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Security in offshore IT projects

Offshoring is the process of sourcing services from overseas enterprises and companies, regardless of where they are located. Offshoring has been and continues to be one of the most inventive movements globally over the last few years. This fast-paced offshore development has revolutionized global IT strategies as well. The trend has brought cost-effectiveness, and organizations have benefited from offshore software development.

Offshoring is an excellent way to access a larger talent pool from other countries, which can be a strategic asset for your company. It would be best to be extra careful as you deal with the company offshores and depend on them with your business data and processes. As offshoring is a growing trend, security in offshore IT projects is also a point of concern, and it’s also critical to keep an eye on the potential hazards and prioritize security in offshore IT initiatives. Hence, before outsourcing or offshoring IT projects, it is better to check all your options.

Security precautions

As mentioned, offshore development entails several hazards, including a lack of control, time zone differences, language barriers, and, most importantly, the danger of a security breach. Due to this reason, every time a company wishes to outsource, it thinks twice and needs to keep the below-mentioned security checks before outsourcing.

Businesses should assess all potential risks and put together all security safeguards. It’s difficult to find solutions to serious consequences; hence keep looking for anything suspicious. Let’s look at some of the security issues associated with collaborating with an offshore development firm.

Choosing the right offshore development company

There are plenty of offshoring options available which does not limit you by geography. Selecting the right offshoring partner is critical as it can make or break your company’s reputation. As a result, it’s crucial to identify a partner who shares your company’s values. When it comes to forming a long-term relationship, finding individuals with similar cultures makes things easier.

Make sure you truly understand what you want to gain from employing an offshore development company before going out and headhunting suitable organizations and signing contracts. It is essential to consider all the aspects and choose the right offshoring company. Also, as the cost is a significant consideration, picking a software development business solely based on price is

Network breaching risks

The offshoring teams require access to critical data, and there is a lot of data transfer that takes place. After a software product is released, there are risks associated with server hacks as well. Businesses must analyze the sensitive data involved in a project while vetting potential offshoring partners. Also, pay attention to if the companies offshore have an active network monitoring setup to guard against any potential network threat. Creating the best security strategy aids in efficiently controlling threats.

Application Security

One more important security precaution to consider while offshoring is application security. The offshoring companies must have high-end server technologies that constantly use network and application firewalls to check for suspicious activity. This keeps your app development more secure from all kinds of cyber threats.


Another important element to consider when outsourcing tasks is finding a dependable and accredited service provider who adheres to stated security regulations. Good offshoring companies provide several certifications obtained to ensure the security and reliability of the services provided. A high level of data security and information protection is required. Examine the security policies and procedures of offshore software development company.

Complete control

It is vital to have complete control and check all the charges before handing over your project. Factors such as delays in timelines, inefficient resources, and the inability to convey the exact requirements can increase costs. The easiest way to avoid this risk is to be updated about your outsourcing company’s critical capabilities, competence, capacity to deliver the project on time, etc. Look for admin functionalities to gain complete control over the business solution.

Importance of security while offshoring

Be it a small scale or a large scale business, security is vital for everyone. Companies have a legal obligation to protect sensitive consumer information from being hacked. Protecting and keeping your IP and project safe is the first step in managing your offshore software development workforce against any security breach. According to a poll, more commercial organizations have witnessed some breach attempts while working with offshore developers.

When it comes to offshoring, failing to prioritize security risks causes long-term reputational damage. Repairing the damage and determining which business processes need to be improved and which procedures could fail can prove to be costly. Selecting an offshoring partner with a professional workforce who speaks your preferred language is the best way to mitigate this risk. Signing some NDAs, regulating authorizations, and updating your networking monitoring settings can secure the offshoring process.

If there is no transparency in offshoring projects, it can be a colossal failure. Lack of transparency in ongoing operations, communication gaps, or inconsistent responses may raise actual costs and delay delivery of the final product. The other aspects, such as appropriate project planning, often face risk when offshoring software development. Using two-way communication throughout the project can help to lessen this risk. It can cause delays and keep increasing the complexities of the project.

A good project management process will have well-thought-out methods to minimize the project’s risks. Hence, look for an experienced offshoring software partner where you both stay on the same page, and their experience and excellent talent pool can add benefits to your project.

Pros & Cons of offshoring

Massive cost-saving benefitsAccess to specialists and professionals24/7 customer supportBeneficial government policiesImproved scalabilityTime-savingSecurity risksDifferences in time zonesHidden costs and foreign policiesCultural differences and language barriers


The gist is that companies can benefit from this arrangement of offshoring in various ways. Massive potential security hazards can be considerably reduced with the help of a committed offshore development firm. All trade secrets and client data are protected if an offshore development company uses excellent safety management to keep your organization safe from competition. Putting specific procedures in place and using the correct tools to manage and administer your project will help ensure security in offshore IT projects.

Partnering with the right offshoring company can do wonders. Same way, OpenXcell offers readily available resources, infrastructure, extensive product development experience, and much more. Our years of experience speak for itself. We use the most up-to-date technologies and train our personnel regularly to meet the demands. We are entirely transparent and leave it up to the client to decide whether or not we are the right fit for them.

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