Orderhive is a multichannel order and inventory management system that is made efficient enough to provide end to end solutions to multichannel sellers.


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Orderhive is a SaaS-based inventory management software for multichannel online sellers, conceptualized and developed by OpenXcell Technolabs Pvt Ltd. Orderhive, as the name suggests, simply allows sellers to manage multiple channels from a single integrated backend system. Openxcell with its hands on experience in serving the retail & eCommerce industry had closely witnessed the necessity of a dedicated centralized inventory software that can automatically import products (with their inventory), sales orders, and customers from channels.

To offer a complete solution for eCommerce owners, we decided to develop Orderhive, a simplified software that could enable online and brick-and-mortar retailers to eliminate their daily hassles and streamline inventory and shipping processes. Along with that, we also aimed at providing features and tools that could allow sellers to manage their wholesale business, dropshipping process, and procurement operations from one interface.

Orderhive is a multichannel order and inventory management system that is made efficient enough to provide end to end solutions to multichannel sellers. It integrates with all the widely known shopping cart platforms and marketplaces, hence delivers greater efficiency. This SaaS based software streamlines the order process with real-time updates and thereby curtails errors through its complete back-end solution. The simplistic UI of the software is its key aspect. Orderhive is backed with a dedicated website too that catalyzes the software to greater extent. Vendors can sign up for a 15-day Free trial to witness the finesse of the software.


Openxcell believes in developing simple, yet beautiful applications. Right from easy-peasy mobile apps to heavy-duty business software, Openxcell always keeps UI right at the center of things while developing. Considering Orderhive was meant to be a backend software, the main purpose was to allow retailers save time in general. Taking that into perspective, the software was wired in a way that it allows simplification of complex retail processes thereby saving time and eliminating unnecessary workflow steps. Orderhive has all the trappings of a simplistic framework. Those include an intuitive dashboard, tool tips, powerful search/filters, icon-based navigation bars, on-hover titles, and easy categorization of data. Orderhive’s self-explanatory interface is one of the strongest aspects, and is constantly raved about time and again by users on various App Marketplaces and review websites.


Orderhive, a multichannel inventory and shipping management software is developed by Openxcell, a leading mobile app and web development company. Openxcell is focused on developing solutions that eliminate challenges faced by business owners across the globe. With Orderhive’s centralized platform, retailers can be rest assured that all their inventory and orders will be managed in real-time and hence stock-outs, fulfillment delays, double selling won’t be an issue. Openxcell has gone a step further by introducing Orderhive Plus, a customized multichannel solution that is developed as per users’ requirements, business nature, workflow, and expansion plans. This solution is widely popular among large retailers who find it difficult to manage large volumes of SKUs and sales orders across various channels.


To bring all channels under one roof

Selling on multiple channels is imperative to survive in the cut-throat world of e-commerce. This has led to problems like losing orders due to an absence of automated inventory tracking, lag in communication across teams, fulfillment delays, and more. Developing a software that can eliminate these scenarios and bring all popular channels under one platform for making selling seamless was a huge challenge.

Real-time sync of channel data

It was critical for us to not only offer integrations, but, also allow users to have their data updated in real-time without any manual intervention. Inventory update and shipping information needed to be updated on the channels in the least amount time in order to keep the fulfillment rate unaffected.

To offer the simplest solution in the market

There were a lot of traditional ERP and cloud-based inventory systems available before Orderhive came into existence. They are either too cluttered or lacked the basic integrations that multichannel sellers nowadays would like to access. We knew our job was to provide something which is extremely simplistic and scalable with growing business needs. Also, developing features which eliminate the need to refer help articles and videos for usage was crucial for us.

To streamline time-consuming shipping process

Shipping still remains the most complex and tedious backend process for retailers. Considering they were already flooded with shipping woes, our objective was to offer features and integrations that would help them cut down shipping time and costs.


To cater to multichannel sellers, we built integrations with channels that sellers use to sell online or automate their daily business functions like shipping, accounting, payments, and CRM.

Orderhive’s centralized software connects seamlessly with channels like Amazon, eBay, Shopify, Etsy, BigCommerce, QuickBooks Online, and more. By connecting these channels in Orderhive in just a few steps, users can automatically import products, orders, and customers. We deployed auto inventory update feature so that whenever a new sales order comes in, the stock can be updated in real-time to all connected channels.

We have also adopted latest Java technologies to optimize synchronization process, enabling sellers to never miss an update.

To make the software ridiculously easy to understand, we’ve taken the approach to make nearly all features process-oriented and included help text within the interface itself. This eliminates the need to visit knowledge base and video tutorials in the middle of important tasks.

We enabled important real-time notifications as and when required, so that users are always aware of the activities done within Orderhive, and also about upcoming tasks and steps in order to maintain a smooth workflow.

To help users streamline shipping, we integrated Orderhive with major carriers like USPS, UPS, DHL, Australia Post, so that functions like estimating shipping rates, printing labels, and tracking packages can be performed within Orderhive’s interface.

Result Obtained

Orderhive has drastically solved the retailers’ pain points by offering a centralized and a more automated way to manage shipping and inventory processes. The problems like double selling, late shipments, stock-outs, etc. are no more the part of a retailer’s daily struggles. The core backend tasks such as updating inventory across multiple channels, generating shipping labels, creating purchase orders, tracking shipments, etc. can now be performed through a single software.

In addition to the basic features, Openxcell has made sure small tweaks and features get developed as and when users demand them. This has resulted in the personalization of their Orderhive account and enhancement of their branding and communication efforts.


The below testimonial from a happy customer sums up what retailers can expect from us.

What's Our Client says!
The Orderhive system has become a critical component of our e-commerce success. I can’t say enough about the the system and customer service - we are beyond pleased with the easy setup, ease of use, amazing features, and customer service...these guys will EARN your business, they go above and beyond to make sure you're totally satisfied. It's very rare to have a product or service that under-promises and over-delivers...don't waste your time and money with other solutions like we did, do it right the first time and hire Orderhive!
Nick Scully - Owner at S&S Universal Enterprises