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Mobile has turned into one of the most important devices where users do a multitude of activities. Today most of the important tasks are fulfilled with the help of mobile applications that have already made a marketplace for themselves and are growing with the advancement of the technology.

Hence, mobile application testing becomes essential for the same, especially when an iPhone or Android application is launched, it is very important that it must be tested and verified. Mobile app testing can involve testing its functionality, consistency, and usability. Depending on the type of functionalities an app is supposed to perform, it may be subjected to a host of testing cycles. Overall, we look into a specific set of parameters as we test the app and deduce results.

  • To install/remove programs in the phone memory and memory card correctly
  • Stabilized working of applications under stressful conditions and recovery from failure
  • Stability of the application for incoming / outgoing calls, sending and receiving SMS / MMS
  • Organizing support for various screen resolutions, portrait, and landscape modes
  • Evaluating the intensity of power consumption and sensitivity to the charge

Mobile Testing Tools:

iOS – FoneMonkey, UTF/QTP

Android – Robotium

Openxcell believes in providing simplified mobile app testing services to the potential application developers and service providers.

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