Is Custom Software Development Outsourcing a right choice?

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Is Custom Software Development Outsourcing a right choice?


Outsourcing is about assigning a task or project to a third party to carry out, manage, and provide services for an organisation.

In today’s vividly digitalized business landscape, companies can access the world’s top software developers. Preferably, established companies and startups will likely use software outsourcing to develop or customize their products.

However, it is only the beginning. Let’s take a more profound insight into software outsourcing and how it can help benefit your business.

What is Software Development Outsourcing?

Software development outsourcing is an arrangement where a company employs an external development firm to efficiently complete all the activities associated with a software development project that would otherwise be handled internally.

Software outsourcing refers to the practice of a company turning over a specific project or business process to a third party that is a qualified expert and able to handle the tasks assigned by the company.

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Software Outsourcing market overview

Why is outsourcing so popular? There are several apparent reasons supporting this statement.

Technology developments and rising demand for software development services have been major drivers of the recent significant expansion in the global software outsourcing market. A report by Research and Market estimates that the global market for software outsourcing was worth USD 85.6 billion in 2020 and is projected to increase at a CAGR of 8.3% from 2021 to 2028.

India and China, in particular, have emerged as significant hubs for software outsourcing service providers in the Asia-Pacific region. These nations are popular outsourcing destinations because they provide a large pool of highly qualified and cost-efficient software development expertise. Eastern Europe and Latin America are expanding as outsourcing locations, with nations like Brazil, Ukraine, and Romania offering a mix of technical expertise and lower costs.

The software industry is highly competitive, with many service providers offering a wide range of services, such as testing, application maintenance, and bespoke software creation. The top players in the market include Tata Consultancy Services, Infosys, Wipro, Accenture, and HCL Technologies, among others.

In conclusion, the need for software outsourcing is anticipated to expand during the coming years, driven by the rising demand for software development services and the advantages of outsourcing in terms of cost and time savings. Companies seeking to outsource software development should carefully evaluate their options.

Is Software Development outsourcing dead?

Of course not! Outsourcing’s rising popularity does not support this question. Businesses that outsource get a competitive advantage by dealing with IT skill shortages, access to top-tier capabilities, and cost-effective pricing.

For better clarity, here are some statistics demonstrating why outsourcing software development is still alive.

Gartner projects that global IT investment reached $4.5 trillion in 2022, with software development showing the most remarkable growth rate of 11.7%. In parallel, the global market for IT outsourcing will grow to 429.59 billion US dollars between 2022 to 2030. This demonstrates a strong propensity for IT outsourcing to increase over the years.

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Advantages of Outsourcing Software Development

The vast benefits of software outsourcing range from the conception of original tech documentation to working with globally accessible, affordable, high-quality teams. Let’s look at how the advantages alter the perception of software outsourcing as a dependable option.

1. Access to a pool of tech experts

The foremost benefit of outsourcing software development is having access to a large pool of top-notch professionals—their skill set of knowledge and expertise results in exceptional results. By outsourcing your software project, you can get access to some of the best software development service providers in the world.

You can benefit from outsourcing in ways more than just cost reductions by getting in touch with technical experts who can meet your requirements. Outsourcing can be more reasonable in terms of price and can leverage all the advantages if you find developers within your budget.

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2. Cost-effective solution for business

The misconception that technical professionals are exclusively accessible in developed countries has diminished in recent years. Today, you can find skilled professionals for your ideal project anywhere in the world.

By outsourcing software development, you can have access to a pool of professionals and reap real-cost benefits. Adopting software outsourcing may add highly skilled personnel to your team without paying for employee training.

3. Offers unprecedented flexibility

There is no doubt that you will retain the person you recruit for your company for a longer haul. Under such circumstances, resources turn out to be both investments and expenses. Costs will gradually rise with the addition of extra manpower when projects have tight deadlines.

With outsourcing, you can hire technical experts whenever you need them. Following the contract work, it provides the freedom to pay for as long as you like, not a penny more or less. This facilitates navigating the right direction, reducing the risk associated with hiring an internal workforce.

4. Enables you to save time

A software development concept requires time and specialized skill, which takes time. But, outsourcing companies can produce the same thing in the committed time frame. It lessens the possibility of a product riddled with bugs. An outsourcing firm gives you the best shot at making your software development possible.

Comparing outsourcing to establishing an internal workforce, the former is more time and money-effective. Collectively, it eases the burden of hiring, which requires effort, patience, and training. It speeds up project turnover while cutting down on time.

5. Helps you to focus on actual goals

If you outsource, you and your internal staff will only have to put a little effort into projects. Every aspect of the project at hand is the responsibility of the outsourcing firm. This makes it easier for the internal team to concentrate on other operational tasks.

Software development is a means rather than an end in itself, and If you focus too much on the means, your end result will suffer. However, delegating the task to professionals will enable you to focus on achieving your objective.

