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Healthcare is globally one of the most critical industries and is rapidly growing over the last decade. From local medical clinics to large pharmaceutical companies, all are investing substantially in digital technologies to improve processes, speed up research, and enhance productivity. Innovation in care models, services, and information delivery can revolutionize the future of healthcare.

OpenXcell serves healthcare it solutions & services to the pharmaceutical companies that thrive on providing the best care to their customers and patients. With our years of experience in multiple technologies and varied industries, we have enabled our customers with multiple advancements. As a Custom Software & App Development Company, we provide Key Healthcare IT Services as follow:

Healthcare Software Development Services

Our healthcare solutions will serve you with automated medical practices for improved performance. These services include-

  • Patient Appointment Planner
  • Patient Care Management
  • Remote Health Monitoring
  • Electronic Medical & Health Records (EMR, EHR)

Healthcare Mobility Solutions

OpenXcell helps its customers to leverage the reach of mobile to deliver healthcare mobility solutions like security, scalability, and device analysis. These services include-

  • M-commerce solutions
  • Mobile app development (Android & iOS)
  • Patient Engagement Apps

Healthcare Cloud Computing

OpenXcell hosts its client’s healthcare & medical software securely on the cloud and helps the clients to avoid expensive upgrades, migrations, and server costs. OpenXcell’s cloud computing services in the healthcare industry include-

  • Healthcare SaaS or PaaS product development
  • Cloud consulting

Advantages of Mobility Solutions to the healthcare industry

Patients Advantages:

  • Finding Appropriate Specialist
  • Lower Insurance Cost
  • Economical Health Monitoring
  • Remote Healthcare
  • Appointment Scheduling
  • Claim Medical Records
  • Patient Portals
  • Reduces the Risks of the Wrong Diagnosis
  • Easy Payment of Bills

Healthcare Providers Advantages:

  • Coherent data flow
  • Direct patient management
  • Boost physicians’ efficiency
  • Increases diagnostic accuracy
  • Point-of-care co-ordination
  • Convenience and accessibility
  • Real-time communication
  • Passive Care
  • Enhance Brand Value
  • Transparency

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