Why is Laravel Framework an excellent choice for PHP web development?

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Laravel for PHP web development

One of the widely used web development languages is PHP, and Laravel is rated as being superior to other PHP web frameworks. This is due to the Laravel PHP Framework’s powerful capabilities and development tools, which makes it possible to create web applications quickly. W3Tech reports that 78.9% of all websites with known tech stacks use PHP as their server language. This indicates that 8 out of every 10 websites you visit each day use PHP.

Laravel is one of the top choices in PHP frameworks. It is quickly becoming well-liked by enterprises due to its elegant syntax and reliability. Due to its extensive adaptability and streamlining, it is obvious that several well-known companies have chosen this type of framework. For this reason, the best PHP web development companies are advancing to provide the Laravel framework to their customers. Though, people are still taking their time choosing this framework. If you find yourself in a similar situation, this blog will explain why Laravel web development is the best option for your website. Without further ado, let’s proceed!

What is the Laravel Framework?

Laravel is a PHP framework for developing web applications designed by Taylor Otwell. It is based on Symfony and follows the Model View Controller (MVC) architecture. An open-source web application framework, it reuses components of a variety of frameworks. This results in an application that is more pragmatic and structured.

More than 20 million websites around the Internet are powered by Laravel Development. Its widespread use is a result of its powerful features and simple-to-use tools, such as data collecting and data movement.

The capabilities of Laravel are promising and allow the creators of web applications to adhere to the finest development practices. Whether you’re starting a small business or running a large organization, Laravel provides a variety of features with the best development practices for all popular programming languages and projects.

History of Laravel Framework

Taylor Otwell developed Laravel as a replacement for CodeIgniter, an older PHP framework. This was due to CodeIgniter’s lack of features, such as built-in customer authentication and proper user authorization. After its first beta release in June 2011, Laravel 1 was released in the same month. Laravel 10 is the most recent version as of 2023.

Laravel has advanced significantly since its debut in 2011. It has maintained its development and added new capabilities, making it a well-liked option for PHP web application development. With regular releases of new versions and features, it is still being actively developed and supported.

Let’s look at a few of the Laravel framework’s important features that contributed to its success.

Features of Laravel Framework

Features of Laravel Framework

Template Engine

With Laravel, you can create beautiful layouts with dynamic content seeding using its lightweight templates. Furthermore, it provides multiple widgets with robust structures incorporating CSS and JS Node. Using Laravel templates, you can create simple and complex layouts with distinctive sections.

MVC Architecture Support

With Laravel, business logic, and presentation layers are separated by MVC architecture pattern. Laravel’s MVC pattern has many built-in functions, improves application performance, and adds security & scalability.

Eloquent Object Relational Mapping

Eloquent Object Relational Mapping (ORM), which is included in Laravel, comprises a straightforward PHP Active Record implementation. Rather than writing SQL code, this enables web application developers to write database queries using PHP syntax. ORMs are considerably faster in comparison to other PHP frameworks.


Web application security is quite strong with the Laravel framework. To ensure that the password is never saved in the database as plain text, it uses hashed and salted password techniques. The “Bcrypt Hashing Algorithm” is also used to create an encrypted password. Additionally, prepared SQL statements are used in this PHP web development framework to guard against SQL injection threats.


The built-in command-line tool Artisan, provided by the Laravel framework, assists in automating the majority of tiresome, repetitive programming work. It is a simple database system to operate because these Artisans can also be used to build the structure of the database, skeleton code, and manage migration. Additionally, it can manage those assets and their associated configurations, as well as produce basic MVC files via the command line.

Libraries and Modular

Many competing PHP Laravel frameworks do not have the pre-installed Object-Oriented and Modular libraries that Laravel does. For instance, it’s simple to develop an authentication library, which includes functions like checking for active users, Bcrypt hashing, password reset, CSRF (Cross-site Request Forgery) protection, and encryption. Additionally, this framework is organized into several modules using contemporary PHP concepts, simplifying the building of responsive and modular web applications.

Migration of data

Developers can modify the database structure with the help of PHP code thanks to Laravel’s built-in migration system. Programmers can migrate and remigrate the database without having to remember them. Since everything is automated, developers may migrate the data without fuss and without fear of data loss.


Composer is a PHP dependency management solution that is open source and was developed largely to make it easier to distribute and maintain PHP packages as separate application components.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of Laravel?

