How to build an app like Dubizzle

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How to build an app like Dubizzle

Are you thinking that how to build an app like Dubizzle for your business? This article helps you discover all the required features. It also helps you to know the price and process to develop and launch an app like Dubizzle.

Perceive an online business venture where buyers and dealers are leading online to buy products. And it’s simple as a business for the two individuals to find each other using an online app that associates them.

I will cover this explicitly in detail:

  • How much time it takes to make an app like Dubizzle 
  • The rundown of features that are accessible in the app
  • The team structure you have to make an app like Dubizzle
  • Dubizzle like app development thoughts and procedure
  • Fast and smart answers for the business solution  

Dubizzle clone application is an online stage for the buyer and offers products and estimated solutions. As a business for you to launch your business app with a characterized app is a great solution.    

Currently, the cost of building an app like Dubizzle is the biggest question. And the development phase of an app has raised its sources on an online business platform.

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The buying and selling marketplace application gives the internet a buying and selling option. The final decisions for old utilized things like home apparatuses, workstations, PCs, the mobile device are considerably more. 

How classified apps like Dubizzle works is the biggest question to business ventures. This application’s principal reason is giving a remarkable client experience, simple route of the client shifts, simple organizations, and more.

Main features of the Dubizzle and how it works?

Dubizzle app has mostly built up its way of life as an online business. Individuals can purchase and sell various products from the app.             

In this way, Dubizzle’s Success Story spreads like wildfire, and it has two interfaces, one for the purchasers and one for the dealers.

-> Develop an App like Dubizzle and assist significant user experience to join the application through their Google or Facebook account. One enrolled, these clients get a private space on Dubizzle.

-> One enrolled client is then permitted to utilize the ‘Post a promotion’ option. Next, the application asks them to include their location where the client can add as preferred.

Dubizzle has a wide variety of Post Classification like:

  • Motors: Vehicles of various sections like heavy vehicles, utilized vehicles, vessels, bikes, and more.       
  • Jobs: This portion is for work searchers and enrollment specialists. Competitors can recognize the correct activity, and selection representatives can detect the willing applicants under this classification. 
  • Community: For a rundown of the apparent multitude of various exercises, classes, and workshops. Indeed, even Freelancers list their administrations fixing, upkeep, composing, and so on.    
  • Property available: Under his area, individuals offer their properties without including dealers and paying their representative charges. 
  • Property for lease: Owners of house and building locate the correct occupants in the wake of including their property under the property for lease classification. 
  • Classifieds: classifieds of various things like selling furniture, extras, family unit gear, utensils, and more can be recorded and found under this classification.

Key features of the app like Dubizzle are:

  1. Login/Register: Simple and easy to login or register with Google or Facebook account.                                                                                                                  
  2. Profile Manage: Users can manage their profiles with various modification details.                    
  3. Set Preferences Location: Location can be set as a preferred location by entering the location search box or simply dragging the map pointer.                       
  4. Upload Images: Number of images can upload, remove, and edit with description.                                                                                                         
  5. Category: It helps users to select various types they are interested in.
  6. Interacting with buyers: USer can directly interact with the buyer to clear any queries and further discuss the products.       
  7. Selling: With the account, they can sell with the complete product details, image, and description.                  
  8. Buying: Buy products online after verified details. Users can view product images, details, descriptions, and more.                                                                                                                      
  9. Advanced Searching: It helps users search with the preferred requirements by entering the product name and locations.                                                                                              
  10. Push Notification: It assists with the notification for any activity like new product featured, payment, product queries, and more.     

Development Ideas for Dubizzle like App.

If you have enough capital, and much-identified customization features with you, Dubizzle like app is the best option.

And if you also have the income to support for a year, apps like Dubizzle will help you get a route to expand on your business portal. 

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It is the transitional factor you have to serve your clients to complete exchange between buyer/seller. 

If in any case, you need to go further with the product on filling the full lifecycle of the client, at that point, you can attend the below steps: 

  • Client ready to do exchanges on the entry.
  • The arranged proprietor prepared to see the exhibition of his postings.
  • The client can spare his list of products to get and make his product board like Pinterest.      
  • Grouped proprietors can include further postings like product type, status, an alternate value per product characteristics, and more. 

