10 Best Stock Market Apps Every Stock Market Trader Loves (And You Should, Too!)

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Best Stock Market Apps

Yup, the title says it all. It doesn’t matter whether you are a bull, a bear, a chicken, or a pig, for every stock market trader, these are the go-to apps for it helps them trade stocks on-the-go. And if you aren’t that active, what’s the harm in downloading these apps, after all, they are available for free. More than anything else, you can stay updated about the stocks in your portfolio.

10 Best Stock Market (Trading) Apps to Consider

Without much ado, here are the 10 Real-Time free stock market apps:

  • Economy App
  • Robinhood App
  • TheStreet App
  • Today In Commodities
  • TD Ameritrade Mobile
  • E*Trade
  • Real-Time Stock & Forex Tracker
  • Evernote App
  • StockTouch App
  • Yahoo Finance

1. Economy App

For a quick download on the U.S. Economy, download the Economy app. The app showcases the most updated values of the U.S. Economy in the areas of manufacturing, trade deficit, and others and is supported by the U.S. Federal Reserve. The app also offers optional Twitter support (#economy hashtag) and helps download data for offline viewing. A must-have app for investors.

You can download the Economy app for free here.

2. Robinhood App

Robinhood App

Robinhood, crafted by two 20-somethings offers ‘no-fee trading’.  No Brokers, No Overheads, No Fees.  All that you have to do is to link your bank account to the app and away you go.  However, you need to wait for a little until the test transfer takes place to verify your account. The investors in the app are a world-renowned entrepreneur and technologist Andreessen, actor/musician Jared Leto and Snoop Dogg.

You can download the Robinhood app for free here.

3. TheStreet App

The TheStreet app provides instant access to news, analysis, stock ideas from Wall Street Stock Masters and beyond. You can also find complete market news, data, and analysis with the click of a button. A precious toolkit for any demanding investor.

You can download the TheStreet app for free here.

4. Today In Commodities

It’s one of the star apps in the Apple App Store. So do ignore the price for some time and kindly pay heed to what we have to say. ‘Today In Commodities’ is one of the best apps when it comes to news related to your current commodities. Its proprietary MarketPulse algorithm tracks content source lists and there’s a tracker for Gold, Silver, Oil, and volatility as well. This app is literally loaded with everything that you need. Did anyone say, “Quality comes for a price.”?

5. TD Ameritrade Mobile

For investors who are used to TD Ameritrade services, the TD Ameritrade mobile app could be just an extension… but it’s worth your time. The app has really gone down well with the users in the App stores. Besides the usual stuff about the market, it also offers charts and graphs, news, features, and a video from Thomson Reuters.

You can download the TD Ameritrade Mobile app for free here.

6. E*Trade

E* Trade is one of the largest wealth management companies in the U.S. So, it makes real sense to download this app. The app offers all that you are looking for: trading, live streaming news, mobile deposits, transferring cash from banks, and more.

One of the best cool functions of this app is that users can scan a product’s barcode and determine the company’s trading symbol for quick research.

You can download the E* Trade app for free here. 

7. Real-Time Stock & Forex Tracker

Agreed, it’s having too long a name for an app, then going by the downloads, it’s doing a great job in itself. In fact, the Real-Time Stock & Forex Tracker is the second-highest grossing app in the Finance category, thanks to its extensive database qualities. Users can view multiple stocks at the same time through push notifications and alerts. And, more importantly, users get immediate updates when changes take place in stocks on their watch list.

You can download the Real-Time Stock & Forex Tracker app for free here.

8. Evernote App

Evernote App

If you wish to keep exhaustive notes on your market and other trade activities, Evernote is an ideal app. It offers seamless syncing between computers and iDevices. An investment in Evernote is worth your time and efforts.

You can download the Evernote app for free here.

9. StockTouch App

Keep up with the trends as they occur with this intelligent app. It’s got 50,000 “tiles of heat”, 1200 companies, 1400 recent stores, 8500 charts, and nine sectors to keep you abreast with the current trends and favorite markets. Wish to know more, download the app now.

10. Yahoo Finance

For the real-time performance of any stock or index, Yahoo Finance is equally good. However, if you are looking for a more in-depth analysis, simply flip your phone sideways. And you will encounter a sea of data on any company you choose.

You can download the Yahoo Finance app for free here.

Bottom Line – Best Stock Market Apps

Smart investment requires you to stay in the know. And if you want to turn into a hardcore investor (or if you already one), there can be no better tool in your investment kitty than these free apps. Download them now and take the right investment dive.

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