How to Hire .Net Developers: A Comprehensive Guide

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How to Hire .Net Developers


Many spheres (functional areas) flinch to your mind when it comes to your company’s vital assets. However, we can’t ignore the fact that a company’s “Workforce” is its most crucial, tangible asset. A business can make a difference by employing the right set of skilled workforce—the need for talented developers, especially for. NET is growing at a faster pace as technology is advancing.

Many programming languages are functional in this digital era, but Microsoft’s .NET remains the top of the line. The reason is that .NET has become the most commonly used programming language globally. According to the WhiteHat Security Website Stats Report, Microsoft .NET is the most often used language, accounting for 28.1% of internet applications.

This is natural that you’d like to stay ahead of the trend; you will rope in the best Dot Net developers. Unfortunately, when you are inclined towards hiring the most talented .NET developers, sometimes you find it tricky and challenging.

In this blog, we have explained a detailed synopsis of how to hire professional .NET developers for your project.

What is a .NET Developer?

A .NET developer is a software engineer specialized in using .NET technologies to build applications. They also assist with other jobs like managing and deploying.NET applications. The responsibilities of a .NET developer comprise interacting with clients and designing and building apps based on the client’s requirements.

They use programming languages including VB.NET, C# (C sharp), and F# that are compatible with Microsoft’s Dot NET framework (F sharp). Modern.NET platform versions allow programmers to create applications for various platforms, including mobile, desktop, online, machine learning, IoT, and gaming.

Latest top 9 trends & stats about .NET

According to Stack Overflow 2021 Developer Survey, ASP.NET Core & ASP.NET are the most preferable frameworks. Gigantic companies like Microsoft and Amazon are making heavy investments in the .Net ecosystem. Moreover, many small companies are also using the .NET platform for their primary development and to create new web projects.

Let’s see how .NET is growing and what’re the latest .NET trends?

1. ASP.NET Core becomes the prominent web development framework

Nowadays, Google trends come up with people who are more inclined to look for ASP.NET Core-related topics rather than traditional ASP.Net-related topics. This indicates that the IT industry is adopting the new open software development culture.

The flexibility, security, and performance of the ASP.NET Core framework have made it very popular among startups and large enterprises

2. More serverless computing using .NET Core

Serverless computing is the prevalent cloud computing technology because it helps organizations extend application operations. It is gaining visibility for being cost-effective, scalable, secure, and sustainable.

According to the data, the Serverless Computing Market is projected to grow at an impressive
23.17% CAGR from 2021 to 2026.

3. Rise of the Xamarin Development

Mono is already available for Android and iOS. Still, its reach remains limited to a narrow audience because of specific issues like performance, compatibility and lack of proper documentation.

However, Xamarin has filled this gap by offering a robust cross-platform framework that is highly dynamic and useful for creating Android, iOS, and Windows mobile applications.

4. Introduction of .Net 6 Framework

Microsoft announced on December 14, 2021, that .NET is a long-term support release that will last for three years. Besides, it is compatible with different operating systems, including macOS, Apple Silicon, and Windows Arm64.

5. Azure Cloud becomes the preferred hosting platform

Azure has dominated the cloud computing market over the last few years with its competitive scalability, affordability, and flexibility.

Due to its improved security measures, high uptime availability, and guaranteed SLA, it is regarded as the most trustworthy and stable cloud computing platform.

6. Blazor Framework for web development

The web framework, Blazor, is fantastic for building client-side site apps. It enables you to create engaging single-page web applications for Windows, iOS, and Android.

7. Asp.Net Core Docker support

Docker is the best container technology used by various web developers due to its scalability, exceptional stability, and cutting-edge security.

Asp.Net Core may run in a Docker container without any hassle. Users can quickly build and launch ASP.NET-based websites in seconds.

8. ML.NET 1.4 Framework

Machine learning significantly impacts software development. Microsoft released ML.NET 1.4 to provide users with the best data science and artificial intelligence technologies.

9. Security with .NET Framework

The .NET framework has sophisticated security measures that can offer more outstanding performance and protection due to the rise in cyber-attacks. With the help of the framework, you may create safe apps that leverage full trust code, RCR, and built-in security to inject malicious attacks into your applications.

The above statistics and trends affirm that .NET is a well-known framework that is a competitive and potent platform for creating web-based applications. It has many cutting-edge features because it is backed and maintained by Microsoft.

Skills to take into account before hiring a fresher .Net developer

To recruit a fresher .NET developer, you must be able to evaluate their programming abilities and comprehend the below skills to screen .NET programmers. Here are some skills that are indeed necessary to take into account before hiring.

