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Mobile App Stores – Overview

Every day, around the world, humans come up with hundreds, thousands, or possibly millions of new ideas. Amongst these millions of mobile app ideas, a big percentage is of new business ventures. Being bots of the 21st century, most often the business ventures are on mobile application developments or at least mobile application related. The whole process of developing a mobile app is not as complicated anymore as it seems. Probably the more difficult part comes after the app is developed. Making it visible to the world and then of course hoping that users would effectively use it can sometimes become an area of concern. So as stated earlier, amongst these thousands and thousands of apps how does one make his app visible? After the app development, it has to be uploaded on a Mobile App Stores. There are different options of different Play Stores for different operating systems. But which Play Store can be the best platform, we will try to understand in this blog.

The most used operating systems right now are Android and iOS and thus it attracts huge number of users. On the flipside, because they are so popular the competition on these platforms are huge too. It gets difficult for app owners to get visibility. So there emerged are a number of other Android platforms along with a strong boom in the Chinese app market for customers who cannot access Google Play. These apps become helpful for users and as already said can be a very effective tool to achieve good visibility.

If the applications are broadcasted through these app stores it can turn out to be the easiest market strategy for niche users. Depending on the type of the app and then analyzing the different platforms can help to figure out which store would be the most ideal for the app launch. not only the category of the application but sometimes the location of the user is also a criterion. For example, Google Play the most important app store does not work in China. So for mobile app developers who are creating an app with Chinese people as the target audience, should look for a better-suited play store.

Android Vs iOS

The most used Operating Systems now are Android and iOS. Therefore the number of applications made for these operating systems is the most.

Android however listed 54% of the applications made in June 2018. The reason for this incredible success is because it is an open platform and a variety of popular devices like Samsung, Motorola, and LG compatible with it. But on the flip side because of the huge number of applications, there are some issues concerning the visibility of the apps and because of this other stores like Apple Store become attractive to the developers.

Ultimate Mobile App Stores List (2021)

Android App Stores

Google Play Store

For android users, Google Play Store is almost the only option. It is one of the oldest mobile app stores which started in 2008. The search engine of Google Play Store is has a holistic and easy approach. The user can very easily search the required applications. Sometimes applications tend to get lost in the heaps of options but the search techniques of Google Play Store helps in effective app search. In 2018 Google Play Store had as many as 2.6 million apps listed under it.

More information about Google Play Store.

Code NGO

Code NGO helps in multiple app submissions. Here the person just has to fill up one form and the application can be listed under multiple stores like Opera, Google Play, Amazon, etc. It also has a segment with only Chinese App Stores.

More information about Code NGO.


SlideME is a mobile app store for Android users. It has free and charged apps and is used as an alternative to Google Play Store.

initially the store had downloading and installation issues but now the store has taken measures to improve these anomalies. SlideME is another popular alternative to Google Play Store.

More information about SlideME.


Uptodown is an apps store for mainly Android users but also provides apps for other Operating Systems like Windows and iOS. It has come out to be highly effective in a few apps and apps descriptions and competes with Google Play on editorial reviews.

The popular feature of Uptodown is the filter on users which reduces viruses, malwares and unauthorized usages.

For counties like China where Google Play cannot be accessed easily, Uptodown works wonderfully in the areas.

More information about Uptodown.


Customers prefer Aptoid more than other popular app stores because of its easy usage and easier app discovery. The store has a good user interface and is attractive to customers. The applications listed under Aptoid are of varied variety including games and store apps. It is a good platform for every kind of app because it does not follow any particular category of app.

More information about Aptoid.


F-Droid is open-source software and is probably the only mobile app stores for Android to have them for free. Apps that provide their source code are only present in the main repository. The app store also allows its users to have their own repository which can list apps which has user tracking but no pushback. If one wants to go through all the repositories it may take time but this helps to reach out to the most number of people.

More information about F-Droid.

Cross-Platform Mobile App Stores

Amazon App Store

The Amazon App specifically built for Fire Phone and Kindle Fire has a wide range of Android apps and can be used as an alternative to Google Play Store. Users usually opt for the easiest ways. Thus for an Amazon customer if the applications he is looking for are already present in the preinstalled Amazon App Store he would not engage in the hassle of downloading another app store. This is tern helps the mobile device company to build their brand value.

Other than this, users with Android devices can also download the Amazon App Store. The apps listed under Amazon may have increased reputation considering the brand they are being associated with.

More information about Amazon App Store.


Even though the interface of the of Getjar looks old the easy approach of the store is loved by customers as well as developers. it has apps for operating systems like Android, Windows and iOS making it a mobile app stores of open type. Thus users who have devices with different operating systems can use this play store.

But this also has a negative side as users often upload apps with viruses. If one who is installing Getjar has an antivirus software on the phone then he has nothing to worry about.

More information about Getjar.

Opera Mobile Store

The Opera Mobile store is used because it supports different formats like Java, Android, iOS etc. and has varied number of applications and games for varied number of mobile phone models. When we first enter the store it displays the most used apps, free software, any new software that has been released or any software that has been updated. The different types of apps included are: Business and Finance, Games and Multimedia etc.

