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We eliminate all risk factors by providing security for critical business information and completing the project on-time and within budget.


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While it is nearly impossible to eliminate all risk when it comes to any business proposition, it’s clear that you can get close to 100 percent risk elimination when you partner with the correct offshore software development firm.

We constantly monitor the progress of each member of our development team to minimize the various risks that can arise with software projects. You can also rest assured that your intellectual property is completely safeguarded, as we follow rigorous security protocols and will be happy to sign nondisclosure agreements before entering into a partnership with you.

Attrition rates can be a deciding factor in determining what kind of partner to work with. Your goal is naturally to work with offshore development partner that have a lower attrition rate and thus a more efficient and cohesive team than you could assemble for the long haul domestically.

At OpenXcell, we take pride in offering an excellent workplace environment and competitive compensation rates to lower our attrition rate and maintain stability in the software development process.

One important consideration is the risk you face in not being first to market with your software or application. A key benefit to outsourcing software development over doing this work in-house is that our team is already up and running.

This means our talented software development professionals are in place to start work immediately, while you would either need to devote scare resources to hire new people or take current workers off of existing projects to get your application finished in a timely manner. By relying on OpenXcell as your offshore partner, you reduce the financial risk of taking too long to finish your software and letting a rival get to market before you.

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