Decide the kind of Characterized Application.

The standard methodology of characterized application generally depends on the brand. 

Developing an app like Dubizzle and gaining success with short-term can be challenging as brand voice shares in basic terms. That implies when a client contemplates something to discover more than other relevant apps.

Our expert mobile app developers team is vast as it has snatched a special offer in the business, which makes your idea of an app an extraordinary chance to win the market. 

For grouped applications, there are typically two alternatives to browse:

  • Vertical applications: Similar apps like Dubizzle are mostly on a particular kind of product such as cars, electronic gadgets, or other automobiles things that cater to a specific market. Users will find it useful and easy to use for any such transaction, which can be a great application.
  • Horizontal applications: Dubizzle is a case of a horizontal application, where proprietors appreciate a tremendous customer base and several deals. This kind of grouped application bargains in each sort of business products, solutions, and more.

Since applications spread a broad scope of direction and distinctive business centers, their development is unbelievable. 

And inevitably, the growing expense is likewise higher than the cost of the advancement of vertical applications. 

Contact a dedicated Android App Development Company.

Here is the time to get in touch with an expert to convert your idea into execution.

If you are looking to get the app ready as per your requirements and all the phases done on time, it is an ideal time to approach an app development company.

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It will help you save time and put thoughts in the app design and other solution recommendations throughout the development process. And if your team needs some expertise, you can contact a devoted Mobile App Development Company.

How much time does it take to Build an App?

It depends on the app requirements and features for the desired goal to be achieved whether you need to go for the middle solution with a limited approach or an undeniable solution with your unique qualities.     

There is no single answer anybody can give on how much time it will take for Dubizzle like app development process.          

Since it relies upon the programming dialects, local applications, designing phase, app development organizations, or utilizing open-source devices.                 

On average, four months can be counted to build reliable and robust design and proper coding. 

Maximum 8-9 months are required to get the complex features and the best android, iOS, and web applications based on the service provider’s development teams.   

Fast and Smart Solutions

You will discover all features and products as a section, and all of them are in the cloud for you. The main concentration for you will test your thought available or developing your foundation.       

The more smart elective path in this sharing economy is fundamentally to utilize Saas solution. The stage oversees all the innovation structure.                                               

Regardless of whether you need to make customization, at that point, you can interface with us to redo according to your need. OR hang for the long-term for our daily updates that continue giving new features to you without paying any extra benefits.        

Average Cost Assessment based on Features:

  • Dubizzle like Vertical App with fundamental features: $10,000 
  • Dubizzle like Horizontal App with cutting edge features: $30,000   
  • Dubizzle like Horizontal App with additional features: $50,000         

Marketplace Ideas for Dubizzle like App.

Your thoughts should come from your enthusiasm, which should match the analogy to the economic concept.

Yet, in any situation, if you are searching for a rundown of the mobile app development service providers over the globe, visit our curation list.   

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It helps you get some market-based ideas and to know the app development partner. It will help you gain trust and safety for any marketplace, and early marketplaces have an advantage if they focus on it.        

Why choose Openxcell for developing a classified app like Dubizzle?

Openxcell stands apart as one of the top application development companies in view of the capability and technology in the field of latest trends. Develop a high end classified app like DUBIZZLE with all features at Openxcell.   

The solution offered by our expert developers’ team helps to develop innovative mobile applications. It also includes Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Chatbot Development, IoT, AR/VR, etc. 

We hold collective app development experts who are fit for revealing the most recent patterns in the field of innovation.

The application created by the Openxcell team encourages you to decide the market beat and change your business appropriately. 

Get in touch with us as your app development partner for encountering the greatness of how digitalization can inspire your business to more current status. 


The crucial thing to notice here is your app development. Take as much time as you require or discuss with business experts before going for app development.

And proper research to develop an app that has the most significant potential to provide users.

With these additional features and various benefited information, it’s advisable to go with a standard app development method. An idea and implementation of building up another business center application is not an excellent solution.

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