6. Gain expert knowledge & advice

Hiring internal talent requires much more introspection of having particular expertise. If a company is looking to outsource competent personnel for its software development; they must consider their domain expertise.

Great software development partners often collaborate with particular industries to advance their invaluable domain e

xpertise. For scaling companies, assign their projects to niche experts with incredible knowledge and understanding of the market. Such tech-domain experts assist you in selecting the optimum features for your product. They also suggest a tech stack based on your needs.

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Disadvantages of Outsourcing Software Development

The essential advantages of outsourcing software development is that it makes development simple, economical and fosters effective collaboration. Let’s take a closer look at the drawbacks of outsourcing software development that may be avoided with the appropriate strategy;

1. Quality issues or unreliable suppliers

Considering the benefits of outsourcing can be a bonus point, but there are a few unintended risks. One of them is chances of winding up with a low-quality vendor. If you’re unsure about outsourcing, opt for outstaffing as a fallback strategy.

Few businesses lack accountability; instead, they focus more on orders and profits than outcomes. Stay away from being the target of such a devious key. One must weigh all the benefits & drawbacks of software outsourcing. Consider reviews of the business and research previous and ongoing projects.

2. Relatively high cost

Creating lengthy contractual agreements with lots of fine print by outsourcing companies may result in the imposition of unforeseen or hidden charges. There is an absence of quality control since outsourcing firms frequently prioritise profit over providing a good service.

You may always discover an outsourcer who fulfills your budget criteria. However, always maintain quality while considering your budget. Always remember the better the service, the more expensive it will be.

3. Barrier in communication

In most cases, outsourcing entails distributing the project to contractors in different time zones. In such conditions of varying time zones, it is not always easy to do because you are in a situation where you need to adjust the time.

Different time zones have drawbacks, yet businesses nevertheless find methods to adjust working hours. This makes it easier to trade off the significant benefits of outsourcing software development for its drawbacks.

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4. Security risks

According to IBM’s 2022 Cost of a Data Breach Report, the average data breach cost was $4.35 million, a 2.6% rise from 2021. This indicates that information security is still a significant concern, even with in-house development.

Depending on the software project you are outsourcing, a third-party vendor may access confidential client data like login credentials, medical records, and credit card information. Giving unauthorized outsourcing companies access to private information can have a crippling effect on your customer and organization.

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Steps to software development outsourcing

Delegating the project to a third party results in greater production, improved product quality, and cost savings when considering the advantages of outsourcing. Although outsourcing software development can be a complex process, there are some crucial actions that businesses can take to increase their chances of success.

1. Define your project requirements

The specifications for your project should be defined in detail before you start the outsourcing process. Defining the project’s scope, timeline, and any specialized features you need is a part of this process.

2. Identify potential outsourcing partners

Once your project’s specifications have been defined, you can begin the search for potential partners. You can look for outsourcing companies with experience in your industry or with the kind of project you want to outsource using online directories or platforms.

3. Reviewing the portfolios and references

Understanding the outsourcing company’s experience and skill level requires a thorough investigation. Refer to their portfolios and references to understand their work process. You can gauge their potential by it. This will enable you to decide whether they can manage your projects.

4. Conduct initial interviews

The next stage is to conduct interviews once you’ve chosen the best potential outsourcing partners. These interviews will help you to come up with the conclusion to select the right candidate for your project. Discussing the project specifics at this step helps to determine whether the person can communicate well, be receptive, and comprehend your project’s objectives.

5. Negotiating the contract

After selecting the ideal outsourcing partner for your software development project, you must discuss the contract. Examining and discussing the contract’s negotiation terms are part of this process. It also includes project timelines, deliverables, payment dates, and other crucial information.

6. Providing clear project guidance

Your involvement doesn’t end with the contract discussion. Additionally, you need to provide the necessary guidance to the outsourcing team. This includes providing detailed requirements, timelines, and other relevant information to ensure everyone is on the same page. Keep track of the project’s progress by staying informed.

7. Monitor the processes

Keeping an eye on the project’s development throughout the outsourcing process is essential. It also indicates whether the outsourced firm is meeting your expectations or not. This includes frequent feedback and contact, informing you of the project’s development.

8. Testing and quality assurance

Once the development process is done, testing and verifying that the projects meet your requirements and quality standards is essential. For the same, outsourcing might have a QA procedure.

9. Deployment and support

Once the product is completed with the testing and quality assurance. It’s the time for deployment to production. The outsourcing partner assists with the program’s setup, configuration, and support.

Following the guidelines mentioned above helps firms get the most out of their investment in software development and guarantees a successful outsourcing experience.

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Outsourcing software development can enhance the great chance of your project idea. It is processed with the knowledge and skills of IT professionals. Before entrusting your project concept to an outsourcing partner, consider all potential opportunities and pitfalls associated with the practice.

When you explore the IT industry, there are many opportunities, and outsourcing your work is one of the finest ways to get the results you want. You can conclude by going through the blog’s brief synopsis of the benefits and drawbacks of outsourcing software development.

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