– Proficiency in C# programming language
– Knowledge of the .NET framework and its components
– Experience with ASP.NET and MVC architecture
– Understanding of the database design and SQL
– Familiarity with Agile methodology
– Good understanding of object-oriented programming concepts
– Familiarity with front-end technologies (HTML, CSS, JavaScript)
– Experience with version control systems
– Good problem-solving and debugging skills
– Strong verbal and written communication skills

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Top 9 reasons to hire a dedicated .Net Developer

In this digital era, many companies are eager to migrate to web development or mobile apps. The success of a project mainly depends upon the knowledgeable and skillful development team, who are the pillars of an in-house or remote unit.

However, it affects more than simply the software development team. You must ensure the hiring team has a dedicated infrastructure, development centers that can meet your needs, and a team you can count on. Keeping your long-term goals in mind, you must hire reliable professionals who are with you for the long haul.

There are many solutions for such conditions, but hiring dedicated developers from an experienced and established software development business is preferable. When challenges prevent companies from achieving their goals, they may hire a dedicated developers team. Numerous reasons support this argument.

1. Cost-effective approach

Hiring an individual .NET developer or any .NET developing team will cost you more than an offshore company’s packages. Offshore companies offer cost-effective packages to build .NET applications instead of expensive proposals.

2. Enhanced quality

The offshore organization hires .NET developers and web designers by following a rigid hiring process to find optimal potential candidates. Therefore, employing a .NET developer from an offshore firm will enable you to reach quality by the time the project completes. The offshore company’s developers implement and apply the most recent updates, technologies, and schemes to provide the business with the finest quality and impeccable results.

3. Diverse approach

Dedicated .NET professionals approach your projects with a rich and diverse methodology to add quality. Being a part of an offshore company, they already have the experience to tackle different challenges while developing the application. Their years of expertise and futuristically pleasing solutions satisfy the requirements of several projects.

4. Better time commitment

Programming requires a lot of time, hard work, and effort; therefore, finishing a project quickly becomes complex. An offshore company offers the assurance of delivering work on time due to its commitment to punctuality. To meet the deadline set by the client, they plan everything and adhere to it.

5. Access to skilled manpower

India’s leading IT outsourcing companies have the best .Net developers hired after a comprehensive selection procedure. Experts and techies with years of expertise and in-depth understanding handle your project. You can learn more about the nature, scope, and deliverables of the work by getting in touch with them.

Get access to skilled .Net manpower from OpenXcell, the top .NET development company in India & USA. Our in-house resources consist of a talent pool of skilled software developers who can customize your software product.

6. Improved communication

Direct communication with committed developers fosters better comprehension and teamwork. By keeping in touch with your representatives, the dedicated developer streamlines communication and improves understanding of project needs.

7. Guarantees security & privacy

The offshoring company operates a full-fledged business segment with supporting norms, policies, and laws. They guarantee that your assets are valued, safeguarded, and maintained. Professional web developers create secure websites that prevent third parties from accessing your information.

8. 24/7 Eagle eye

The offshoring company knows your business is operating live online. That is why they create a website that is active constantly, increasing the revenue and output of the business. In addition, the dedicated developers toil day and night to create an effective website. They ensure to keep an eye on fixing the issues even after the completion of the project.

9. Scalability

A dedicated team can be scaled up or down to accommodate project demands. You can reach your offshoring company in case of new requirements. The liberty lies with you to scale the team based on the needs. Additionally, they have the right resources to replace unavailable ones, so the project does not suffer.

Offshoring .NET developers from India allows you to cut costs and lighten your workload. Getting free from many tasks allows you to prioritize the list and concentrate on your areas of expertise.

6 Steps To Successfully Hire .NET Developer

There are hundreds of companies and tons of .NET developers, but what is the challenging part? It all comes down to choosing the best dot net development company to hire a .NET developer who is the right fit for your job. If you are looking for a cost-effective approach & want to get rid of lousy hiring, here’s a step-wise step process you should know before hiring a .NET developer.

Step 1: Prepare a brief job description

.NET developers have different skills and expertise. But first, you must properly traverse the sourcing world to identify the right talent appropriate for your project or organization. You must write a succinct and well-organized job description. Effective communication and the scope of the work are two things you should always bear in mind. Be mindful that when crafting the job requirements, avoid using fancy or creative ways.

Step 2: Decide on the working model

Enterprises rely on three hiring models when employing .NET developers.

