CodeWhisperer Vs Copilot: A Battle of Coding Assistants

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CodeWhisperer vs Copilot: A Battle of Coding Assistants

Key takeaways: 

In a nutshell, AWS CodeWhisperer vs Copilot:

  • Both Copilot and CodeWhisperer are AI-driven coding assistants.
  • Copilot excels in rapid code completions, while CodeWhisperer focuses on context and intent.
  • CodeWhisperer integrates with popular IDEs, while Copilot is GitHub-centric.
  • Privacy and security are priorities for both tools.
  • CodeWhisperer specializes in AWS projects, while Copilot is versatile.
  • You should choose based on your specific needs and workflow.

Recently, AI-driven coding assistance tools like GitHub Copilot and Amazon CodeWhisperer have emerged as noteworthy competitors. Both tools help you accelerate software development processes. Copilot and CodeWhisperer are owned by big tech companies – like Microsoft in Copilot and Amazon in CodeWhisperer. It sets them apart from AI tools owned by startups (Like Tabnine) instead of tech giants.

If you are debating AWS CodeWhisperer vs Copilot, read on to learn the differences, features, and functionalities. Also, we will help you figure out which coding AI assistant is best for you. 

Why Use an AI Code Assistant? 

Coding with an AI assistant can enhance productivity, efficiency, and code quality. The first benefit of an AI coding assistant is that it accelerates the development process by providing instant code suggestions, reducing manual coding, and reducing error chances. With it, developers can focus on higher-level tasks and creative problem-solving instead of coding. 

  • Secondly, AI coding assistants help maintain code consistency and adhere to best practices. They help you write cleaner, more maintainable code with less error susceptibility. In turn, it maintains a higher level of code quality throughout the development process.
  • Not only this, they’re also great for learning and developing skills. This offers educational benefits, especially for newbies to a language or framework, since they give insight into coding conventions, identify potential pitfalls, and propose alternative solutions.
  • AI coding assistants can help you write quality code faster and more consistently while encouraging continuous learning. 

Overview of AWS Codewhisperer Vs Copilot 

The following is a summary of each AI coding assistant and what makes it stand out from the rest: 

What is GitHub Copilot?

What is GitHub Copilot?
Image Credit: GitHub

The GitHub Copilot coding assistant is powered by AI and was developed in collaboration between GitHub and OpenAI. This technology is based on GPT (Generative Pre-trained Transformer), which enables it to understand natural language descriptions and generate code based on them.

As opposed to traditional code autocomplete tools (such as VSCode), Copilot offers you complete lines, functions, or even entire code blocks based on your coding context.

Developers can use Copilot in their preferred coding environment, including Azure Data Studio, Visual Studio, and JetBrains IDEs. Copilot also offers a chatbot called Copilot Chat that can generate unit tests, explain code, and suggest bug fixes. There may be cases where the generated code is not semantically or syntactically correct, so users should review the suggestions.  

GitHub Copilot Features 

Copilot and CodeWhispere offer various features that make coding more productive, but here are a few that stand out:

Suggestions for Coding

As you type, GitHub Copilot makes suggestions based on your context, helping you write code faster and more accurately. 

Automated Code Completion

The tool gives you code completions based on the context of your code, including function definitions and variable names.

Generating Codes

Based on comments and descriptions from the developer, Copilot can generate entire code blocks. This can streamline the process of implementing common patterns.

Various Languages and Frameworks

For developers working on different projects, Copilot supports many programming languages and frameworks.

Learning from Codebase

Over time, GitHub Copilot continuously improves its suggestions and completions based on the code written in repositories.

IDE Support

GitHub Copilot is available as an extension in VS Code, Visual Studio, Vim, Neovim, Azure Data Studio, and the JetBrains suite of IDEs.

Control Privacy 

It is completely up to you how Copilot uses the data it collects from you. You are the one in control.

GitHub Copilot Alternatives

  1. Sourcegraph Cody 
  2. Codeium
  3. K.Explorer
  4. OpenAI Codex 
  5. Refraction 
  6. Tabnine
  7. Amazon CodeWhisperer
  8. Blackbox AI 
  9. AlphaCode
  10. StarCoder

What is CodeWhisperer?

What is CodeWhisperer?

Image Source:

Amazon CodeWhisperer is a general-purpose, machine learning-powered code generator that provides real-time code recommendations. With CodeWhisperer, as you start writing code, code suggestions are automatically generated based on the existing code and comments you enter. You can create personalized recommendations of any size, from single lines to full-fledged functions.