Advantages of Laravel

  • The library comes preinstalled.
  • Deploying to major cloud service providers like AWS is easy.
  • There is a high level of reliability and scalability
  • Authentication and security are included by default.
  • It has a powerful blade-templating engine.
  • It allows you to reuse code by editing the package.
  • Inexperienced users will find it easy to learn and apply the syntax.
  • With ease-of-use, it has excellent documentation and offers community assistance.

Disadvantages of Laravel

  • The performance of this framework is slower than that of specific frameworks.
  • There are minimal security protections; however, PHP has inherent vulnerabilities that threaten its security.
  • Problem while upgrading version.
  • The Laravel framework does not support payments natively, so developers need to rely on framework libraries.

Businesses that can benefit from the Laravel Framework the most

1. Startups

Startups aiming to launch their products quickly prefer Laravel due to its rapid development capabilities. The built-in features of Laravel, such as authentication, routing, and caching, allow developers to build core functionality without having to reinvent the wheel. Furthermore, Laravel’s community and extensive documentation facilitate startup resources and assistance.

2. Enterprise applications

Data processing and complex structures are essential to industries such as banking systems, entertainment, healthcare, and eCommerce. As a result, they are more dependent on this framework. A number of important tasks, such as queue systems and event broadcasting, are handled with utmost ease. Service containers have an in-built feature that makes this task even easier.

These are only a few examples; due to Laravel’s adaptability, it can also be utilized for a wide range of businesses and apps. Utilizing Laravel ultimately depends on the particular needs and objectives of the organization.

10 reasons why Laravel is the best PHP Framework

Why Laravel is best for PHP Framework

Easy and effective database migration

It takes a lot of time and effort to migrate a database to the PHP framework. Without having to recreate any types of modifications in the database, Laravel provides a simple and effective migration method that enables the inclusion of modification into the new development tools. Laravel effectively automates tasks like data changes and database migration. Laravel migration system allows developers to create the database for web applications without having to recreate it every time a change is made. Therefore, there is very little chance of losing development data.


The security of a database is a crucial component, and Laravel, a PHP framework, makes sure that it is incorporated into your design. As a result of the Laravel framework and architecture, application security is ensured. In the Laravel framework, passwords are not recorded as vulnerable explicit texts. To prevent unauthorized access to the website, an automated token is created each time a certain user login into the system. The Bcrypt hashing method is then used to encrypt the password. Laravel also makes it more difficult for injection attacks to happen on your database since it already has prepared SQL queries.

Artisan command

Laravel includes its own command-line interface called Artisan. Using this tool, programmers may automate time-consuming and repetitive programming operations. Directly from PHP, they may perform console commands, control data setups, and produce MVC files. Additionally, Artisan supports seeding and producing boilerplate code, handling database migrations, and publishing package components. Additionally, you can include custom commands that have their own descriptions, help text, and arguments.

Blade Template Engine

The Blade templating engine in Laravel is extremely intuitive and highly customizable in HTML/PHP. It assists web designers in creating stunning layouts by seeding dynamic content. The lightweight templates that come with the programme are creatively made with a simple layout and separate divisions. It also includes capabilities like template inheritance and data visualization that make development more flexible with no additional overhead for your project.

Object-oriented libraries

Laravel is unique among PHP frameworks, as it comes with pre-installed object-oriented libraries. With the help of these libraries, developers can easily create web apps that are modular, responsive, and practical. These libraries include great features, including the ability to track active users, reset passwords, and use encryption. They speed up and simplify the development process when used with other Laravel pre-built features and structures. Furthermore, a few of Laravel’s individual modules are entirely unique. This makes it possible to design applications that are responsive and modular using modern PHP language ideas.

MVC architecture

Model, View, and Controller are the components of an MVC architecture. It is an architectural pattern that coordinates logic (Model) and presentation (View) through a Controller. With its support and ease of use, it makes it easy to build applications from the ground up. Laravel’s implementation of the MVC pattern includes built-in features like pagination, an authentication system, and efficient database administration. Using this leads to enhanced scalability, improved documentation, and improved performance in web app development.

Automated and unit testing feature

The Laravel Framework offers fantastic testing assistance to guarantee that web applications are error-free and meet initial criteria. It provides unit testing features to test each component or module of the programme as well as support for automation testing. High-performing online apps with optimized web code are now possible with Laravel. Its unit testing functionality enables testing of each component or module of the application to guarantee that the integrated application functions properly when all the modules are added together.