The developer can directly log in through a developer account and upload their app in various formats. This easy approach along with the fact that the app is distributed in more than 200 countries makes it very popular among all developers. The store also gives guidance, insights, and rewards to developers who are just starting in the field in terms of blogs.

More information about about Opera Mobile Store.

IOS App Store

Like android users boast Google Play Store, iOS users flaunt the Apple Play Store. It endorses as many as 2.1 million applications including the ones for Apple TV and Apple Watch. If one wants to showcase his application to more audience he should make it for both android and iOS users, Although by this technique more app competitors would be attracted.

More information on iOS App Store.

BlackBerry App Store

BlackBerry App Store is one of the biggest app stores with the number of apps nearing 130000. Earlier the BlackBerry App Store used to be one of the most popular app stores until recently when both Facebook and Whatsapp have taken their apps down from the Blackberry OS.

BlackBerry World is the official Store for all BlackBerry Operating Systems. Even then new phones resort to Google Play or the Amazon app store.

More information on BlackBerry App Store.

Other Alternative App Store Platforms

Samsung Galaxy App Store

Samsung is one of the most popular mobile phone company and naturally the number of users are very large. The company thus has an effective application store exclusively for its users. It is easier for users to search for apps in the Samsung App Store because only the applications compatible with Samsung devices are listed in the store. The number of applications is also lesser in the Store making the process of application discovery much easier.

More information about Samsung Galaxy App Store.

Huawei App Store

This Store is made for Chinese audience and applications that have names written with Chinese characters. The Store is preinstalled in the devices of the company and also works effectively for people who cannot access other stores like Google Play Store.

More information on Huawei App Store.

Sony Apps

As the name suggests Sony Apps is designed for customers who use devices manufactured by Sony. The Sony users do not have to turn to Google Play Store when in need of a particular app. The apps found in it are mostly entertainment-based but there are an array of other apps with more usage.

More information on Sony Apps.


ACMarket is one of its kind as it is made for apps that are either hacked or modded. The meaning of this is that the applications listed under ACMarket have been changed for some previously developed features. If someone finds their app on this store without uploading it themselves then he should inform his users.

More information about ACMarket. is a store for gaming apps. Brands have recognized games apps to be highly successful and thus the store can be a very helpful platform to showcase such apps. The store is made for both developers as well as users. Sometimes the interface might be a little hectic but other than that is is a beautiful application to use.

More information on


Cydia offers a unique feature compared to the other known applications. This app is developed for Apple devices that are jailbroken. The meaning of this jargon is if the user does not have Apple App Store they can buy the devices which provide the feature or jailbreak their already existent phones to access Cydia.

More information on Cydia.


Appszoom gives information about Android and iOS applications. Appszoom has as many as 7000 apps tested every year helping the customers to have apps without any malware. There are also premiums accounts used by developers providing meaningful suggestions for their apps. The visits on the site as many as 3 million.

More information on Appszoom.


Appolicious is a third-party app store founded in 2009. Along with Yahoo and gives iOS suggestions. Android information is also provided in the same work under the directory.

More information on Appolicious.

Chinese App Stores of Chinese Market

For countries that do not have access to Google Play Store can use Chinese Mobile Stores. Although users can use Virtual Private Networks or VPNs it is easier to use the Chinese App Stores

Things To Remember About Mobile App Stores

It is not always necessary that the app should be put on every app store but the more effective way of achieving visibility is its distribution. It should be kept as a goal that even if the user changes his phone or even if he alters the operating system he should carry forward the app without any hassle.

Discovery of the application is one of the tricky parts when an app is developed so only lunching the app would not necessarily help. The application has to be optimized for visibility. The name of the app and its description plays an important role in this. Thinking of a name which is catchy as well as found easily by putting appropriate and relevant keywords.

The details in the fields has to filled out thoroughly in the mobile app stores. There might be a feature where a keyword or tag can be attached. The description of the app should be precise and to the point for ease of understanding and directly made for the target audience.

There are certain mobile applications which take ranking seriously so it is important to get the app reviewed and ranked but the people who are using it.

The images in the app has to be optimized too. They should not be pixelated or elongated or stretched and should be properly rendered.

If these few steps are followed, a good and relevant platform for the app is selected and of course, the hero in our story the app is well made with effective utility, there is no way the application would not be a success in the selected mobile app stores.

FAQ of Mobile App Stores

Which app store has the most apps?

Google Play Store has the most apps with as many as 2.7 million apps listed. It is followed by Amazon App Store with 0.48 million apps and Getjar with 0.85 million apps.

What are the names of alternative app stores?

Some of the alternative app stores are SlideME, F-Droid, Opera Mobile Store, Mobile9, etc.

What is the app store specially made for gaming apps?, Kongregate are stores made specifically made for gaming applications.

What are the alternatives for Google Play Store?

For countries which do not have access to Google Play Store, the different Chinese App Stores can be accessed like 360, PP Assistant, CoolMart, Baidu, Vivo etc.

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