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30 November, 2022 was the day ChatGPT was introduced to the world. It was on this day OpenAI introduced the artificially intelligent chatbot to the world, a first of its kind! Built on Large Language models, GPT 3, ChatGPT has been a roaring success. In the first month itself, ChatGPT was used by a whopping 57 million internet users worldwide. OpenAI, parent company of ChatGPT, secured 10 billion USD investment by tech Giant Microsoft in less than a month of the launch. These numbers give a gist of ChatGPT’s success in the technology space. More and more businesses are looking for ChatGPT website integration which has led demand for ChatGPT integrated software development service providers to rise exponentially. Let us have a look at ChatGPT in detail.

What is ChatGPT?

ChatGPT stands for Generative Pre-trained Transformer which is a smart chatbot based on OpenAI’s large language models (LLM). A large language model refers to a neural network in computers which learns with the help of Machine language algorithms. Large Language Models are usually general purpose models that are capable of handling a variety of tasks. AI-driven and ML-abled chatbots like ChatGPT are becoming more popular amongst businesses for their reliability and power of automation. Well established conglomerates like Salesforce, Air India, Microsoft, Snapchat Duolingo, Bain and company and many others did not lose any time and have already started integrating ChatGPT into their management, operations and websites. This powerful AI-driven, ML-able chatbot is one of a kind and is revolutionizing businesses one integration at a time!

Benefits of ChatGPT integration into applications

Past few years have seen an exponential rise of businesses digitizing their sales and management systems. According to a survey, as many as 51% of  businesses now prefer to engage with their customers and clients online rather than offline. The reason is usually the numerous benefits ChatGPT integration provides. Give below are a few:

  • Automated businesses workflows and tasks

Creating monthly reports, organizing timelines, fetching analysis are mundane tasks which often consume a lot of manpower. However, ChatGPT can automate all these tasks and provide results in a few minutes. This increases productivity and leaves less scope for error. ChatGPT can also be integrated with existing ERP systems and minimize overheads costs considerably.

  • Customer service

When integrated with Customer Relationship Management systems, ChatGPT works as an efficient chatbot which is smart enough to handle customer queries and resolve customer issues. Chatbots are known to reduce the customer’s support costs to as much as 70%.  95% of consumers believe that chatbots are the future of customer support.

  • Language translation for global audience

Language can be a barrier for global audiences as translating marketing collaterals for different audiences is expensive and time consuming. This is where ChatGPT comes in handy. ChatGPT can translate all marketing collateral conveniently into local languages wherever the ads and brochures are sent. Without the need of extra manpower, ChatGPT translates all brochures,documents, emails, and video captions for the intended audience.

  • Human resources managements and functions

ChatGPT is equipped to handle most, if not all, of HR functions.HR departments need to keep revising policies with latest trends such as social media, harassment etc. With the right prompt, ChatGPT can create nearly perfect policies which are factually correct and updated. It can also resolve issues and give advice on handling workplace conflicts.

For  businesses, possibilities with ChatGPT are endless. Apart from these, businesses are also experimenting with different applications of ChatGPT and creating new software with it. One such example is Salesforce. Salesforce recently launched EinsteinGPT which creates personalized content for the workforce and increases their productivity. 

Few Simple steps to integrate ChatGPT into your business

OpenAI has made sure that integrating ChatGPT in businesses is simple. OpenAI has created an API exclusively for companies wishing to integrate API for businesses, especially small homegrown businesses and startups. To anyone who is looking for easy ChatGPT integration, just sign up with  ChatGPT and subscribe(in the latest version GPT4) to the API key. Below are the steps to successfully integrate ChatGPT into your existing websites.

  • Sign Up with ChatGPT online and get an API key from the platform, best suited to your business.
  • Train the latest machine learning model of ChatGPT to understand the textual data relevant to your business. This would depend on the purpose you want to integrate the ChatGPT for. For example, if you want ChatGPT to be part of your Customer Relationship Management system, teach the GPT model the way to interact with the customers.
  • Train the model using this data with the help of deep learning. This is an iterative process and cannot be achieved in one single go. It is important to keep in mind the performance and output parameters and fine-tune the model’s performance to these parameters. This part of integration is easy if you have prior experience in developing machine learning models.
  • Next step is to encompass the developed ChatGPT model within an API wrapper. An API wrapper is a package that wraps all the XML API calls together into a cohesive unit which is easy to call.
  • The last step includes user Interface development along with the required coding to call the wrapped API calls. This step requires extensive quality analysis since this is how the user will perceive the product.

And voila! You have successfully integrated ChatGPT into  your digital space. These simple steps can help you elevate your business to the next level and in the shortest time possible.

Best Practices to follow when integrating ChatGPT in your systems

Here are a few tips and practices which can further simplify ChatGPT integration for your business.

  • Well defined scope and objective help facilitate ChatGPT integration and reduce possible errors. It tells the developer exactly what all is required for the integration.
  • Identifying intended audiences and using them as a directive while ChatGPT integration can have positive long term results. This is because at the development phase, one can opt for the right features tailored for a specific demographic, social profile or brand identity. For example, if your demographic includes senior citizens, the chatbot of your website can be trained to reply and assist accordingly.
  • Taking care of the UI or user interface is also very important. A chatbot for customers should be well equipped with language elements and captivating graphics.
  • Make the interface more humane. Humans trust technology when it is more humane and interactive and ChatGPT integration makes it very easy to do so.
  • Use analytics and metrics to create more efficient ChatGPT integrated applications. Study customer preferences, choices and experiences to make your application smarter.


Automation is the future and businesses must invest in the future if they want to survive. It is imperative that they do so, to get a competitive advantage over their competitors. ChatGPT is one of the best tools that can be used to accomplish this. Automating various business functions is very profitable for businesses in this technology-driven era. 

Many Mobile App Development companies are offering ChatGPT integration with mobile app development services but few deliver quality. It is important for businesses to find seasoned and experienced app development companies who can fulfill all their requirements and help businesses set benchmarks in the market.

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