Large community support

One of the most popular advantages of using the Laravel framework over alternatives is that it is accessible to all users. Developers and website owners can choose a design, and layout & get answers from the large Laravel community. Additionally, it offers experienced employees to help you every step of the way and a great tutorial to help you grasp the framework and how to use it. Numerous significant businesses and individual developers offer expert advice on the framework and its applications. Compared to other frameworks, the Laravel community is far superior, helpful, and active.

Eloquent ORM

It is one of the best Object Relational Mapping (ORM) tools that offers customizations. With a simple ActiveRecord implementation, the app database objects can be accessed. The PHP syntax allows developers to perform database queries easily. Thus, they do not need to write complex SQL code, which reduces development time.

Enhanced authorization

Authorisation strategies can be deployed more easily with Laravel. Nearly everything in Laravel is expertly configured. It is ideal for programmers who need a straightforward way to arrange authorization logic and manage resource access. It enables you to validate the code as your website is being developed. All you have to do is set up the process’s controllers, models, and database.

Top famous websites built with Laravel Framework

Check out the top 5 Laravel-based websites that are popular today.

1. Alphacoders.com

Alpha Coders is an open-source platform that enables content creators and writers to connect with their fans.

2. Alison.com

Alison is a pioneering E-learning platform offering diploma, certificate, and upskilling courses.

3. Barchart.com

Barchart offers fixed financial data solutions for websites, according to Bloomberg. Additionally, it is a leading stock, forex, and cryptocurrency research platform primarily focused on US, UK, and Canadian markets.

4. Invoiceninja.com

Open-source invoicing solution InvoiceNinja is a great tool for freelancers and businesses. Thus, it allows them to generate invoices, process payments, track expenses, etc.

5. Myrank.com

MyRank is an e-learning platform that is rapidly growing in India. Aside from that, it provides input-based education so that students can improve their chances of succeeding in competitive exams.

CTA - Laravel for PHP web development

Final takeaway

Laravel is an incredibly adaptable and useful PHP framework with a plethora of amazing features and popular repositories on GitHub. It is also extremely scalable and effective at handling increased traffic, making it the perfect framework option for a web application that performs well. The Laravel community is the finest for serving all enterprise levels, regardless of whether you are a start-up or a fully-fledged company. It is clear that one of the best web development frameworks, Laravel, provides the organization with a number of advantages.

OpenXcell is a highly recommended Laravel Development Company in the USA for developing successful projects using the Laravel framework. We have skilled Laravel experts in our team who come up with customized innovative solutions. Get the best Laravel web development service by talking to us about your business needs.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What is Laravel and why is it used?

It is an open-source, robust PHP framework with an easy-to-understand design. The framework allows you to create extensible PHP-based websites and web applications quickly.

  1. Is Laravel suitable for enterprise applications?

Aside from being a robust framework, Laravel development is flexible as well. It allows you to customize your enterprise app to suit your customers’ needs.

  1. Is Laravel the best PHP framework?

Laravel is a well-suited framework for building PHP-based web apps with effective solutions. It is reliable since it provides a wider range of resources and tools.

  1. Is Laravel frontend or backend?

Laravel is a backend framework that offers all the features required to create modern web applications. When developing an application with Laravel, you can build a frontend using PHP or JavaScript frameworks such as Vue or React. The choice depends on whether you want to use PHP or JavaScript frameworks. 

  1. Which is the latest version of Laravel in 2023?

Laravel 10 is the latest version of Laravel Framework, which was released on February 7, 2023. 

  1. Is Laravel safer than PHP?

Laravel offers a higher level of security compared to core PHP, with libraries containing secure code, an authentication system, and protection from cross-site scripting and SQL injections.

  1. How to secure Laravel website authentication?

One of the main areas where Laravel attempts to increase security is authentication, which has an out-of-the-box solution located in app/config/auth.php. When it comes to tight access control, Laravel offers solutions for hashing and encrypting passwords, authenticating users, requiring password resets, setting security minimums, and implementing a number of other crucial regulations.

  1. Is Laravel good for big projects?

Laravel is extremely scalable and flexible, making it an excellent tool for working on big projects.

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