course, BuildFire is free to use, but then the free thing is limited to HTML5 app – a mobile friendly version of your website.

You will have to fork out $ 49 per month if you are interested in developing an app for all platforms.  For Enterprise  plan you will have to get in touch with BuildFire staff.

3. AppMakr

Best app maker platform for online businesses, and website owners.   

The Good

1] Affordable, flexible and easy to use : With over 2 million new apps to its credit, the platform has emerged as one of the leading DIY platforms in the market, and by far better than some of the best-known platforms.

2] Supports different devices: For all platforms such as Windows, iOS or Android phones, AppMakr is the best app maker platform.  This platform makes it possible to build your apps for all major platforms. Most important, maximum number of users will be able to use your app.

3] Infinite number of apps:  You can build as many apps as you want on this platform for free, until you decide to promote and publish your app on different app stores.

The Bad

1] App publication for iPhone is not easy:  It’s not easy to publish your app for iOS devices. So, utmost care should be taken at the app development stages itself.

2] Negligible features for windows phone: If you are developing an app for Windows platform, AppMakr is not the best choice as it hardly offers any features for the Windows platform.

3] No live support facility: Like other platforms above mentioned, even AppMakr does not offer any sort of live support. So if a developer gets struck, he will be at his own mercy.

The Investment Involved

Three platforms are available for free in AppMakr.  However, if you wish to promote and publish your apps, there are two paid plans that you can opt for.

  • No Ads plan  – $1 per month
  • Best Value plan – $9 per month.
  • Become a Reseller plan – $ 499 per year

Note: The AppMakr CEO Jay Shapiro, got in touch with us recently and, apprised us of the latest developments the AppMakr platform underwent to right its wrongs. For instance, the company is currently offering round-the-clock live chat support to all its publishers, unlike most of its competitors and, in fact, has hired agents to offer Hindi, Arabic, Spanish and Portuguese chat support services as well. Added to that, the platform has also improvised its services to offer iPhone publishing in a single click.


Best app maker platform for online business owners with deep pockets: those of whom, who won’t mind mining free app maker platforms and at the same time, won’t think twice before  hiring an expensive 3rd party app developer.

The Good

1] Simple drag and drop feature:  Build an app effortlessly with its cloud based drag and drop feature.

2] Cross platform support: The apps built on gels well with all OS lineups – iOS, Android and Windows Phone. So naturally, all smartphone customers can make use of the app.

3] Added functionalites with API plugins:  Greater number of API plugins available on this platform offer support for adding additional features.

The Bad

1] Negligible functions on free version:  The free version is just for namesake. There are hardly any features in the free version.

2] No live support: Apps built on will  have no live supports just like any other DIY platform discussed so far.

3] Customer support is poor: Users have time and again complained about the lackadaisical approach of Appery. Io’s customer service and  support department. Even minor matters may take days to solve.

The Investment Involved

The platform is pretty reasonable as opposed to other app maker platforms. Besides free version, also offers 4 paid plans such as:

  • Standard ($25 per month to $45 per month)
  • Pro ($56 per month to $75 per month)
  • Premium ($135 to $180 per month)
  • Enterprise  – get in touch with them directly.


5. Mobile Roadie

Best app maker platform for small business owners and online business owners as you can grow your business by shelling out just $125 dollars a month.

The Good

1] Easy to use and highly flexible

Just a few clicks and your app are ready in moments. How? The CMS system of Mobile Roadie is extremely easy to use and is highly flexible too, so developing an app on this platform is absolutely a walk in the park.  And, in case, revisions are to be made, just change the content, and Mobile Roadie will take it further from there.

2] Free trial version

You get a 14 day free trial version to know what Mobile Roadie offers. Once you have familiarized yourself with the functionalities and the features, you can decide whether this platform is perfect for your app.

3] Friendly features for mobile marketing

A great app should be complemented by an equally great marketing pitch. And this what Mobile Roadie offers? Some awesome marketing features such as polls, promotion tickets and much, much more. This helps your app touch base with a wide range of audience and, in turn, propelling your profit margins significantly.

The Bad

1] A little expensive:  Though the functionalities and features are apparently run-of-the-mill, the pricing of this platform makes it seem otherwise.

2] Not good for eCommerce business: The functionalities and features are limited for E-Commerce business owners.

3] No Live support: No new news year. The platform follows the established tradition of other DIY platforms of not offering live support to its developers. In case of query, drop a line via email.

The Investment Involved

Besides free version, there’s professional packages as well such as:

  • Core – 1499 USD billed annually
  • PRO – 7999 USD billed annually

6. Appypie

The best platform for those who want to start their own App Development Venture. It’s just a year old platform, but has no less than 17,000 apps up its sleeve, making it one of the best DIY app maker platforms in the internet. The platform offers ready templates for restaurants, healthcare, entertainment, fashion, and casino owners.

The Good

1] User-friendly interface: The interface of Appypie is extremely user-friendly. The variety of icons and buttons help develop apps in a super quick way. 

2] Own marketspace: Considering that Appypie has its own marketplace, it becomes easy to publish your app there and gain maximum user downloads.

3] Reselling option: The platform helps you set up your own, independent app making business. Simply put, you can  build and sell apps to your customers. With several pricing options available, you can pick and choose a plan that suits your interest.

The Bad

1] Still a beta version: The platform is still in its beta testing phase, so bugs are still present in the interface.