Based on your current and previous inputs, CodeWhisperer makes suggestions as you type. AWS and CodeWhisperer go hand in hand. Developers on AWS projects receive code suggestions for AWS application programming interfaces (APIs). 

CodeWhisperer Features 

Learn the major features of AWS CodeWhisperer.

Code Suggestions in Real-Time

Developers can boost their productivity by generating real-time code suggestions using Amazon CodeWhisperer, which understands natural language (in English). 

A Wide Range of Programming Languages and IDEs are Supported 

Amazon CodeWhisperer provides AI-powered code suggestions in Python, Java, JavaScript, TypeScript, C#, Go, Rust, PHP, Ruby, Kotlin, C, C++, Shell scripting, SQL, and Scala. The tool is compatible with multiple IDEs.

Optimized for Use with AWS Services

AWS CodeWhisperer provides code suggestions optimized for AWS APIs, such as Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (Amazon EC2), AWS Lambda, and Amazon Simple Storage Service (Amazon S3).

Built-in Scanners for Security

CodeWhisperer scans Java, JavaScript, and Python projects for hard-to-find vulnerabilities. This tool analyzes existing code in the IDE (generated by CodeWhisperer or written by the user), identifies problematic code with high accuracy, and provides intelligent suggestions for remediation.

Responsible Coding

With CodeWhisperer, you can detect if a code suggestion might resemble open-source training data and flag it. Before incorporating the suggested code, you can review the repository URL, file reference, and license information associated with the open-source project.

AWS CodeWhisperer Alternatives 

  1. Codey
  2. Github Copilot 
  3. Exocoding 
  4. Sourcegraph Cody 
  5. Codeium
  6. K.Explorer
  7. CodiumAI
  8. CodeAI
  9. Code Llama 
  10. CodePal 

CodeWhisperer Vs Copilot: The Key Similarities

Despite comparing Amazon CodeWhisperer vs Copilot, these both have some similarities. The functionality of both CodeWhisperer and Copilot is very similar. Developers can use both to address the same needs. You can use either tool by describing what your code should do, and AI models will suggest what code to use.

Copilot and CodeWhisperer are both cloud-based solutions offered by major technology firms.

Another similarity is that, as of now, neither tool claims to be able to generate entire software programs. Copilot and CodeWhisperer help developers complete relatively small segments of code based on their context.

AWS CodeWhisperer Vs Copilot: Key Differences 

Aspect Github CopilotAWS Codewhisperer
Purpose This is a general-purpose AI-assisted development tool. It is suitable for various languages and frameworks. This tool is specifically tailored for AWS Cloud developers, optimizing applications for AWS services. 
Integration Copilot integrates seamlessly with popular development environments, including VS Code. CodeWhisperer is compatible with various IDEs, including VS Code and JetBrains IDEs. 
Code SuggestionsThis tool provides contextually relevant code suggestions, autocompletion, and code snippets.This tool offers tailored code suggestions, comment completion, and vulnerability security scans.  
Language Support It supported a wide range of programming languages, frameworks, and IDEs. CodeWhispere emphasizes AWS-specific APIs more, making it valuable for AWS projects. 
Use Cases General development across languages and frameworks Ideal for AWS cloud developers working on AWS projects. 
Training Data Trained on GitHub-exclusive and publicly available code bases.Trained on billions of lines of code, publicly available and exclusive to Amazon.
Price Copilot for Individuals ($10/month or $100/year) and Copilot for Business ($19/user/month) provide additional business features.It is free for personal use and $19 per user per month for professional use, making it a good option for developers seeking assistance from AI without spending any money.

CodeWhisperer Vs Copilot: Comparative Analysis

Let’s delve into a more descriptive comparison between GitHub Copilot and Amazon CodeWhisperer across various parameters:

Use Cases

With GitHub Copilot, you can write code, create prototypes, and implement common coding patterns. However, AWS CodeWhisperer excels when developing applications that leverage AWS services, ensuring optimized architecture, performance, and security.

Scope and Focus

The GitHub Copilot service focuses primarily on general code development, assisting with various programming tasks across various languages and frameworks. In contrast, AWS CodeWhisperer provides tailored guidance and suggestions for AWS-specific coding and infrastructure.

Supported languages

There are 15 popular programming languages supported by Amazon CodeWhisperer, including Python, Java, JavaScript, and more. GitHub Copilot, however, was trained on all languages in public repositories. There may be differences in the quality of code for each language depending on its popularity.