  • Fixed Cost – This model is about hiring a resource to complete the project. This employment strategy excels when you have a one-time project with specific requirements.
  • Full-time – This model works well when you hire the developer as an in-house resource for a long-term pursuit. It is the most cost-effective model because the developer is available in a full-time capacity & will be working in office premises.
  • Free-lance – When you hire a .NET developer as a freelancer, you pay them hourly. This model suits immediate requirements when you want to eliminate the elaborate hiring process.

Depending on your requirement that works best for you, specify it in the job description.

Step 3: Find appropriate platforms

It is a crucial part of the hiring process; impeccable skill is knowing where to look for them. Do some research to find out which job platforms or boards do .NET developers frequently land on. Then navigate to hunt the talented resource. By investing some time to understand where the bigwigs are, you can be more strategic in landing some promising talent.

Step 4: Verify the skills of .net developers

Skills and experience both depend on each other. The more experience a .NET developer has, the more expertise they have. When you receive applications, candidates’ screening starts based on their skills, knowledge, and expertise. Avoid being lenient, considering the claims made on resumes. We are all aware that resumes overstate a person’s actual skills. Setting up a practical test is one of the finest methods to get your questions answered. Later filter out the most promising candidates.

Step 5: Interview the qualified candidates

Now you are aware of the fact that the .NET developer with specific experience is going to reach your table. It’s time to sit across in-person and interview candidates suitable for the project.

Always consider that hiring a .NET developer is not only concerned from the technical perspective but also evaluating overall capabilities.

Get started with the general interview to assess the overall capabilities; this will help you understand the candidate better. Filter out the sound candidates who can go further for a technical round. In this round, you must have senior members and tech officers as a part of an interview panel. Make sure you focus not only on technical aspects but also on achievements and accomplishments. This will give a clear picture of how far-fetched the association could be and if the .Net developer can deal with risks and contingencies that might occur.

Step 6: Set up a strategy for your project

Now you have the required team of .NET developers who can work on your projects, it’s time to plan and set up a strategy for them. Depending on your chosen model, you will need to be involved at every step of the process to monitor the project’s development. The alternative is to let the.Net development business handle the burden instead of you.

It is easy to find a .NET developer but never an easy job to hire a .NET developer who can justify its profile Dot Net development becomes much easier when you pair up with the right team & the desirable targets.

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Cost of Hiring .Net Developers

Several applications are developed using the .NET programming language. This programming language aids in creating, managing, and modifying data. Companies have flexible models for hiring a dedicated .NET developer.

The cost of hiring a .NET Developer depends on the candidate’s qualifications and experience. On the other hand, it also considers the application’s or software complexity when determining the developer’s price.

On an average, internationally, the price of hiring .NET developers falls typically between $25 and $100 per hour.

Rates differ from boards and platforms. For instance, the rates that are commonly charged by Upwork are – $20 per hour for beginners $32 per hour for intermediate net developers, and experienced .NET developers charge around $90 per hour.

Avoid These Common Mistakes While Hiring a .NET Developer

Finding an excellent programmer can be like looking for a needle in a haystack. When you receive a tonne of CVs, your mind gets drowned in the ocean of thoughts. However, it’s good to be aware of the hard and soft abilities you want to target when evaluating candidates.

You must keep in mind the hiring mistakes listed below and try avoiding them at any cost. This would be quite beneficial if you want to escape a few hiring disasters.

1) Not assessing technical skills adequately: Evaluate the candidate’s technical skills thoroughly, including their experience with .NET frameworks and tools as well as their understanding of object-oriented programming principles.

2) Neglecting soft skills: A candidate’s technical skills are essential, but so are their communication, teamwork, and program-solving skills. Hence, avoid neglecting soft skills.

3) Focusing solely on their current experience: Consider the candidate’s potential to grow and adapt to the new technologies rather than just focusing on their current experience.

4) Not checking references: Don’t skip reference checks, as they can provide valuable insights into the candidate’s work history, performance, and behavior.

5) Hiring based solely on low salary requirements: A low salary requirement may be attractive, but it should not be the only deciding factor for the selection. Consider other factors, such as candidates’ skills and experience, as well as their overall fit with your team and the company’s culture.

6) Ignoring cultural fit: Make sure the candidate fits in with the company’s culture and values, as this can impact their job satisfaction and overall performance during the job phase.

7) Not testing for a good fit: Consider giving the candidate a technical test or assigning a small project to see how well they work with your team and technology stack.

Questions to ask when interviewing a .NET developer

Here are some common .NET sample questions one can ask the .NET developers during interviews.

1. What programming languages does the .NET framework support?
2. Explain delegate in .NET
3. What is the difference between managed and unmanaged code?
4. What is Inheritance?
5. What is the difference between an abstract class and an interface in .NET?
6. How does Common Language Runtime or CLR work?
7. Why should someone use .NET Framework?
8. Explain what are .NET web services
9. What is CTS in the .NET framework?
10. What is the use of JIT in the .NET framework?
11. Explain the garbage collection process.

