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Trash evolution program to meet environmental challenges

One of the leading recycling and environmental services companies, operates with its two brands ALBA and Interseroh within Germany, Europa and Asia takes an initiative to develop SET UP App. It’s a Singapore Trash Evolution Program designed to meet it’s environmental challenges and to maintain a clean and green Singapore using rewards and organizing recycling events.


Lack of experienced resources:
Due to lack of experienced and skilled tech resources, the company was unable to develop a perfect internal management system for smooth functioning.
Higher costing:
It would cost them a fortune to develop an IDS based software if an in-house team is hired, trained, and payed.
No scalability:
Companies tend to have their own limitations in terms of hiring employees, as they have to take care of the payroll, infrastructure, and management as well.

A huge team of experienced techies:
By offshoring with OpenXcell, they acquired a number of experienced techies who easily developed a robust IDS based internal management software.
Saved almost 60% on costing:
By taking the offshore service, they were able to save more than 60% of their total costing in the development of an IDS based internal management software.
Higher scalability:
Based on their requirements, urgency of task, and need of skills, they were able to scale their team, as and when required.
Results Obtained

Development of a solution to see the issues of environment, for complete process management with almost 60% less cost as well as hassle. Also, they were able to scale their team tailored to the requirements and got all the resources they needed based on their expertise.


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