4 Top Enterprise Mobile App Trends You Need to Pay Attention Now

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Mobility is impacting businesses over a large extent. Apps stand as the key interface platform to interact and perform every business function and employee workflows today. Right from employee management to data management, customer management and business management, many companies are using enterprise mobile apps to transform their tasks and improve productivity. The purpose is to engage effectively with employees, customers and partners. The Global Enterprise Mobility Market is likely to touch 2.9 billion U.S. dollars in 2019. The surging demand for Enterprise Mobile App is currently driven by four new trends.

  1. Artificial Intelligence
  2. Augmented Reality/ Virtual Reality
  3. Machine Learning
  4. Blockchain

Mobilizing workforce, marketing operations, customer communications, and day-to-day business processes have become much more interesting and easier with these new trends.

“Over the past two years, mobile app development platforms have expanded front- and back-end capabilities for ease of use, breadth of connectors to back end, and innovative services in the cloud,” said Denise Lund, research director, Enterprise Mobility at IDC. According to Lund, the next leap in mobile app development calls for enriched and enhanced mobile apps as part of unique digital transformation goals.

Advantages of Enterprise Mobile Apps with these 4 trends

  • Has the potential to launch new source of growth
  • Handle every task with flexibility and scalability
  • Empower every task with real-time processing
  • Drives Productivity
  • Possible to customize to unique business operations and workflows
  • Can be of use for both business-to-consumer and business-to-employee set up
  • Allows businesses to put intelligence, location, and even analytics directly into mobile business
  • Allows mobilization of business-critical processes
  • Drives personalization
  • Increases operational efficiency
  • Reduces cost
  • Drives speed and precision
  • Master complex enterprise challenges
  • Blockchain makes it more secure and trustable

Let us see the trends in detail.

# Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence or AI is capturing a lot of attention in recent days. So, what is this exactly? It is a machine capability that can analyze behaviours intelligently, diffuse innovation, augment workflows and automate efficiently. It can sense, learn and act.

Use cases of Artificial Intelligence technology in an Enterprise Ecosystem

The term has wide applications but in context to mobile, AI can be an assistant, an intelligent sensor and a guide to the users. Today, mobile applications are using AI to significantly improve user satisfaction. Enterprises are big way encouraging artificial intelligence powered regulation.

Google too has used Artificial intelligence to accomplish the real-world task over the phone.

Google recently revealed Duplex, a new power to Google Assistant. Duplex is an artificial intelligence advancement that allows users to interact with technology in a more natural way. It adds meaningful improvement in users’ experience. Artificial intelligence is setting new possibilities with mobile apps, especially for enterprises.

# Machine Learning

Rated as one of the most powerful forces of technology, Machine learning has the capability to scale beyond a wider spectrum of business processes. Its growth is shaping up several industries. Top players are investing in this technology which has the capacity to weed out meaningful patterns with the available data and predict new ones.

Uber, the cab hiring service app uses machine learning for intelligent ride management. It provides estimated time of arrival, estimated cost, and other real-time details with the help of machine learning that draws inferences from different patterns of data, statistics.

Use cases of Machine Learning technology in an Enterprise Ecosystem

  • Enterprises can use apps based on machine learning to provide personalized customer services to their customers; finance management; social media data management; supply-chain management and for almost any organizational functions.
  • Chatbots use Machine learning algorithms. Organizations can increase the momentum of their workforce, customers and partners using this facility.
  • Machine learning enables both speech and text-based capabilities. This helps excessively in real-time communication and marketing.

There are several ways machine learning comes into use for enterprise purpose. Big players are betting on this advancement.

The techniques used in deep learning are increasing dramatically. Google is one company that is investing significantly in machine learning. The company has come up with a slew of facilities based on machine learning algorithms. Image recognition, voice recognition, speech recognition are few advancements.  Google Translate App is one such app that helps enterprises to handle conversation and communication without any language barrier.

Other big players are also exploring the possibilities. Very recently Apple and IBM joined hands to roll out a new set of integrations that will enable them to make enterprise iOS apps much smarter. Interestingly, Coca-Cola is all set to test this advanced machine learning framework. The power of machine learning is growing big.

# AR & VR

AR (Augmented Reality) and VR (Virtual Reality) are two trends that have the capacity to support a number of applications in a range of industries. Much of its focus is task-oriented. The list of possible uses of virtual reality and augmented reality in the enterprise world is enormous. It extends through customer support, marketing, sales and training to any ongoing field operations.