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Developers can integrate GitHub Copilot into various code editors and IDEs, making it accessible to everyone. In contrast, AWS CodeWhisperer is deeply integrated with AWS services and workflows, which enhances AWS cloud development. Most of its supported IDEs are Amazon-based (JetBrains and Visual Studio Code are the exceptions).


In the debate over AWS CodeWhisperer vs Github Copilot, you can decide which tool you should use based on pricing. There are two pricing tiers for GitHub Copilot: Copilot for Individuals ($10/month or $100/year) and Copilot for Business ($19/user/month), which allows businesses to take advantage of additional features.

GitHub Copilot Pricing
Image Source:

A good option for developers seeking AI assistance without spending any money is Amazon CodeWhisperer, which is free for personal use and $19 per month for professional use. Professional plans offer additional features like dedicated support and integration with third-party tools, making them a great choice for developers.

Amazon CodeWhispere Pricing
Image Source:

Target Audience 

The GitHub Copilot platform caters to various developers working on different projects. However, the AWS CodeWhisperer is a tool designed to help developers build applications within the ecosystem of Amazon Web Services.

Community and Ecosystem

Copilot’s general-purpose nature makes it accessible to a broader community. Its ecosystem includes a wide range of plugins and extensions. CodeWhisperer is well-received within the AWS developer community Its strength lies in tight integration with AWS services.

AWS CodeWhisperer Vs Copilot: Which Tool is for you?

Examine how the two offerings differ when it comes down to Github Copilot vs AWS CodeWhisperer. Even though they both aim to improve coding experience and developer efficiency, they’re different. If you want an optimal code generation experience, GitHub Copilot X is your best choice. This advanced coding tool supports diverse languages, offers code snippet suggestions, integrates seamlessly with GitHub repositories, and ensures precise idiomatic coding.

On the other hand, if stability is a key consideration, AWS CodeWhisperer emerges as a strong contender. It provides a reliable coding environment with affordability, robust stability, and seamless integration with AWS services. Nevertheless, it caters to a more limited range of languages. Its code snippet suggestions may not be as comprehensive as those GitHub Copilot X offers.

There are a few other factors to consider when choosing an AI-powered code generator:

  • Requirements of the project

Choose a tool based on the specific needs of your project, such as programming language requirements or compatibility with AWS services.

  • Preferences that you have

Consider individual preferences, as some may lean towards the comprehensive code snippet suggestions of GitHub Copilot X, while others may prioritize AWS CodeWhisperer’s stability.

Wrapping Up

When comparing CodeWhisperer vs Copilot, both AI-driven tools can significantly streamline software development. You should choose between them based on your development needs and the context in which you work.

While AWS CodeWhisperer is ideal for AWS developers looking to optimize their applications for AWS, GitHub Copilot excels at providing general code assistance across languages and frameworks. As AI-driven development tools evolve, both represent exciting advancements in coding assistance and automation.

You should choose between the two based on your development needs, preferred programming language, and whether you primarily use AWS services. Whatever you choose, these AI-powered coding assistants can significantly increase productivity and improve code quality.

FAQ’s Amazon Codewhisperer Vs Github Copilot 

What is the difference between GitHub Copilot and AWS CodeWhisperer?

OpenAI’s GitHub Copilot is an AI-driven code completion tool that seamlessly integrates with popular code editors. It offers contextual code suggestions, autocomplete, and even generates complete code snippets. Copilot is suitable for general code assistance and supports various programming languages and frameworks.

In contrast, AWS CodeWhisperer, designed by Amazon Web Services (AWS), aims specifically at developers within the AWS ecosystem. While it also assists with code generation, bug detection, and troubleshooting, its primary focus is providing guidance and optimization for AWS cloud developers. 

Is Copilot better than CodeWhisperer?

AWS CodeWhisperer and GitHub Copilot are equally powerful AI-powered tools for software development. If you need an assistant for several coding languages or frameworks, Copilot might be your best bet. In contrast, if you work extensively within the AWS ecosystem, CodeWhisperer comes out on top. AWS CodeWhisperer’s deep integrations give developers full access to the power of AWS.

What is the acceptance rate of AWS CodeWhisperer? 

The average acceptance rate of AWS CodeWhisperer increased from 20% to 35% across all languages and use cases. Developers can now use Amazon Q’s features to find bugs, optimize, and translate code.

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