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Perfect CMS to build a news website

The news and journalism industry has transformed drastically with the advent of technology. Since the customers’ demands have changed, media agencies have transitioned from paper-based news to digital forums. Today, nobody has time to go through the newspaper when everything is available on your mobile or laptop. In fact, people mostly skim through the news, they don’t read the entire content. That is why it is necessary for a news portal to be up and running all the time. Doesn’t matter if you are a start-up or an established media firm, as a news portal owner you shouldn’t compromise on anything while choosing a content management system. Since your business existence solely depends on regularly updated content, it is all the more important to choose a suitable headless CMS (best cms for a news website) that caters to your demands precisely.

So, if you are thinking of building your own news portal or want to replace it with a better and more effective one, here are some of the features you should consider.

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Key features for building a perfect news portal CMS

Fast and reliable

News portals have to be efficient enough to deliver the news quickly. It should be able to collate the data and publish it quickly.

Seamless UI/UX

News sites need to have seamless UI/UX for reflecting the content in an organized manner. Any readability issues on your portal, and the customer is gone.

Omnichannel content distribution

For news sites, it is imperative to maintain consistent user engagement across all platforms. That is why it is crucial to have omnichannel content distribution.  The content created once must be pushed in the native format of all the channels.

Localized / personalized content

News sites have huge content but not every content is read by the users. They only go through the stories that have the context to their known location or are of their interest. Therefore, it is essential to localize & personalize the site content to improve user engagement.

Mobile friendly

Today maximum audiences access the content via their smartphones, so it’s very important for news websites to be responsive & mobile friendly.


The news websites that are more visible and searchable on google have higher user engagement & traffic. So your website needs to be SEO friendly to get the benefit of the same.

How can you build an effective news portal?

Now that you know what features are needed to create a perfect portal, here are the ways through which you can build your news website.

Building custom news CMS from the scratch

News sites can be built using a custom development approach. Here you develop the entire news portal from the scratch including designing & development. The advantage of going with the custom approach is, you have the flexibility to build the CMS as per your demands & news. However, the drawback of this approach is, it is resource, time & cost-consuming since you need to develop everything from the scratch.

Using readymade CMS for news sites

Another effective & faster way to develop a news website is to build the site using some readymade news CMS. The benefit of using readymade CMS is, you get a ready-made backend CMS to manage your content and other important information, and you just need to focus upon building the front end as per your needs. The cost associated with building a news site using readymade CMS is comparatively less, and your regular maintenance and updates are also easy.

Which is the best CMS to choose for creating a news publishing site?

When you own a news publishing agency it is important that you have a CMS and that it is efficient enough to store vast data. It should be able to handle the content that gets updated on a regular basis with ease. In fact, owning a robust CMS would rather help your company to market itself wherever necessary because CMS allows omnichannel content distribution. It will assist the team to align with their tasks easily.

Interestingly, a CMS platform also helps you get away from the hassle of coding so if you are thinking to build your own news publishing site or have an existing one, you can go with Quintype. Amongst the many publishing portals that are available in the market, Quintype is one of the most user-friendly solutions out of all. It comes with more than just the basic features that a normal CMS provides.

Here is why Quintype is the best CMS for news management:

Content monetization

Quintype allows content monetization through ad networks, subscriptions, and donations with its built-in support.

Localization of content

Anyone can easily get content as per their geolocation and in their native language as well.

Customizable page builder

Quintype has a row-based design system that provides flexibility to alter, choose or experiment with your brand.

AI-driven moderation

This feature of Quintype’s CMS gives content publishers the authority to moderate comments as and when needed to avoid negative commenting.

Live blogging

It gives you the liberty to update stories in real-time and reverse the order automatically after completion.

Easy and quick integrations

You can configure and customize the look of your site as per your style of expression.

Omnichannel content distribution

Just create the content once and publish it to multiple channels through this platform. Your content will be easily discoverable on social media, mobile, search, or voice devices.

In-depth analytics

Quintype CMS augments your analytics stack with first-party data about content to make better decisions.


This CMS uses machine learning algorithms to deliver the right content to the right reader.

SEO validation

Quintype editor allows you to validate on-page SEO effectively by creating schema, social tags, and right meta details. It has multiple features like integrations with google analytics DFP, etc. The Quintype CMS also helps fasten load time, AMP, and beat lighthouse benchmarks.

Multi-lingual support

It supports more than 150 international languages that ensure wider delivery with a personalized content experience.

If you want to migrate your current portal to the new and more enhanced CMS, Quintype is certainly the best option. It has all the features that an ideal news CMS should have. So, if you are searching for a CMS that will suffice your needs and at the same time is easy and organized, go for Quintype.

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