Employee Engagement Platform Development

A platform to interact with the global workforce

Being an award-winning customer experience and call center outsourcing solutions provider with a global workforce of 1.5 lac employees spread across 16 countries. Alorica Connect is designed to interact with such a huge workforce and track their interest level. On Connect App, employees can daily submit their mood and confidence levels.


Limitation of resources and infrastructure:
Owing to the lack of resources and infrastructure needed for the development, there were hurdles in developing a perfect employee engagement software.
More go-to-market time is required:
As the lack of resources is experienced, along with more costs, and less scalability of team, the go-to-market time comparatively increases.
More costing and less productive work:
If an inhouse team is hired and works for developing the product, the cost, time, and expertise are required more. And this leads to increase in cost.

Unlimited infrastructure and resources for development:
By offshoring, you get access to unlimited latest infrastructure, experienced resources, and a team for ensuring extensive product development of employee engagement portal.
Easily scale up and reduce go-to-market time:
With a flexibility to scale up or down the team, the go-to-market time is reduced along with a fast and efficient development of an interactive employee engagement portal.
Reduced costs by 60%:
With an offshore team, the development costs are reduced by almost 60% as there is no hassle to hire, manage, pay, and get productive work from in-house team. This all is done by OpenXcell and desired outcome is provided.
Results Obtained

The development of an employee engagement platform with a team of experienced designers, developers, analysts, testers, and many more become easy with OpenXcell. The team worked hard for delivering the perfect and desired output by keeping all the technical as well as aesthetic requirements in view.


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