These .NET interview questions can be asked to both freshers and experienced candidates. The questions will help you to find the right candidate for your organization.

What is the best way to find .NET Developers?

In this fast-paced technological era, the demand for .NET developers is increasing day by day. This paves the way for the companies to move for treasure hunting the .NET developers. The talent acquisition person, and senior software engineers, should be fully aware of the most effective search techniques of .NET developers. This eventually adds value to the team’s overall success.

In light of this, we have provided some of the most effective, unconventional, and simplest ways to get sources to the most talented .NET developers.

1. Referral programs

Employee referrals are often a reliable source to find talented .NET developers, as employees are likely to refer people they trust and respect.

2. Job Boards

Job boards like Indeed, LinkedIn, and glassdoor can be excellent & effective ways to find .NET developers actively looking for work.

3. Freelance Platforms

Freelance platforms like Upwork and Freelancer can be an appropriate way to find experienced .NET developers who can work remotely.

4. Technical recruitment agencies

Technical recruitment firms specializing in finding developers can be an excellent way to find .NET developers who can match your particular needs.

5. Meetups and events networking

Connecting with other industry professionals in your field can be a great approach to finding .NET developers. Make new connections by attending industry conferences, meetups, or events.

6. Github

It is the best site to find .NET developers. It provides a thorough comprehension of the project, the programming language, overall experience, and popularity among peers of the required expertise.

When looking for a .NET developer, clearly outline the job criteria and evaluate the candidate’s technical aptitude, interpersonal aptitude, and cultural fit., even offer competitive salaries and perks, to entice the finest individuals

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Hiring the best .NET developer for your project can keep your company one step ahead of the competition. The suitable fit will enable you to manage, complete, and guarantee the project’s excellence. Before hiring a .NET developer, considering the blog’s brief synopsis that can benefit your business in multiple ways. You can minimize the massive potential of bad hiring by considering these points at different levels of the process.

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1. Why should I hire dedicated .NET developers?

You should hire a dedicated .NET developer because they have specialized knowledge and experience using the .NET framework to create effective, high-quality software solutions. By hiring a dedicated .NET developer, you can be sure that someone will be working on your project full-time and has the technical know-how to manage its complexity and complete it on schedule and within budget. A committed developer may also assist you in maintaining and updating your software, ensuring that it always stays up-to-date, and offering you long-term advantages.

2. How much does it cost to hire a .NET developer?

The cost of hiring a .NET developer might vary significantly depending on the project’s needs, location, and experience level. In the US, a .NET developer can expect to earn between $80,000 and $150,000 annually, whereas, in places like India, they may earn between $15,000 and $50,000.

When hiring a dedicated .NET developer, you can anticipate paying a monthly charge for their services that range from $1500 to $8000 or more, depending on the experience and skill of the developer. It’s vital to keep in mind that these costs are only estimates and the actual cost depends on your specific needs and budget.

3. Can I hire .NET developers of my choice?

Yes, you can choose the .NET developer you want to hire. When working with a software development company, you have access to a pool of developers you can interview to find the best fit for your project. When dealing with a freelancer or independent contractor, you can look at their portfolio and previous work, as well as talk about the specifics of your project, to see if they have the necessary abilities and experience.

4. What if I am not satisfied with the .NET developer?

If you are unsatisfied with the .NET developer you’ve hired, you must communicate your concerns and work with them to find a solution. Sometimes, it might simply be a matter of miscommunication or misunderstanding, which can be quickly resolved.

If the issue is not resolved, you can terminate the contract and look for another .NET developer that better suits your requirements. It’s critical to establish clear lines of communication and expectations and a comprehensive contract specifying the project’s parameters, objectives, and payment schedule. This will reduce the possibility of misunderstandings and your chance of being unhappy with the developer.

5. How to find the best .NET development company?

Here are some guidelines you can use to discover the top.NET development company;

  1. Specify the requirements for your project
  2. Research and shortlist companies
  3. Evaluate their experience
  4. Examine their technical knowledge
  5. Look for effective communication
  6. Consider their portfolio and references
  7. Negotiate terms and sign contracts

By following the methods listed below, you may find the top .NET development company that can satisfy your project needs and provide high-quality software solutions.

6. Are .NET developers in demand?

The demand for .NET developers is expected to remain high soon as more businesses adopt technology to transform their operations and meet the changing demands of customers. Therefore, if you have expertise in .NET development, you can expect good job prospects and a competitive salary.


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