In this day and age, what consumers like, are the enterprise necessities. Organizations need to multi-task in real-time to be more productive. This requires employees to carry out workflows without any interruption. By blending both the real world and the digital world, Augmented Reality poses to be a technological innovation that can potential changes to human interaction with machines and devices.

Use cases of AR/VR technology in an Enterprise Ecosystem

  • From virtual meetings to visualization of any type of demonstration, AR & VR promises to deliver huge benefits to the enterprise crowd.
  • It allows enterprises to carry out a hands-free workflow.
  • Eliminates complexity
  • Real-time inspection
  • Improved outcomes
  • AR has the potential to bring radical change in how employees interact with and share information.
  • AR is a technological innovation that comprehends data based on a user’s real-world activities.
  • Increased sales opportunities
  • Cross-geographic collaboration
  • Streamlined work process
  • Rich customer experience
  • Reduced development time
  • Helps in customers’ purchase decision
  • Enhanced model visualization through its 3D technology

Ramon Llamas, research manager for wearables and mobile phones at International Data Corporations, the top research firm, recently stated that field service workers are the early users of this technology.

The latest in this section is VR Mobile Apps. Several mobile app development companies are designing and developing innovative VR mobile apps that can offer smooth and efficient enterprise operations and boost business operations.

# Blockchain

Blockchain is the latest among all of the trends listed in this article. Right from retail and finance to insurance to automobiles and airlines, companies are exploring blockchain technology for its possible benefits in day-to-day business operations. Transparency and security are the major benefits of this technology. Every communication and transaction is immutable and decentralized.

Crypto Exchange, Crypto Wallet, DApps, Private Blockchain, Lightening Network Applications, Smart Contract, Smart Contract Audit, ICO are some of the Blockchain development services offered by top Blockchain developers today.

Use cases of Blockchain technology in an Enterprise Ecosystem

  • Decentralized communication
  • Authenticating Identity
  • Transparent workflow
  • Efficient supply chain management
  • Secured workflow
  • Efficient Finance management / Payment system
  • Data is secure

Enterprise Mobile apps based on Blockchain technology

Crypto wallet is a technology based on Blockchain technology. This type of app helps enterprises to efficiently manage their finance and payment systems.

Let us take Krypto Keeper, a Crypto wallet app developed by OpenXcell.

Krypto Keeper is a blockchain based wallet app that allows safe management of your crypto assets. Payment processing is easier and flawless with this app.


The app can handle a high volume of transactions without any friction. With Krypto Keeper, you can send, receive and even exchange cryptocurrencies instantly right from your mobile device. Your currencies are safely stored and there is no middleman in any of your financial transaction. Enterprises can use this app to easily manage their finance.


  • Enterprise level encryption algorithms
  • Management of account is very easy
  • Send, buy or exchange currencies instantly
  • Data is secured
  • Multiple level authentications before every transaction
  • The app generates a cryptographic random number called “Seed” which acts as a private key used to sign every transaction.
  • No involvement of banks or other financial authorities
  • Real-time synchronization

Blockchain Enhances Supply Chain Management

One of the key challenges that majority of the businesses face today is the management of supply chain.

Blockchain technology makes this easy through its distributed ledger and smart contract features. Tracking shipment, managing payment quickly and easily, location tracking, picking and delivery and inventory management are some of the functions that can be handled well with the Blockchain technology.

OpenXcell recently formulated an app especially for this purpose based on Blockchain lightening network which allows transactions at high volumes in high speed.

The app tackles all issues in retail supply chain management quickly and instantly. Interestingly the concept of this app can be customized as per the product listings of any business of any size.

For example, if your business is dealing with toys for kids, the Toy Shop App designed by OpenXcell can handle orders, delivery, payment, stock management etc easily, securely and quickly without any third person involvement.

To Wrap

Mobile applications are the prime force to conduct any business today. Majority of the organizations are harnessing this power by incorporating mobile enterprise applications into their business necessities. Whether you are a startup or a large enterprise, you cannot escape enterprise mobility. Make this transformation soon if you have not yet as it offers unified endpoint to each of your organization workflows. You can start exploring each of the above- said trends by building a flawless strategy for enterprise mobility. Once your strategies are ready, get in touch with the right mobile app developers who specialize in such trends.

You can contact OpenXcell for all your enterprise mobility needs. As one of the top rated companies in India and USA, OpenXcell has been creating the most effective mobile app development, software development and blockchain development services using the latest trends. The company’s experts will guide you through the entire process to get you familiarized with the enterprise mobile applications.

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