2] Submission to different app stores not possible: You cannot publish your apps on Play Store or App store automatically. You will have to manually submit your apps to both these stores.

3] No ratings and reviews available:  It’s just a year old platform, so finding ratings and reviews will be like finding needle in a haystack.

The Investment Involved

Apple pie offers free service. Besides this:

  • Basic- at $7 a month
  • Gold – at $19 a month
  • Platinum- at $33 a month

7. AppMachine

If you want to develop an app for yourself, this is a best DIY free platform that you can use.

The Good

1] Free app building: Build your business apps at zero cost. Plus, you can have access to a host of additional features. This will give you an idea about the functionalities of this app maker platform. You will have to pay only once you decide to publish your app, however.

2] Real-time previews: Changes get reflected real-time; that is, the moment you make any changes, the app will reflect that change.

3] Best promotion service: Your app is useless, if it’s not promoted well. AppMachine platform offers app promotion services that help developers promote their apps to the targeted audience.

The Bad

CMS bugs: The interface has a few bugs.

1] No live support: Like other platform, this platform is no different in terms of live support.

2] No reviews and ratings available –  Like so many other DIY app maker platforms, AppMachine has also been recently launched, so you won’t much user reviews or ratings.

The Investment Involved

Besides the free version, there is

  • Basic – $19 per month
  • Plus-  $49 per month
  • Pro – $69 per month

8. EachScape

Best app maker platform for large businesses and service providers. It offers an assortment of features, not available with other app maker platforms. It is advisable to opt for the paid version; however, as the free version does not offer many features.

The Good

1] Easy app development process: With the help of drag and drop feature in the editor you can develop your apps in a few easy steps.

2] Tutorials and e-learning videos available: If you are a newbie app maker, then you can put on those videos available on EachScape to learn app making. Plus, you will easily get acquainted with EachScape’s features as well.

3] Cross-platform support: The app built on EachScapce can be used by the majority of smartphone users as it supports all platforms such as iOS, Android and HTML5.

The Bad

1] A tad expensive: The features and functionalities come for a price that may not go down well with developers.

2] No live support: Same case with this platform as well.

3] No ready templates available: Templates help new app makers. However, EasyScape offers blocks, not templates.

The Investment Involved

Besides the free version, there are 3 different plans that you can look at:

  • Get started with $149 a month
  • Small business – $990 to $1250 per month
  • Enterprise edition – Get in touch with EachScape officials

9. Bizness Apps

Best app maker platform for small, medium and large scale enterprises as the cost incurred will be a pittance ($29 for a month) as compared to other app maker platforms.

The Good

1] Professional Templates: There are about 20 templates to pick and choose from to develop your app. The templates are designed to suit different backgrounds, such as restaurants, bars, clubs, e-Commerce and more.

2] Free trial Available: Check out the free trial version if you are still to make your mind on the features and functionalities for your apps. Once, you have a clear idea about it, you can opt for the paid version moving forward.

3] White label benefit: With Bizness app, you will enjoy all the development and design credentials. As in, you can use your own brand name on your app  with no sign of Biznessapps at all on your app. So you can sell your apps in your name to your customers

The Bad

1] No support for announcements: Other platforms help you make announcements or notify app users via the events button. However, such service is not available in Bizness App.

2] Not good for eCommerce websites: Ecommerce websites require a host of bells and whistles for smooth functioning. A Bizness app with its limited feature options might be a huge disappointment in this regard.

3] Facebook info not automatically available:  Business owners have the tendency to simply direct the Facebook info to the app they are developing. But this won’t be possible with Bizness app. You will have to manually fetch data from the Facebook for configuration.

The Investment Involved

Besides free version there are 3 other pricing plans that you can think of:

  • Mobile Website- for $24 monthly
  • Mobile App- for $49 per month
  • White Label Partner – talk to Biznessapp people directly

Final Thoughts:

Indeed, DIY app maker platforms are ideal, but it won’t anyway match the potential of customized apps. Considering  that apps have become an indispensable part of today’s lifestyle, investing a tiny fraction of your business profits in building customized apps will surely reap rich dividends down the line.  OpenXcell’s rich pool of app developers can help you design amazing customized apps that will work exactly the way you want them to, thereby propelling your business on a growth path.

OpenXcell is a market leader in app development and app marketing. So, if in case you are pursuing any serious app development and marketing plans for your organization, OpenXcell will be happy to help. We have the experience and wherewithal to make your app a super success.

Hey! Have we missed you out in the list? If you don’t mind, go ahead and add your name in the comment box below. We will be more than glad to hear from you. 

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  1. Abiodun
    April 10, 2015 at 8:50 pm

    This is quite insightful, can you assist me with a platform I can use to develop a social-based android app, with account registration and login by email and social ID especially Facebook? Thank you

    • Jini Maxin
      Jini Maxin
      April 11, 2015 at 1:46 pm

      Thanks for stopping by Abiodun. And, yes, of course, we are here to help app enthusiasts like you. And to answer your query first, all the DIY platforms are good that ways. Como, MobileRoadie and appery i.o are the top three platforms gaining ground these days… so you can try them out. That said, DIY platforms have their own limitations. You cannot have all the functionalities installed as per your convenience. Only a customized app developer can help you achieve that…At OpenXcell, we do app development on both native (for both iOS and Android) as well as cross platform (Phonegap). Hopefully, this helps you pin down the platform that suits you the best. Good Luck.

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